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Lunar Love Triangle

Lunar Love Triangle

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Ava never expected to find herself torn between two supernatural men, but that's exactly where she finds herself when she captures the hearts of both Caleb the werewolf and Kian the shape shifter. As she navigates her feelings for both men, tensions rise between the two love interests, leading to a fierce rivalry that threatens to tear them all apart. But when Ava seeks out the help of a wise elder in the supernatural community, she learns of an ancient prophecy that predicts a powerful union between a werewolf and a shape shifter. Ava realizes that she is the one meant to fulfill the prophecy, but she must choose which man to be with. As the full moon approaches, Caleb and Kian's rivalry intensifies, leading to a climactic battle for Ava's love. But in the end, Ava knows that she cannot choose between them. She proposes that they all live together as a family, with each man providing her with a unique type of love and support. "Lunar Love Triangle" is a thrilling paranormal romance that explores the complexities of love, loyalty, and destiny in a world filled with supernatural beings.


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