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Impregnated By The Two Alphas

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"I don't care who you've been with. I don't care for your past. You're mine to love now, Arielle, and mine to protect. And whoever comes to take you from me, be it an Alpha or the Goddess herself, is going to regret it with their lives!" The last thing Arielle Starr expected was to get knocked up by the Alpha's son in a pack that considered Alpha-Omega relations inferior. Still, when David Aspen wooed her with honeyed words of love, the teenager couldn't help but fall for him. But as soon as David hears the happy news, he flips, and now Arielle has no choice but to run from the pack she called home her whole life. Striving to protect the child growing within her she flees, followed by the Alpha's henchmen, unsure of what her life would be from then on. Arielle's lucky star finally shows in her sky when she meets an Alpha that is so different from anyone else who had ever met before, and who just happens to be her fated mate. Will Arielle get to finally live happily ever after with peculiar Alpha Laken Hart, or will the enemies of her past come to take away her life of happiness?

Chapter 1: Pregnant

“You’re pregnant!”

Those two words ring in my ears, bringing the whole world to a halt. For a moment, I can’t hear the whir of the small electric fan at the end of the doctor’s desk, I can’t hear the small noises that had been coming filtered through his thin carbon-fibre door. At that moment, I cannot feel the relatively cool air of the hospital room on my skin. My heart skips a beat and my eyes lock on the doctor’s kind face.

“No,” I breathe, “no, it cannot be.”

The smile on the doctor’s face falls, replaced by one of careful understanding.

“You and your partner had not been planning for this?” he asks, his voice low as he takes a seat on the doctor’s chair.

I shake my head, “no, we weren’t. We always used protection. He always wore a…a condom, and I took birth control. Neither of us slipped since we began this.”

And oh, did I remember the beginning so clearly. It had been him that approached me, smiling at me when I thought had been invisible to the likes of him. I knew that I was not bad to look at, in fact, I know that I had a certain reputation amongst my designation, but until then I did not realize that my image could make men like him take a second look at me as well.

And he had done more than take a second look.

“Are you sure?” I ask the doctor again, just to be certain “I mean, there could have been a mistake in the test, right?”

The doctor shakes his head, “Arielle, you did a pregnancy test at home as well and it gave you a positive result. Now, we had done one here in the hospital too. Now, I could do another, just to alleviate your suspicions, but let me tell you now, it’s just going to be a waste of money. It will render the same result. You are pregnant, coming along for 5 weeks. We need to do a scan to see the situation of the fetus, but so far, it all looks like a wealthy healthy pregnancy.”

Then he asks me, “did you and your partner not want kids?”

“It’s not that,” I reply, “It’s just that we never talked about it. We aren’t married or anything and…” I gulp, “it was only meant to be a monogamous partnership. We can’t marry, even if we wanted to.”

The doctor’s eyes widen, “Oh, it’s like that, huh.”

I nod.

“Well, in that case, I believe you are due to have a long and meaningful talk with this partner of yours,” says the doctor, his tone one of finality, “and I wish you the best of luck, but in case that you don’t find the option of keeping the child…unavailable, then know that we can help you. With adoption after the baby is born, or even abortion.”

The very words send a jolt of shock through my being, and it’s all I could do not to flinch. I nod mutely, thank him for his assistance, and stand to leave the hospital room.

“One more thing,” the doctor chirps, and I turn back to him, feeling like I’m underwater.


“The father,” the doctor almost looks flustered to ask, “he is a Beta, right?”

I bite my lower lip and tamp down on the urge to nod. That would be a lie.

“No,” I answer, and watch his eyes widen to the size of saucers.

I do not wait to witness more of his disbelief.


It’s laughable how nice today is. The sun shines high up in the sky, there are barely any clouds dotting the cerulean blue. The pack town of Sataria is brimming with activity. It’s the end of a school day for the kindergartners, hence there are mothers and fathers hand in hand with toddlers and young children, walking towards their homes or workplaces. I let my eyes linger on the children more than usual, and unknowingly, my hand migrates to my own stomach.

I can’t believe this. There is a baby growing within me. A baby that was fathered by David.

It is an old-fashioned name, I have to admit, but it was a publicly known fact that our pack’s former Alpha, David’s father, is a very traditional man. That was why he'd kept the rules of his great-grandfather's time valid even in the present day, especially regarding the rules of matin and marriage. In the Sataria pack, free mating is not allowed unless it was within designations. One must only marry within one’s designation. This meant that Alphas were only allowed to marry other Alphas, Betas were allowed to marry only Betas, and Omegas should marry only other omegas. No cross-designation relationships would be recognized within the pack, especially ones with omegas. Omegas are physically weak, both in human and wolf forms. In the case of battle, Omegas were practically useless unless they were being used as cannon fodder. Betas are more desirable, with their greater strength and endurance.

Of course, none of us could top an Alpha. Superior stretch, superior senses, and superior speed, the ability to use their voice and their growl to command legions of wolves, and the ability to stand tall and strong in the wake of violence or tragedy, are the qualities of an Alpha. Alphas are leaders, and each pack only had one family of Alphas. The Alpha’s spouse, also known as the Luna, the Alpha, and then the Alpha heir. Once the Alpha heir marries, the previous Alpha will step down to relinquish their mantle to their heir. Designation was hereditary, the higher designation always passing to the children no matter what the mother’s designation is.

The Alpha heir could marry another Alpha. And in our pack, mating was not necessary for such bonding.

My name is Arielle Starr, and I am an Omega. Years ago, when I reached the majority age, David the Alpha heir approached me. One thing led to another, and I found myself falling head over heels in love with him. And I am certain that he loves me as well.

But the question I have now is, does he love me enough to claim the child growing within me as his?

Chapter 2 High School

David came to me when I just reached eighteen years of age when I was still attending high school.

I was sitting on the bleachers, down in the Omega section, studying for a quiz that was due the next day when I saw a shadow fall over me, blocking the light. I raised my head from my book, confused as to who had come to me.

And felt my breath catch when I was the frickin Alpha’s son.

David Aspen is still the pack’s celebrity. He is the golden boy, the prom king at high school, the captain of the football thing, and the one person who commands the respect of the pack who is only second to his father. He is the heir to the pack. He is handsome and charismatic, brave and authoritative. Wolves hang on to every word he utters, and half the student body used to think that the sun rose and set on him.

He was all these things back then as well, perhaps mixed with a bit of obnoxiousness and narcissism. Of course, I couldn’t blame him for feeli


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