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His Deplorable Mate

His Deplorable Mate

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“Beautiful,” he spoke softly into the silence, his voice deeper than usual. “Al-Alpha Xavier? I stuttered out not knowing what to do. This wasn’t what I expected. "Zion, not Xavier,” he said, his stance still not completely broken. He was looking at me as if mesmerizing my every single detail. Like I’m his most precious possession. I shuffled under his intense gaze. “Zion loves mate, mate is beautiful,” his eyes glowing. He was still hugging me close to his body. His eyes went towards my wound, and it darkened. “Mate is hurt? Mats is in pain,” he panicked, seeing my wound. He took my arm, and licked it. “I’m fin…, Just as I was saying, I was fine, I heard a tearing sound. He tore his shirt and tied it around my wound. My heart swelled, seeing my mate care for me. I've always seen him caring for Jessica but today, his caring nature towards me, I couldn’t controlled my tears. They were flowing freely from my eyes. A sob racked through my body, this caught my mate’s attention, who was glaring at the wound as if threatening it to heal quickly. Cupping my face, looked at me worriedly, tears brimmed his eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore and hugged him tightly. I cried on his shoulder. He was rubbing my back gently. I cried for his love, for being deplorable. I cried my heart out.

Chapter 1


The light of dawn seeped into the room and reflected on her angelic face. There she was sleeping peacefully, looking like a fairy. Thick eyelashes, button nose, green mesmerizing eyes, fuller lips, milky white skin, and most importantly, her beautiful and kind heart, an epitome of beauty.

“Wake up Sweetheart,” Her mother said lovingly to her only daughter while stroking her hair, waking her up.

"Good Morning, mom," rubbing her dreary eyes, Ava smiled at her mother.

“Good Morning honey, Now wakey-wakey. Today's your first day of high school. Aren't you excited,"? Her mother inquired.

Ava nodded enthusiastically but was still sleepy. Her mother smiled, kissed her forehead, and left to make breakfast.

After her mother left, Ava lazily looked outside the window. The weather was beautiful, and the dawn chorus of melodic birdsong drifted in. The rising sun cast a rosy hue across the morning sky. Ava looked at the clock, beside her bed.

“Oh shoot, I'm getting late for school," Ava mumbled and sprinted towards the washroom. She hasn't found her mate yet and each day she hopes to find him.

Everyone sees her as the beautiful and happy girl but no one knows the demons that chases her. Ava has been a sensitive and kind-hearted person but what happened with her in the past has left a huge impact on her. The once lively kid is now just a breathing body.

Coming downstairs, she heard the lovey-dovey morning moment of her parents. They've been together for years, but their love is increasing day by day. It's like their morning routine, making breakfast together, teasing each other, and laughing together. Ava wishes to have that one day with my mate. Oblivious to her presence, her father stole a kiss from my mom, and they soon started making out (talk about teenage hormones, duh). After quite 2 minutes, Ava decided to make her presence known. She tiptoed to her dad.

"Morning dad, I would love to be a big sister one day but today, I'm getting late," she whispered teasingly.

Her dad jumped back from my mom, and my mom yelped, hitting my dad with the spatula in the process.

“Gee! Woman, no need to get violent”. He said while rubbing his head. Her mom turned to her and narrowed her eyes, Ava smiled sheepishly.

“Good Morning princess, Excited about your first day," her dad asked lovingly while hugging her and kissing her forehead.

“Yes, dad, more nervous than hyped," Ava said while hugging him back, seeking comfort from her dad. She just wants to be swallowed by her father's warm embrace and hide from this world.

“Here's your Breakfast sweetheart”, her mom said while serving her, her favorite breakfast, waffles with lots of maple syrup, strawberries, and cream.

“So, do you want me to drop you at school”? Dad asked while having his Breakfast and reading his newspaper.

"No dad, I'm going with Cora and Fleur," Ava said and on cue, a loud honking was heard. After biding her parents, Ava rushed outside.

“Good Morning, girls," Ava said while entering the car.

"Woah, girl, you're looking eatable enough," Cora said while winking at her. Ava blushed and looked down.

“Stop bothering her,” Fleur said while smacking Cora.

"I was just complimenting her," Cora pouted.

“Forget about her, how are you,"? Fleur asked.

“She'll be perfectly alright, who knows, today she may find her mate," Cora chimed while wiggling her brows.

I hope the same, Ava prayed silently. Ava has always dreamed about her mate. The one that will accept her with her each flaws and Chase her demons away.

