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I Reject you

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As Isadora's belly swells with the weight of the soon-to-be Alpha King's unborn child, she overhears a heartless conversation between him and his beta, where he cruelly refers to her as nothing more than a disposable tool and "s*x toy" to bear his heir. Crushed and shattered, Isadora makes a daring escape into the shadows of the untamed wilderness, with his unborn baby in her womb threatening his ascension, hell breaks loose.

Chapter 1

Isadora pov.  "She's nothing more than a means to an end; Isadora is just a tool to secure my position as Alpha King,"Eamon spoke, his words cutting through me like shards of ice. "Once she bears my child, she will be of no further use. Probably just a'mere's*x toy' to satisfy my sexual fantasies once in a while."The world around me seemed to shatter at those words, and my body trembled with shock and hurt. This couldn't be real, I thought. Eamon, the man I loved with all my heart, speaking of me with such heartlessness and disdain? "It's all about power, Alpha. You made the right choice. Love is for the weak, and you can't afford such vulnerabilities. Once you have secured your position, there will be other women who will vie for your favor. You need to be ruthless."The voice of his beta chimed in, echoing Eamon's cruelty. "You're right; besides, she won't taste the same once my heir is born. It would be best to get rid of her. She's nothing to me."Eamon's words echoed in my mind like a haunting refrain. The pain was unbearable, and I felt as if the ground beneath me was crumbling. I couldn't bear to face him, not in that moment, not when the image of his tender smile and affectionate gaze clashed so starkly with the venomous words I had just overheard. I turned away, retreating from the door back to the dining room instead, my heart shattered and my spirit crushed. As I hurriedly wiped away my tears, I took a deep breath, trying to compose myself. I couldn't let Eamon see my pain, not now. As Luna, I had a duty to maintain appearances, and I couldn't let anyone, especially Eamon, suspect that I had overheard his heartless conversation with Victor. With trembling hands, I laid out the breakfast dishes on the dining table, my heart aching with every movement. I mustered a smile, hoping it would be enough to hide the turmoil inside me. But as the seconds ticked by, the charade became harder to maintain. The weight of the betrayal pressed down on my chest like an unbearable burden. Eamon's footsteps approached the dining room, and I forced myself to turn towards him, the mask of affection firmly in place."Good morning, my Alpha," I said, my voice betraying no hint of the pain I felt. His face softened as he looked at me, seemingly unaware of the tempest raging beneath the surface."Isadora, my love. I was wondering why breakfast was taking so long. Is everything alright?" he inquired, concern in his eyes. "Oh, everything's fine," I replied, forcing a lightness into my tone. "I just got a bit caught up in my thoughts, that's all. But your breakfast is ready now." As I placed the breakfast in front of him, he smiled, but I saw a flicker of uncertainty in his gaze. Did he suspect that something was wrong? I quickly averted my eyes, not daring to meet his gaze for fear that he might see the pain hidden within. Throughout the meal, we exchanged small talk, our words carefully chosen and measured. I played the part of the loving Luna, and he played the part of the caring Alpha King. But the weight of his callous words hung heavily in the air between us, an unspoken truth that neither of us dared to address. In the midst of the dramatic charade, a part of me yearned to confront him and demand an explanation for his heartless betrayal. But I knew that doing so would only escalate the situation and put myself and my unborn child in danger. So I bit my tongue, swallowed my pride, and continued the pretence. As breakfast came to an end, Eamon reached out to touch my hand."Isadora, my love, you seem distant today. If there's anything on your mind, you know you can tell me, right?" The tenderness in his voice pierced my heart, and for a moment, I almost believed that his affection was genuine. But the memory of his heartless words flooded back, and I withdrew my hand gently, offering a reassuring smile that hid a world of pain. "It's nothing, Eamon. Just the usual preoccupations of being Luna," I replied, masking the turmoil within. As the day wore on, I found myself planning my escape with newfound determination. I knew I couldn't stay in the pack any longer, not when the love I thought was