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His unwanted luna

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Being the heir to his pack , Rex was made to do what ever his father wanted . He never had the chance to choose anything for himself but everything change when he meet his mate and he couldn't help but feel drawn to her even when his father was against it. He was betrothed to another Female wolf who happen to also be an heir to her pack. Will he be able to claim his mate despite all the odds against him . What happen when a wall emerge between himself and his father over his mate . Will he choose his mate over his betrothed and father . Find out on His unwanted Luna

Chapter 1

Rex arrived at a popular five-star hotel and went to meet Jack, his best friend. He saw him already sitting at a reserved table in the hotel restaurant. He walked up to him, and they shook hands before he sat down on the vacant chair opposite him. "You are late," Jack said with a gloomy face. "I'm sorry, I was attending to a pressing matter regarding my company," Rex replied. "You are now very serious about your company; I thought your reply would have been, I was chasing after hot chicks in town," Jack chuckled, his gloomy face lighting up with a smile. "I decided to stop that lifestyle long ago, and now I'm very responsible. After Sheba returns, we will proceed with our wedding," Rex said, returning the smile. "Wow, you have really become a faithful fiance." Is it because she's involved with your father?" Jack asked with a mocking grin. "No, I decided to change. I'm not scared of my father at all; I was only scared of losing my company," Rex confessed. "You weren't scared of losing it when you weren't serious with your life. "Do you even love Sheba, or are you only marrying her because your father wants you to?" Jack said with a serious expression. Rex only grinned at him and looked away before asking him. "What more do you want to know?" "You don't have to marry her if you don't love her; your father shouldn't force you into doing the things you don't want to any longer. Remember, that's why you left your clan years ago and came to establish your company from scratch here? He isn't meant to interfere with your life and decisions." Jack said it with a slightly irritated voice, his eyes fuming with anger. "I wish you could understand; I'm the next Alpha lord in line after him, and I can't run away from it. Wherever I go, he will find me. I just have to marry Sheba and leave the rest of my life in peace; besides, I haven't found my mate yet, and I think she is the one," Rex explained with a sad expression. He was left with no choice by his cruel father. "You won't find the peace you seek after marrying her; you will only get tired of the marriage and start hurting her. If you don't really want to turn out to be a cheating husband and mate, Then find your mate and forget marrying Sheba," Jack advised. "I'm sorry, I have come to the height of it, and my decision is final," Rex replied adamantly with his decision. "No worries, man, I still got you," Jack said in defeat. "How is your family?" Rex asked, and he poured himself some wine from the wine bottle on their table. "They are fine; my baby is good too," Jack replied, snatching the glass of wine Rex had just poured for himself. "You don't want to change; you keep snatching my glass of wine and won't pour some for yourself," Rex scoffed with irritation. "I only did you good by honoring the wine you offered me." Jack replied with a grin and sipped from the glass. Rex sighed and poured another wine into another glass for himself. He raised it up and clinched it with Jack's glass before taking a sip. "You are acting so stressed out; I think you ain't okay," Jack said, as he noticed Rex acting dull. "I told you earlier that I have been working; remember the huge contract I lost some months ago? I'm getting it back with the influence of my father, so I'm working hard towards making it a success," Rex explained with a tired expression. "You don't have to channel all the frustrations your past caused you into working yourself to your limit; you have to accept them and only work towards avoiding any of them from repeating again," Jack said with concern. "I have to pour all of them into my work; that's the only way I'm letting them go," Rex replied, gulping down his wine. His phone vibrated, and he checked it; it was his assistant. He just notified him of his upcoming meeting with some contractors in the next hour. "I will be leaving soon," Rex announced. "Another meeting again?" Jack asked. "Yes, it would be taking place in the next hour, and I have to prepare for it. I was working on something that would be a part of the meeting before you called me out," Rex replied and poured himself another wine. "I think we will end our meeting in the next ten minutes," Jack said, stretching his hand to snatch the glass of wine again from Rex. He beat him to it and raised the glass up. "Pour yourself some, man!" Rex scoffed before gulping down the wine in a goal. "Alright!" Jack said, In defeat, and poured himself another wine. Rex felt pressed and stood up. "I have to use the restroom; I will be back," he announced and excused himself. "I will be waiting," Jack said after him. Rex headed towards