Cora started the car, and the girls jammed to their favorite songs. Screaming their lungs out and dancing.

“You know, people say Alpha Xavier may also find his mate today,” Fleur said suddenly.

It is unclear to Ava why, but she felt a sudden pain in my chest. It's normal for wolves to gossip about their Alpha's love life. Each pack is incomplete without their Luna.

While talking, they reached the school. Parking the car, they started going inside the school premises.

As they were walking inside, suddenly it started pouring cats and dogs.

“What the hell,” Cora shouted, irritated.

"Why, it's raining all of a sudden, like wasn't it lovely weather this morning," Cora shouted. Ava and Fleur looked at her bewildered but than burst out laughing. Only Cora can ask such stupid questions. She glared at them making them stop abruptly.

Cora was busy cursing the rain because it ruined her hair that she spend 4 hours on, while Fleur and Ava were trying so hard to stop the laughter that was trying to escape like lava.

“I'm serious guys, it was so nice this morning, perfect for a date or picnic or skipping school or hiking," she started counting on her fingers.

“Jeez! Cora, What will you take to just shut up? You love everything except school," Fleur said irritatedly.

“A date with Shawn Mendes, can you please do that for me,”? Cora asked dreamily.

"Argh! This girl," Fleur facepalmed herself.

Ava smiled looking at them bickering with each other. They were laughing, teasing, and enjoying the rain when all of a sudden, Ava smelt this astonishing and intoxicating smell, like woody musk. Her wolf started getting restless, she was restless since morning, but now she was hyped. A beautiful feeling bloom inside her chest.

Her feet's started moving on their accord and she started looking around, trying to find the source of the smell. It's the most intoxicating smell. She was looking around, people were running around. Some were enjoying the rain with their loved ones, kissing and dancing, while others were getting inside and trying to shelter themselves from the rain and cursing like Cora. Ava was getting closer and closer to the smell, she knew it was her mate.

She was hyped. Who's he? How's he looking? Is he her senior? Will he love me? Will he kiss me first or hug me? While all these questions were swirling in her mind, she didn't know when she came to the source of the smell, but what she saw shattered her.

There stood her mate, the love of her life, loving his love of her life. Alpha Xavier Romano was kissing his longtime GF Jessica McKenzie. Ava was stunned, Xavier is her mate. As if sensing her presence, he looked up, their eyes meet and the world around them stopped. It was just the two of them.

Alpha Xavier's every girl's dream, but the whole school knows he is hers, Jessica McKenzie. Everyone knows they aren't mates because Jessica doesn't give them Luna's warmth but, still some believe they are.

Ava has loved Xavier since childhood but never had the guts to confront him. She always stayed in shadows, admiring him from far. Xavier isn't like other alphas who bully people. Xavier is a reserved man, a man of few words.

He had a fair share of girls before and broke many hearts, but she never knew he will break me too. He only hangs with his high-rank friends. Furthermore, he has beautiful mesmerizing eyes, a sharp jawline, and well, a built body, the epitome of perfection.

“Come on baby, let's get you inside, don't want you to get sick,” Xavier said lovingly to Jessica while looking at her. He smirked at Ava and kissed Jessica more intensely and hard as if to proving her how much she means to her and prove to her how unwanted she was. At that time, Ava knew she was a deplorable mate to her mate. They went inside hand in hand.

Her legs shook, and she fell to the floor, this broke me out of my trance. Ava was looking at their retreating figures with blurry eyes. Tears were streaming down her face. The pain in her heart was too much to bear. Why moon goddess? Mom, this isn't how you said mates are supposed to be. It was like someone was stabbing her heart, again and again, the love in her mate's eyes for Jessica and clear rejection for her. Ava screamed and screamed.

Chapter 2

Ava's POV:

Standing by the window and gazing at the glinting orris-silver moon, I was thinking how my whole world has changed just in a matter of hours.

I'd always loved the moon. The way it shines in the dreary sky, surrounded by millions of twinkling stars, alone but still holds power and beauty. The moon came to the sky as a mother comes to sing a soft lullaby to ease her children into a star-filled night. It graces the sky as if she'd had some bright idea, something brilliant needed to shine upon the earth. It has always mesmerized me, but today it didn't, I wasn't feeling anything. There was a numb pain in my chest. My mind was black, just like this night.
Once again, gazing at the sky, thinking, Is this how you feel when you find your mate? Is this how your first night with your mate's supposed to be? Many questions were swirling in my mind, many questions I had, that I wanted to ask him but for the first


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