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His Broken Princess

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Lisi
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 3.0
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Amira Stone, daughter of the Alpha King & Alpha Queen, Damien and Allira Stone, is bullied and raped constantly while being locked up in a bedroom. Her room has no windows and only a bed and bathroom. Werewolves don’t get their wolves until they turn 16 but for Amira Stone she didn’t get her wolf and is hence used for pleasure by her very own father and brother. But what will happen when she turns 18? Will she escape? Will she find a mate? And why hasn’t she received a wolf? What will happen to her family? Don’t miss out & read now !

Chapter 1 - Locked Up

Damien POV

Stretching wide I open my eyes and sit up. What a perfect life I have. I have a beautiful mate who produced 2 heirs. I have a son who will take over my crown when he comes of age, I have a beautiful daughter who will mate one of the many alphas in this land & and provide heaps of heirs. Everything is as it should be.

10 years later

Amira POV

I wake up to the sound of birds singing and stretch my arms high in the air. Today is my brother and I’s birthday. We are twins though he was born 2 minutes before me. If you didn’t know who we were you wouldn’t think we are related as I look just like my mother and he looks like our father. I have the long black flowing hair, emerald green eyes and tanned olive skin of our mother while he has the curly blonde hair, brown eyes, and pale skin of our father.

I slide out of bed and head to my bathroom to shower. I let the water run down my hair while I think about what colour my wolf will be. It should be black like my mothers and fathers but you never know it could be grey. I hope not. Alphas especially us have to have black wolves. Grey means impurity and weaker. Brown and red wolves are normal. Sandy coloured and grey obviously are omega colours. There was white wolves once upon a time but they just disappeared one day. No one had an explanation but everyone assumes they’re extinct. I kind of wish they still existed. It was said they had mystical powers. No one knows what though.

I get out of the shower 30 minutes later and head to my walk in robe. I choose a simple gown to wear. It’s a light blue with diamonds encrusted near the breastline. It’s a scoop neck with long sheer sleeves. Perfect. I then go sit down and call for an omega to do my hair and makeup. Once she’s done I head down the stairs to the dining hall.

“Good morning mother, father. Durian.” I say as I take my seat next to my brother.

“Good morning.” They reply.

We sit and have a quiet breakfast as always and I then head to the stables for a ride before I come back to get ready for our birthday ball. Everyone from every pack is invited and it’s the biggest event of the year. They hope for us to find our mate straight away but not everyone always comes so you never know.

4 hours later

I’m in my room trying to decide what gown I should wear tonight and I settle on an emerald green sweetheart neckline strapless gown with a slit down the side. It has diamonds encrusted on the left side of my waist Lessing as it gets close to the middle. I put the dress with the help of an omega and it really brings out my eyes. The omega does my makeup lightly so as to not look too unnatural and does my hair in a half up half down, giving my hair soft waves. I slip on my silver heels and head down to the ballroom.

I‘ve arrived at the ballroom and everything is in full swing. I’m given a double door entrance and as they announce my name I hear everyone‘s woos as I descend the marble stairs. Not looking directly at anyone other than my family I strode through the crowd to my small throne. We are watching as everyone dances and eats and has fun and it seems only minutes have passed when they announce it’s time. My brother and I stand and head to the stage where we are supposed to shift for the very first time. We look up at the full moon upon our birthday and my brother very soon shifts into a black wolf. I stand there looking around and then at the moon confused on where my wolf is.

“What are you waiting for? SHIFT!” my father said clearly losing patience.

“I can’t feel anything though,” I said.

He looked at me with so much disgust as did everyone in the room. My father than told me to go to my room while everyone else went for a run with their soon to be alpha king. Once back in my room I slide the dress off and clean my face. I’m about to put my nightgown on when my father bursts into the room.

“How dare you not have a wolf!” he screams.

“I did not spend all my money and time on you for you to be wolfless!” he shouts.

I try to cover myself as I am only wearing my bra and panties.

“Father please wait and let me get dressed!” I scream.

“No! You are coming with me where no one will see you again!” he says.

He grabs my arm and drags me behind him half naked to a room I’ve never seen before. He opens the door and throws me in. I wince as my back hits the wall.

“You will stay here for the rest of your life!” he screams.

“And seeing as your breasts have developed nicely I will taste and use you as I please. As will your brother.” he says.

He licks his lips and I fear for myself deeply.


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