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Luna On The Run

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Luna Ariel is the greatest treasure of the fierce Alpha Gorgio of Eclipse Howl. The Alpha worships the ground his Luna walks on, keeps her close to him at all times, and no one dares to do her wrong. Until circumstances force him to send her to the General Council Conference of Werewolves in Midnight Moon to represent their pack as well as to attract wealthy investors for his ambitious plan that will benefit the entire werewolf community. And here's where disaster strikes. Despite the fact that Luna Ariel is marked and mated, it turns out that Midnight Moon's Alpha Zane is also her mate. And this Alpha has no intention of letting her go. The two Alphas are arch-rivals, always fighting over territory. Ashamed to face Gorgio after this savage betrayal, Ariel flees and goes into hiding. And then it becomes a race between the two Alphas to find her first and keep her. Gorgio has no intention of sharing his Luna, while Zane is determined to keep what the Moon Goddess has granted him after a long wait. 'It is impossible to escape the fate of the Moon Goddess. Come back, my mate. Come and complete our mating process. I am waiting for you,' echoes through the weak bond with Alpha Zane. But in the iron mate connection, she hears another call, longing and desperate. 'Where are you, my Luna? You know I cannot go on without you, my wolf needs you here, always. Remember your promise to be mine forever.' Devastated, she listens to her two mates, not knowing what to do. Ariel realizes she cannot run for long and must face this twist of fate. Until her sister Alexis offers Alpha Gorgio a brilliant solution... Or so it seems...

To The Council

"Who do you love?"

"You, Alpha Gorgio"

"And who can't live without you?"

"It's you, my love"

"And who do you belong to?"

"To you, my mate"

"And who do you drive crazy with your sweet body?"

"You, my Alpha mate. You and you alone."

Obviously pleased with my words, he takes me in his arms again to press me against his naked body. I can tell by the beating of his heart that he intends to resume our nocturnal escapade. My mate, the strong Alpha Gorgio of the Eclipse Howl pack, the wolf who owns my heart. He is the most handsome male on the planet, muscular and tall, every healthy woman's dream. But he is all mine, given to me by the Moon Goddess a year ago.

His arms grip me from behind like a vise as I turn my face to his.

"Yes, baby. You are the jewel the Moon Goddess bestowed upon me. I love you, Ariel. My life only got real meaning when I met you. That was the best day of my life”. He nips at my earlobe, sending a shiver down my spine. I try to say something, but the sparks coursing through my body leave me breathless.

"And I'll keep you for myself. To death, as I promised you at the Luna ceremony. I swear to you, my mate, that you are the only one for me." His lips traverse my cheeks, coming closer to my mouth, and I can't wait for them to possess mine. But he gives me a few more seconds to respond. I swallow the lump in my throat and look at my mate through the slits of my eyes.

"And I'm crazy about you. There could never be anyone else for me but you. Until death," I repeat my vows before desire takes over my senses again. Gorgio's hand now caresses my body, I never get tired of this. He is a real beast in bed, his body and passionate declarations drive me mad.

"Good girl. That's what I like to hear. I will tear to pieces anyone who dares to take you from me," he growls, before finally giving in to my craving and kissing me deeply. And then the game we just finished starts again.

But I don't mind, in a few hours, I'll leave his side for pack business. Gorgio tries to fill the void he will surely feel when I’m gone, with fresh memories of us together.

This is the first time since we became mates that we will be apart.

I'm heading to Midnight Moon Pack for a week to attend the annual assembly of the Global Werewolf Community. It is organized by the Council of Werewolves and it is compulsory for all packs to attend. I am standing in for Gorgio, who is currently unable to leave due to the threats that humans are exerting on our territory. A lucrative seam of gold has been discovered running through our land, and they are trying to exploit it by destroying our forests.

Two hours later, we fall into each other's arms, satiated and dead tired. "Come back as soon as the meeting is over. Ariel, do not stay for another day. If I have to, I'll pick you up myself," he reminds me for the umpteenth time. "D*mn! Those greedy humans! Otherwise, we would have traveled together, you wouldn't have had to go to such a grand meeting all by yourself".

"Hey, babe. Eclipse Howl is my home now. And I'm happy to do this, we can't be absent. The King and Queen will be there as well, and if we can bring our business to the Kingdom, the pack will be greatly benefited.”

He knows I am right. After me, matters of the pack are a high priority to him.

"Yes, I’m aware of that. But I don't feel comfortable about you leaving. I would have preferred you here with me or I would have gone with you", he pouts stubbornly.

"Don't worry. I'll be back before you know it. I'll miss you so much that I can't stay there any longer than necessary," I promise. We decide to go back to sleep for another hour before I get ready to leave.

As I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, I noticed that my body was once again covered in love bites. I caress the ones on my neck; I am sure Gorgio must have a lot of them too. But that means I have to bring suitable clothes to cover them up. Not that I am ashamed of this show of love from my mate, but the attention of the attendees would rather be on them than on our conversation.

And I definitely need concentrated high rankings to sell them on our plans.

I take a hot bath and when I return to the bedroom, I find my mate has already laid out my clothes on the bed. He helps me rub and massage my body, dry my hair, and then push me onto the bed to help me dress. Within half an hour I am ready and my make-up is in order. My hair is pulled back tightly in a businesslike style, leaving the mate mark on my neck open for everyone to see.

The plan is to emphasize my seriousness and leave a lasting impression. Of course, men will dominate the conference, but I don't want to focus on that. I am all business. As I enter the packhouse dining room, Gorgio invites me to the head of the table next to him.

"Bacon and scrambled eggs, three burgers for you. I have it all here". Gratefully, I throw myself into the Luna chair. "Thank you, my love".

"The Bugatti is ready. Are you sure you want to drive yourself? I can ask one of the warriors to ride you”. I smile, Gorgio is always nervous when I‘m using one of the fast cars. But he really must get over it.

"There are already three following vehicles. Let me enjoy the ride on my own, Gorgio. Please, let me have some fun." He sighs deeply, leans back and gives in.

An hour later, I say goodbye to my mate and get into the vehicle.

On my way to Midnight Moon....


Luna Ariel's POV

As I turn off the dirt road of the pack onto the highway, I drive at top speed.

With the car windows down, I skim past the dense forest along the roadside. The cool wind blows my long locks out of my face, forcing me to put on sunglasses to protect my eyes. It is a two-hour journey to Midnight Moon, a rival pack bordering our territory to the west.

In the past, these two packs were often at odds, accusing each other of stealing land. But this ended when the Council issued a ruling that the packs reluctantly accepted. After that, a kind of cold war remained, but thankfully did not turn into war.

Gorgio told me earlier that there has never been a high-ranking member of the Eclipse Moon in this pack before. With my arrival, we are showing that we are good and willing to at least maintain a civilized relationship with them. We did a background check on the new Alpha who was appointed a few months ago. He studied in Europe and returned


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