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I Reject you

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As Isadora's belly swells with the weight of the soon-to-be Alpha King's unborn child, she overhears a heartless conversation between him and his beta, where he cruelly refers to her as nothing more than a disposable tool and "s*x toy" to bear his heir. Crushed and shattered, Isadora makes a daring escape into the shadows of the untamed wilderness, with his unborn baby in her womb threatening his ascension, hell breaks loose.


Hortencia Arriaga

Review after the novel completion

Loved the this story. The characters and the storyline. Couldn't put it down. Isadora was so strong and amazing. It was so sad that she had to wait until here third mate to find happiness, but she finally found it. One thing I was left questioning was why the author didn't expand on isadora's "special" wolf. I forgot what it was called in the book. I would have like it explained more in the storyline. It just left me wondering.

April 6, 2024

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