the area of the restaurant indicated as the restroom. As he went in, he only met a few people inside. He walked past lined-up doors leading to various toilets and came to the one with a sign post inscribed with VIP. As he wanted to open the door, he heard a loud cry coming from one of the rest rooms tagged with VIP. He sensed it to be a female voice. He looked around and noticed that the few people present in the restroom were minding their business. He chose to ignore it and held the door knob to push the door open. He heard the cry again, this time louder than the previous one. Rex, who couldn't ignore it further, started walking towards the VIP toilet it was coming from. He found the door locked from inside and tried to push it open, but it refused. He gave up and turned to leave, but the loud cry increased, this time nonstop. By now, the few people in the restroom had all left. He used his might to push the door open and saw a bruised, blonde, petite woman on her knees, tied to one of the sinks, with a naked, middle-aged man standing in front of her with a wipe. She was trying to free herself while he was actually trying to force her into giving him a blowjob and was flogging her with the wipe when she refused. As Rex's eyes met with the woman's, his wolf reacted, and he found him to be losing control. He dove at the man and knocked him down. The man's head hit the toilet water closet; in no time, blood started oozing out, and the man remained there lifeless. The woman stared at him with horror, and he quickly closed the door before other people would notice the dead man. He started walking towards her to untie her as if nothing happened, but the woman started shaking with fear. "Don't come close to me," she said with an unstable voice, trying to move backwards, but she couldn't as her back leaned on the wall. "I won't hurt you; I only helped," Rex assured the bruised woman and continued going closer to her. "Why do you think I'm going to believe you? You just killed him," the blonde woman said with panic and pointed at the dead man. Her breath was uneven, with her chest rising and falling due to her heavy breath. "He deserves it; he was hurting you, and I couldn't ignore it," Rex replied and bent towards her. He caressed her wet, bruised face, staring right into her eyes. She became calm and stared right back at him. He broke their gazes and untied her. "You will be okay; put on your clothes and run away. I will take care of everything," Rex said, throwing her clothes that were lying at the corner of the vast toilet to her. She grabbed her clothes and asked. "There are CCTVs everywhere. I won't get away with it." "I will cover the crime up; you don't have to worry. Put on your clothes and leave quietly," Rex said, opening the door before walking out and then slammed it shut. He walked back to Jack, who was impatiently waiting for him. "What took you so long?" he asked. "Something happened," Rex said with hesitation. He explained everything to Jack, and Jack was left wide-eyed. "Why did you lose control of yourself?" Jack asked with apprehension. "I think I have found my mate; she is my mate," he told Jack. "Your mate? Jack asked, still wide-eyed. "Yes, my wolf reacted when my gaze met with hers, and I couldn't hold myself. I didn't even know when I flung the man into the water closet," Rex explained, placing his hand on his racing heart. "What are you going to do now?" Jack asked. "I think I will have to cover it up like others; I will ask my father for help," Rex replied with no choice. "You are making yourself more indebted to him, and you know that after he cleans up this one. You won't be able to break free from his clutches," Jack replied. "I killed him, so I have to clean it up," Rex said, taking his phone from the table. "Do you have to do this?" Jack asked. "Yes, I have to go clean up the toilet before telling my father," Rex said, and he started heading back to the restroom. Jack followed him to the restroom; everywhere was very quiet like earlier, but this time around with no one in sight. They headed towards the crime scene. Rex pushed the door open and didn't find the petite woman inside; he knew she had left, as he said. He went in with Jack, and they shut the door.

Chapter 2

The past few days have been hectic with meeting up with the pressing contracts in the company, and Rex was feeling very grateful that it had all ended for now until late next month. He picked up his leather jacket from the couch in the living room and started heading to his garage. He had run out of groceries and was heading to a supermarket in town to purchase some by himself. He hopped into his latest ride and drove out to the main road. A celebration party was hosted last weekend to mark the successful journey of the company so far. It was really a good experience, and Rex loved every bit of it. His father graced the party and was so proud of him; it was only Sheba that was unable to because she has yet to come back from the States. Rex felt all alone in the party but still stopped himself from misbehaving with the ladies throwing themselves at him.

His phone started vibrating, and when I checked it, there was an incoming video call from Sheba. He smiled before accepting th


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