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From the sorcerer's diary. She is a rogue wh*r*, a child of destiny with an incomplete golden mark on her right palm, to fulfill her destiny she must find the one with the exact mark, then can the monster be destroyed He is the monster's son, the only one chosen by the moon goddess to destroy the dreaded beast. His mother The werewolves are searching for the face behind the masked monster who has been terrorizing the entire city. when they were close to finding the solution to trap this monster down they were shocked with their findings, The price for killing the beast Is their Luna what will happen to their love once they learn about their real identities? would she kill the mother of the one she loves to save her pack that kicked her out? The ways of the moon goddess are not the same as the ways of the werewolves .

Chapter 1: Gush! I slept with my father's biggest rival.

Elina's Point of View

My head continued to bounce as I slowly opened my eyes to locate myself. It felt like a big stone was slamming into my brow. My eyesight was blurry, and I felt terrible for putting my innocent body through so much drinking.

The light streaming in through the window aggravated my situation. The light was shining straight into my eyes, which was very uncomfortable. The more I looked in that direction, the more my eyesight became blurry.

"So, what the f*ck am I doing here?"

I wobbled as I walked away from the light because it was useless. I went back to my bed and threw my d*mn body on the bed like a punching bag, without mercy.

I discovered a plastic water can beside me. I took it, drank a little, and then poured the remainder on my head. I didn't bother that the bed was soaked.

After a few minutes, I started to piece together what had happened in the previous 24 hours. My family and I had come for our annual pack gathering in preparation for me to become the next Luna of the shadow moon packs and take care of my pack once I turned eighteen in the next fourteen days. My father also insisted that my Nanny take me around to meet other people, particularly Luna of the moonstar packs.

I couldn't recall how I ended up in this room, no matter how hard I tried.

I sighed, rubbing my eyes and wishing that it had all been due to too much alcohol.

I stood up to get closer to the window and gingerly pulled out the window blinds to see if my vision improved, but there was no discernible improvement. A cold touch brushed against my thighs. I was relieved, hoping it was my maid who had become inebriated. I shrieked as I turned my head behind me and saw a naked man—the blood alpha of the moonstar packs.

As I drew away from his side, fear ate at my spirit. He is the alpha of the moonstar pack, a rival and my father's number one adversary. The jigsaw began to put itself back together. I recall meeting his daughter, who was meant to be their future Luna.

The moonstar packs' Alpha is the strongest Alpha of his clan; he is extremely powerful, has a dark spirit, and is extremely selfish. Alpha Leo owns nearly all of the towns he occupies and uses his alpha status to oppress his subjects.

If my father finds out about this, he will simply chop off my throat.

Looking down on myself, I discovered my worst flaw—I just threw away my virginity and have no recollection of it, let alone to my father's main rival.

My phone started vibrating beside my bed. My heart instantly skipped a beat.

"What if it's my father calling?" my helpless inner being asked.

I leapt onto my bed, my tiny hands covering my body. When I picked up the phone, my nanny's visage appeared on my screen. I responded quickly and was careful not to scream.


"Where are you? Your father is worried; everyone here is home except you; I just returned from my maternal home; remember what I told you? He doesn't even know I'm back yet, and he'll probably think you're with me."

I instantly tried to look through the other window near my bed to see if I could pinpoint my location.

"I'm still at the casino hotel," I said quietly.

She took a brief break.

"Please don't tell anyone that you're already in the house," I begged.

"Tell my father I'm with you when he calls."

"Oh no!" she exclaimed, "Tell me you didn't sleep with a man; you know you can't do that except with your mate."

Knowing the kind of father I have, she would have a heart attack if she knew what had occurred. He would either kill me with his bare fists or disown me.

I stared disgustedly at the ugly man, who had also passed out and was lying on the floor like a dead beast. He, like me, was probably unaware that I had been in here with him. I'm hoping he'll wake up and tell me what occurred and how it happened. I'm still not sure I recall everything.

"Who knows how horrible his face would look?" I mused while still on the phone.

Without a question, when he wakes up, he will kill me or collaborate with my father to do so.

"No, no! How can I sleep with a man?" I responded. "I just decided to sleep for a while in one of the rooms here because people talk a lot about how nice this place could be, and I decided to try it out."

"She can't find out about this secret, and I don't want to involve her in my problems." She never lies, and this blunder could cost her, her employment. She has no idea she can't get in trouble because of me.

Please let me go now; just inform dad and anyone else who asks that I am with you. Maintain consistency."

I hung up the phone.

It was my first time, and I was immediately uneasy because I could feel a lot of pain in between my legs; unfortunately, with a scandalous monster My father's greatest rival was "D*mn it, girl!'

I picked up my clothes from the floor and tossed the stupid fairy wings in the restroom trashcan.

My visage was still glittery when I looked in the fancy gold-plated mirror. I hurriedly applied makeup to my face, knowing that the stupid man would soon wake up, probably as confused and lightheaded as I was.

I recall running into him; he had a little girl with him, the future Luna of his pack. Even though my face was covered in makeup, no one could identify me that night. I'm hoping he doesn't when he awakens. He was aware that my father had a daughter, but we had never met in person. I pondered why I was drawn to him for unsolved mysteries. He was incapacitated, so I wondered who took advantage of who. I can't wait for him to wake up because he might murder me.

I quickly put on my fancy hilly shoes and cast one last look at his horrifying visage. I pray he has no recollection of anything. I swung the hotel room door open quickly.

D*mn, I ran into Alpha Leo's beta!

Unfortunately, this was my greatest fear: running into someone who might know me.

My stomach swelled with anxiety, and my heart started to race at breakneck speed. I avoided establishing eye contact with him by looking down.

"Please excuse me," he said to me.

"Does Alpha Leo stay in this hotel room?"

I walked passed him without saying anything.

"Could it be that he recognized me?" I recognized him from the introductions at last night's gathering. I'm not positive he recognized me because I was in the back during the introduction.

I rushed to my car and drove away.

Chapter 2 You can not born a monstrosity child

A few weeks later, I began to throw up continuously. As a werewolf, we rarely take ill, so I felt a little bit under the weather when my nanny became so worried and wanted to tell my parents. I kept pleading with her not to bother them with that while we observed; it could just be stress, I told her.

It took only one night to destroy everything I have known. I know I will not be able to hide from this shame; sooner or later, my parents will learn that I am pregnant.

We lived in the city of werewolves, the valley city. The entire population was made up of only werewolves, comprising three packs for the three different territories.

My father is the alpha of the shadow moonpacks, the second-strongest and largest in the entire community.

After spending weeks sick without improvement, my father brought me to the pack doctor to find out exactly what was wrong with me. He is very worried and just can't see me strong again. I am his only daughter and the future


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