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His Witchy Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: ZOA
  • Chapters: 90
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 142
  • 7.5
  • 💬 10


Alicia who was a witch and Lucian who was a werewolf was not supposed to love each other as it was forbidden. But falling in love they were left with no choice but to run away from there. But when the night when they were going to run came Lucian abandoned her and she was sent caught and sent to prison for three years. Lucian became the most powerful Alpha and took over the witches too. he came back and now wanted Alicia to be his maid. Alicia's mother sold her to the Alpha but now he treated her really badly, what happened that caused him to be like this? Excerpt: "You killed my sister. Now you would have to pay for it. You will do as I say otherwise there will be consequences," He screamed at me as his hold on my neck got tight. I was not able to breath anymore. "I... I didn't." I was barely able to get those words out my mouth. "Shut up! I don't want to hear anything." With gritted teeth he continued saying, "Now go and stand there all night. This is your punishment for disobeying me."


~ Alicia ~

I held the bags tightly, my heart racing as I stood outside my house. I had carefully chosen this corner, hidden from prying eyes. It was well past midnight, and the chances of anyone passing by were slim, but I couldn't afford the risks.

This was the day I longed for when I finally broke free from my land and the coven that bound me.

I took a deep breath, the cool night air filling my lungs as I walked along the path that led to our secret meeting spot. Lucian and I planned this carefully, ensuring the location was far enough from our territories to minimize the risk of being caught.

Every detail was thought through, and every step was strategically calculated. Excitement and trepidation hung around my neck as I considered my decision.

As I reached the spot, I stepped into the shadows and waited; my senses were heightened.

I scanned the surroundings, hoping to glimpse Lucian's familiar form. But the night remained silent, and there was no sign of him. Panic crept in, threatening to consume me. What if something went wrong? What if he couldn't make it?

"Lord, please, where is he?" I whispered into the darkness, my voice tinged with anxiety. I glanced down at the bags, evidence of our planned escape.

My heart pounded, my thoughts racing. Suddenly I realized the significance of what I was doing, the consequences looming like a storm cloud.

Time ticked on, each second stretching out like an eternity. I paced back and forth, my eyes darting around the night, searching for movement. Doubt gnawed at the edges of my resolve, threatening to shatter my carefully constructed plan. I was a witch, and the rules of our coven were rigid, unwavering. The foremost among them was etched in my mind: "Never fall in love with a werewolf."

The weight of those words pressed down on me, the gravity of my emotions at odds with the strict doctrine I had been raised under. My heart yearned for Lucian, a love that defied tradition and expectation.

But the reality of the situation was stark – my people would never accept our relationship, and the consequences of being discovered were dire.

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and tried to steady myself. I refused to let fear paralyze me. This was my choice, the path I was determined to follow. I held onto the memory of our shared dreams and our promises to each other.

No matter the obstacles ahead, I was ready to face them, hand in hand with Lucian. As doubt threatened to consume me, I clung to the flicker of hope, determined to brave whatever challenges awaited us.

Thousands of years ago, the witches and the werewolves were entrenched in a bitter and bloody conflict. The werewolves had preyed upon the witches, treating them as objects to be used and discarded at their whim. The witches, fed up with this oppressive treatment, had risen in protest. But when the werewolves turned a deaf ear to their cries, the war ignited fiercely. Years of strife followed, each side determined to overpower the other.

Eventually, exhaustion settled in, and the realization dawned that the cycle of violence was unsustainable. The witches and werewolves reached a truce, deciding to part ways, forever keeping their worlds separate.

The ancient war had etched itself deep into their collective memories. The hatred was kept alive, a cautionary tale passed down through generations, ensuring the bitterness and mistrust remained, even though the war itself had become a distant memory.

But for me, Alicia, that history was much more than just tales of the past. It was a living, breathing part of my reality. The divide between witches and werewolves was a chasm I dared not cross.

The thought of werewolves triggered discomfort, a reminder of a painful past. Our coven held the rule sacred: "Never fall in love with a werewolf." Yet, my heart had betrayed that command, leading me to Lucian, a werewolf – a royal one.

I had encountered him during an assignment, and in that single, stolen glance, my heart recognized him as my forbidden love. His presence was magnetic, his essence drawing me in like a moth to a flame. Our love blossomed in secret, our hearts entwining despite the vast sea of prejudice that separated us.