real had been nothing but a facade. My child deserved a better life, once free from the heartache and deceit that surrounded me. Later that night, after the pack had settled into slumber, I stole away to my private chamber. The moon's silvery glow illuminated the room, casting an ethereal light on the parchment and maps spread before me. With trembling hands, I plotted my route, identifying the safest paths through the untamed wilderness that would lead me far away from Aeloria or anywhere at all. As long as I'm far away from Eamon, I'll be good. As I focused on the plan, I felt a mix of fear and determination swirl inside me. My heart ached at the thought of leaving behind the life I had known—the life I had dreamed of with Eamon. But the pain of his betrayal fueled my resolve, and I knew that my child's safety was paramount. Just as I was putting the finishing touches on my escape plan, the door to my chamber creaked open, and there stood a shirtless Eamon, his amber eyes burning with intensity, at the door. "Isadora," he said softly, stepping inside, his gaze never leaving mine. My heart quickened at the sight of him, my body betraying the turmoil within as I quietly pushed aside the maps on the table. "Eamon, what are you doing here?" I asked, trying to maintain my composure. He took a step closer, the distance between us melting away."I couldn't sleep," he admitted, his voice low and husky."I felt a distance between us today, and I couldn't bear it." I averted my eyes, unwilling to let him see the truth of my emotions. "It's been a long day, that's all," I replied, trying to sound casual. He cupped my chin, gently guiding my gaze back to his. "Isadora, my love, you can't hide from me. I know there's something you're not telling me." My heart clenched at the tenderness in his touch and the genuine concern in his eyes. It was the man I had fallen in love with—the one I had thought was real. But the memory of his heartless words echoed in my mind, and I couldn't let myself be swayed by his charm. "There's nothing to tell, Eamon," I said, my voice steadier than I felt."I'm just tired, that's all." He leaned closer, his breath caressing my skin, sending shivers down my spine."Is that all it is?" he whispered, his lips tantalisingly close to mine. I closed my eyes, my resolve wavering, torn between the love I once felt and the pain of his betrayal. "Oh, please, like you care, Eamon; you're only here to play with your favourite play toy, isn't it?" I murmured, my voice barely audible. But he didn't relent. Instead, his lips met mine in a passionate kiss, and for a moment, I was lost in the sensations he stirred within me. The memories of our past, the love we shared, and the hope for a future together surged through me, clouding my judgement. Yet, even in the midst of the steamy embrace, the truth of his heartless words and even more heartless reality gnawed at me, and I gently pushed him away. "No, Eamon," I said, my voice firmer now."This changes nothing." He looked at me, confusion and desire mingling in his eyes. "Isadora, I don't understand. What's come between us?" "I'm just tired, Eamon; maybe it's the pregnancy," I said, avoiding his gaze and trying to hide my feelings under the umbrella of vulnerability. Eamon nodded, disappointment evident in his eyes, but he didn't press further. "Rest well, Isadora," he said softly, turning to leave. I followed him behind, shutting the door behind me. I couldn't continue with this act for too long. It wouldn't be long before Eamon figured it out. I had no choice but to leave immediately. Hopefully my stepfather's pack, which is only a few minutes away, would be a good place to gather my thoughts.  

Chapter 2


Making my escape from the pack, running through the night, the darkness of the untamed wilderness cloaked me as I sought refuge in my stepfather's pack. I needed a safe place to rest, a place where I could gather my strength and protect my child from the dangers that lurked around us.

Arriving at the borders of my stepfather's pack, exhaustion threatened to consume me, but I pushed myself forward, driven by the love for my child and the desperate need for solace. The scent of familiarity greeted me as I stepped into the territory, and I made my way towards the main den, praying that my stepfather would grant me refuge. Eamon would be mad at him if he found out he allowed me to hide here for some time. I can only keep my fingers crossed right now.

Knocking on the door, my stepfather, Alpha Philip, stepped out. His expression was a mix of surprise and concern. "Isadora, my dear, what brings you here in the dead of night?"


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