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Made For Her Alpha Brother.

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BLURB: "Big brother" was the title that she had stuck to him for years and she never thought of giving Sebastian another title in her life. After a travel of two years, Sophie comes back to the pack and Sebastian finds it hard to look at his "little sister " in the same light he did years ago. When Sophie gets dumped by her boyfriend whom she hopes would be her mate when she finally shifts, she is devastated and has a drunken one-night stand with a stranger who turns out to be her "Big brother ". When Sophie finds out, she is determined to let go of the incident and never talk about it but Sebastian does not find it easy to let go. With the position of the Alpha to fight for from his uncle, Sebastian is determined to make his "little sister" his woman. Note: This is NOT an incestuous book, however, it contains sexual scenes.

Chapter 1


Chapter 1

Authors pov.

Sophie’s ear pod was plugged in her ears as she walked out of the airport looking around, in search of the red car that was meant to pick her up.

Her big brother, Sebastian had chosen to drive a red car to pick her up for easy identification and she had been trying to get a glimpse of it.

She walked a few steps around to get a better look around the place but there wasn't any red car. There was one but it was old and rickety and if she knew Sebastian at all, Sophie was sure that he would never drive that car.

She got her phone out of her handbag and dialed his contact.

He only picked up at the last ring which made her guess already that he was quite busy.

"Hello, Big brother " she greeted as soon as he picked the call.

"Hey, Sophie" she could note out the fact that he was in a bad mood at the moment.

Though Sophie had been away from the Blue Moon Pack for two years and she had only started talking regularly to Sebastian last week cause of her return, she still very well knew what he sounded like whenever he was p*ss*d.

"I am at the airport right now and I can't find you or your red car here, brother" she explained.

"Listen, Sophie, something came up and I won't be able to pick you up, the pack needs me right now so I asked Lisa to pick you up. You should not be p*ss*d about that, she is your best friend after all.” he replied and she sighed heavily, taking her hand to her temple and rubbing on it.

"You promised to pick me up " she grumbled, faking anger.

"I know, Sophie but I had some things to deal with. I will make it up to you soon, I promise, okay?" he asked and before she could even give him a response, he simply blew her a kiss and ended the call.

She shook her head and rolled her eyes over.

Sophie and Sebastian were the closest siblings could be, at least that was the case before she went to the Green Moon Pack, where she was supposed to be trained by some special people to get her wolf side but right now, she still hasn't gotten her wolf side.

Sophie found the special training really useless and so she decided that it was best to return back home, to her own pack.

She knew that she was going to suffer humiliation from the pack members for still being without a wolf side but Sophie preferred to suffer that humiliation in her own pack than in another pack.

At least here in the pack, she had Sebastian to protect her from being publicly humiliated and she also had her boyfriend.

A small smile hit her lips as the thought of her boyfriend clouded her memories.

It had been two years without seeing each other, they had to love each other over the long distance, and now they would love eachother physically, like before.

Sophie could not wait to see the pleasant surprise on his face when he would see her at his door. Sophie wanted this to be a surprise for him, thus she didn't inform him about her return to the pack.

"Sophie!!" she heard a loud voice that definitely belonged to Lisa.

She looked towards the direction of the voice and saw Lisa stepping away from her car and walking towards her.

Sophie pulled her luggage after her walking towards Lisa, with a beaming smile on her face.

With an excited smile on her face, Lisa pulled her into a tight hug.

She was one of the few persons who didn't care about Sophie not having a wolf side yet, yet she had loved Sophie so much.

“I missed you Sophie! "

Sophie let go of her luggage and hugged her back.

They both remained that way for a while before pulling away and looking at each other with that lovely look they both realized that they have missed.

"Take a look at you, Sophie. You look so beautiful but I do think you have lost a bit of weight " she noted, taking Sophie’s luggage.

"Now, don't sound like..... "

"your brother " Lisa cut in and Sophie cracked.

"Get in" Lisa motioned to Sophie as soon as they got to the car and Sophie slipped in Into the car.

Lisa did the same after settling the luggage in the booth of the car. Her eyes still peeping and stealing glances on the very beautiful Sophie.

Sophie was dressed in a white hoodie and a marching sneakers, her hair was packed in a messy bun and covered up with the hoodie cap, her scanty eyelashes that outlined her beauty had not added more hair, her brows were still as full as they used to, however, Lisa noticed that Sophie had grown more beautiful.

Sophie would be identified as the most beautiful lady in the Blue Moon pack if she wasn't battling with having her Wolf side.

She was a 5’5 feet average lady, with pink flush lips, Hazel Green pale eyes, ginger color hair, and a white skin that was close to being pale.

"How is the Pack going? Did anything happen recently in the pack? " she asked Lisa as Lisa revved the car to life.

"Come on Sophie, you just got here. At least rest before troubling yourself about the pack " she chuckled.

"Yeah, the pack does not need a wolfless girl to worry about it"Sophie mumbled.

"I did not mean it that way, Sophie "

"I know, Lisa. I... I just don't understand why I still don't have my wolf side. I am freaking 21 already"

"It is going to happen, Sophie. Trust me it will happen eventually" Lisa said comfortingly and Sophie nodded with a faint smile even though she had a faint belief.

To Sophie she was wofeless and she didn't believe she had a side that would show up in due course.

"Does the curse of the moon still occurs?" Sophie asked again after several minutes.

Every quarter of a year, on a full moon, someone died mysteriously in the Pack and for as long as Sophie had been absent they haven't been any solution.

"It still occurs" Lisa sighed.

"You should see your brother now " Lisa giggled, trying to lighten the conversation.

"He looks like a god, the god of hotness. Literally every girl in the pack would do anything for a night with him.

Sophie chuckled.

"I have been away for just two years, there is no way he turned into a god in two years" she replied.

"He has always been hot, Sophie but you don't see that. You really see him as your brother, don't you?" Lisa glanced at her.

"Of course I do. He is my brother and I see him as one.”

"But we all know that the both of you are not really related. " she said and Sophie gave her a look that made her mumble 'I am sorry.

Sophie hated it when she gets reminded that she is not in any way related to Sabastein.

Actually, Sebastian's dad, the Alpha lost his mate, and Sophie’s mum turned out to be his second mate after Sophie’s mother lost her mate, Sophie's father.

So her mum got mated to that Alpha and that was how she became Sebastian's little sister.

"But I and the girls in the pack really used to wonder how you lived with someone so hot, without ever developing even a tiny bit of feeling for him.

Lisa glanced at Sophie once again.

"Tell me, Sophie. Have you ever felt like having him as more than a big brother to you?"

Sophie stared at Lisa hard and long.

"He. Is. Nothing. More. Than. A. Brother. " she spelled out the words.

"And I have a boyfriend, you know that, Lisa. I and Sebastian are siblings and nothing more. Tell that to the other girls in the pack too. Sebastian would never be more."

Chapter 2


Chapter 2.

Authors pov.

Sebastian wiped his bloody hands with the white handkerchief handed to him by one of the guys behind me, his brows were knitted into three horizontal lines that pulled his face into a very wild frown, and his expression was quite cold and completely void of emotions.

He had just taken down a few guys who had been sent to spice on his pack.

This seem endless, almost every pack have spies in the blue moon pack just to find out why they were doing well and he had to take it upon himself to eliminate each spy as soon as possible before they found out the reason behind the the success of his pack.

In a stern voice, he ordered.

"Pack up their bodies " He dropped the bloodied handkerchief to the floor.

"Sebastian "he heard a familiar call, without turning to see the caller, He knew exactly who had the audacity to walk into the dark h


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