Now, as I stood in the shadows, clutching the bags that held our escape plan, anxiety gnawed at me. Lucian was late. The waiting was becoming unbearable, each passing second stretching into eternity. I resisted the urge to use my powers to find him; I knew the consequences could be dire. My fellow witches were ever-watchful, and any hint of unusual activity could trigger suspicion.

I glanced around again, my heart sinking as hope began to wane. I had waited for hours, but there was no sign of him. Frustration and fear clawed at my chest. The woods around me were thick with an oppressive silence. Tears threatened to escape my eyes, my anxiety bubbling over.

"Lucian, where are you? Please, don't do this to me," I whispered. My voice tinged with desperation. The need to find him overwhelmed me, propelling me out of my hiding spot and deeper into the woods. The unease in my gut grew stronger, a feeling I had learned to trust over the years.

Tears blurred my vision as I searched, my heart pounding with fear and determination. The reality of his absence weighed heavily on me. Had he changed his mind about eloping? Was he in danger? The thoughts churned in my mind, each possibility more terrifying than the last.

My sense of time began to warp as I continued to search, the minutes stretching out like hours.

The realization struck me like a blow – he wasn't coming. My gut feeling had been right. Panic surged through me, and I sank to my knees, overwhelmed by grief and disappointment. Our dreams of escape were crumbling, and I was left in darkness, grappling with the painful truth that my love might have been in vain.

The night air was heavy with uncertainty as I halted my steps, trying to soothe the turmoil within me. I had initially assumed that my unease stemmed from the thought of leaving behind everything I had known – my people, my home. I paused to gather my composure, hoping that calming myself would quell the gnawing feeling that something was awry.

However, my attempts were futile. This wasn't just separation anxiety but something deeper, more sinister.

I had pushed aside the growing sickness in my gut, dismissing it as mere nerves, but that facade was crumbling. The unease had swelled, now impossible to ignore. A premonition of impending doom had taken root, and I could no longer suppress it.

I closed my eyes, allowing a silent tear to escape, tracing its path down my cheek. The truth I had been evading was now an inescapable reality.

"Lucian, where are you? Why are you doing this to me?" I whispered to myself, my voice a mixture of frustration and sorrow. The universe had conspired to play a cruel trick on my heart. How could he leave me in such uncertainty on a day that held the promise of our shared dreams?

I took a shuddering breath, attempting to steady myself, yet my world felt unravelling. The weight of my emotions threatened to crush me, my headache from the strain. The sting of betrayal cut deep, a wound inflicted by the one I had entrusted with my heart.

As I struggled to regain my composure, I sensed a presence behind me, causing a jolt of panic to surge through me. I didn't need to turn to know that I was no longer alone. A deep, authoritative voice resonated, freezing me in place.

"What are you doing out here with your bags, Alicia?" The voice pierced the night, and my heart thundered in my chest. There was no escape. I knew what lay ahead; there was no use denying it.

The weight of my dread intensified as I turned, my gaze meeting those who had discovered me. I had been caught, ensnared in a trap I hadn't seen coming. The fear that gripped me was beyond description. To call it terror would be an understatement. My throat felt dry, my breath shallow as I wrestled with my apprehension.

I swallowed, my throat constricting as I slowly faced the inevitable. These people I had known all my life, who upheld our coven's rules and traditions with unwavering conviction. Their anger was palpable like a dark cloud threatening to smother me.

I took a deep breath, the air heavy with tension, and turned to meet my fate.

My heart raced, and the realization that my actions would have dire consequences washed over me. I was trembling, caught between fear and regret. As their accusing eyes bore into mine, I knew that my defiance had sealed my fate, and the gravity of the punishment that awaited me loomed like a shadow over my heart.


"I can explain," I stammered, as my voice quivered in response to my swirling emotions. My eyes were already brimming with tears, and my heart was pounding loudly. I was well aware of the consequences that awaited me for my grave mistake.

"We would like to hear it. By the way, it is so late, and you know witches are banned from staying out this late. Especially females!" His deep voice resonated with each word, a heavy reminder of the gravity of my situation.

His men stood by his side, their stern expressions mirroring his displeasure. My gaze remained fixed on the ground, unable to meet the piercing gaze of his angry eyes. His authority was unchallengeable as head of security.

His words weighed heavily on my shoulders. We were taught from birth not to leave the coven after dark. The consequences of violating it were dire. My heart raced, anxiety growing within me as I awaited his judgment.

"Alicia? What are you thinking about?


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