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About me

I have been writing writing for over six years now, mostly freelance then I delved into online writing. I do have one published work in print and novels on websites. I mostly write in the romance genre, though I am gradually becoming a lover of science fiction and I hope to write that genre soon.


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ALPHA YULAN has resigned himself to a life of guilt, a man determined to die in battle. He feels guilty about the way his mate was killed while he was away in war and swears never to give himself to another or enjoy the pleasure of knowing another woman till he dies. But a chanced encounter with Lady Susana left him thinking of the sassy and rude female that dared to seduce him. Alpha Yulan is soon tasked with the job of bringing her pack under the rule of the Committee of wolves, Alpha Yulan is not prepared for the wiles of this female who is determined to seduce her way out of ruin and damnation. But what happens when one night of storm bring forth sparkles of affection and lust between the both of them, Perhaps the morning after would be rosy or not? Trained as a s*x weapon from an early age after her mother died, Lady Susana as she is popularly called destroys other packs alongside her father, only she does not use swords, she seduces her victims and kills them. When she learns of the Committee of wolves' plan to attack her pack, she is tasked with seducing him, Lady Susana is further irate by learning Alpha Yulan is celibate since his mate died since that was a quality lacking in the Tiragu pack and she plans to make him break it. But what she does not expect is for the fires of her passion to burn her completely and she finds herself opening up more to his passion. But when his inner demons come lurking, Lady Susana is left to convince him that he was the true hero who could rescue them both as she opened up her own inner secrets of the Tiragu.


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