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About me

I have been writing writing for over six years now, mostly freelance then I delved into online writing. I do have one published work in print and novels on websites. I mostly write in the romance genre, though I am gradually becoming a lover of science fiction and I hope to write that genre soon.


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If being beautiful was the criteria, Alpha Zay ticked the box If being kind and noble was the cut-off mark, he scaled through If being protective and caring was the idea, then he was the perfect boyfriend material. If there was ever a boy who hated studying, he scored the highest A true warrior who never backs down from a fight. But no, he was not chosen for the above jobs, Alpha Zay was assigned to spy on the Silvermoon Pack where he was contracted to act as a bodyguard. Being forced to go back to high school to act as a spy was not part of his independence plan. But he agreed so he could establish his own pack and find his own werewolf mate. Alpha Zay plans on just doing his job and returning to his pack. But when his principles become challenged Alpha Zay jeopardizes his mission for HER sake. Alpha Zay is sensitive to the female gender, ever since his mother died saving him, he never wants to see another woman hurt. When Alpha Cole, his boss son starts attacking the school student body president, Sasha Banks. Alpha Zay intervenes and saves her from her troubles to the detriment of his mission being exposed. But his intervention gets him into trouble both with Sasha and Cole. Saving her from being ridicule of the school was his plan; Falling in love with her was not even on the list; Mating her was a farfetched idea. Flying her window at night to save her was definitely not his thing. (He thought he didn’t do humans) Tasting her lips was a dream he came to relish…kissing her skin, her soft lips, total ecstasy Alpha Zay’s goal of earning his own pack is questioned when he finds himself ticking all the boxes. He is left to question what Sasha Banks meant to him. Would he stick to protecting her or focus on completing his mission? which would give him so desired Pack? Who’s going to tell Zay once you taste the forbidden fruit there is no going back?

Maid for her Alphas
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A poor girl, three Handsome princes and she is meant to serve them all. Neck deep in her parent's debt, She sold her virginity to the highest bidder, Sexy Billionaire, Allan is who she encounters. He sells her a deal to save her from selling herself, and this deal is going to threaten to shake the core of her existence just yet. When she is betrayed by her best friend, the three wolves are there to protect her. But what happens when the time comes for her to choose who will be her mate among them? The three of them are quite insistent on her picking them

The Warlord's Luna
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ALPHA YULAN has resigned himself to a life of guilt, a man determined to die in battle. He feels guilty about the way his mate was killed while he was away in war and swears never to give himself to another or enjoy the pleasure of knowing another woman till he dies. But a chanced encounter with Lady Susana left him thinking of the sassy and rude female that dared to seduce him. Alpha Yulan is soon tasked with the job of bringing her pack under the rule of the Committee of wolves, Alpha Yulan is not prepared for the wiles of this female who is determined to seduce her way out of ruin and damnation. But what happens when one night of storm bring forth sparkles of affection and lust between the both of them, Perhaps the morning after would be rosy or not? Trained as a sex weapon from an early age after her mother died, Lady Susana as she is popularly called destroys other packs alongside her father, only she does not use swords, she seduces her victims and kills them. When she learns of the Committee of wolves' plan to attack her pack, she is tasked with seducing him, Lady Susana is further irate by learning Alpha Yulan is celibate since his mate died since that was a quality lacking in the Tiragu pack and she plans to make him break it. But what she does not expect is for the fires of her passion to burn her completely and she finds herself opening up more to his passion. But when his inner demons come lurking, Lady Susana is left to convince him that he was the true hero who could rescue them both as she opened up her own inner secrets of the Tiragu.

Reluctant Groom
  • Author: Fasheaster
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5.8K
  • 7.5

A wedding ballroom is prepared for a bride, and the groom that will never show up. Spoilt richest man daughter in the town Mary Sanders sets her eyes on Commander Mike Stone ever since he saved her life. She is determined to marry him, her father in a bid to make her dream come through, plans a wedding with the entire town in attendance. Mary is humiliated when the Commander refuses to show up, her father makes Mike’s military superiors demand his presence at the wedding hall as his daughter must get what she wants. As a military man, he is compelled to obey or risk being jailed Jared Stone, Mike’s mysterious and hardhearted twin brother shows up at the wedding, fools everyone, Mary is married off to Jared, He said Yes to everything except to love her and he is determined to show her a life of hell.

  • Author: Fasheaster
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 4K
  • 7.5

What was supposed to be a punishment for captain Ysabelle Gum soon turns into a romantic getaway when she catches the attention of a celeb musician in her team. Ysabelle has no interest in men, especially celebrities, she just wants to shoot and kill to her heart’s content. However she is forced to reconsider when she is tasked with being his bodyguard, Ysabelle wants no part of it, not when the singer is hell-bent on making her love him. Actor and singer Jordan Bell was used to being faun over, by fans and family. But he realizes he needs something else, something deeper. When he is cast for a military drama, Jordan and his team goes to stations to shoot, he met with Ysabelle who against all odds saved his life during a shooting mistake, Jordan is sure she is the one for him and he vows to make her his body guard, but the thing is, Ysabelle has no interest in him, but no amount of broken bones will keep him away.


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