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His Betrayed Luna

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"W...Why..." I shook my head in disbelief, "You're my best friend!" I cried out, overcome with a sense of betrayal as tears continued to stream down my face. Maya bit her lower lip, her words halted as I moved to slap her for trying to gaslight me, but Andrew firmly grasped my hand. "Autumn, don't," he commanded, "If you want to hurt someone, hurt me. Don't hurt her," he pleaded, his voice laced with concern, breaking my heart even further. "And you have the nerve to say that..." "She's pregnant, and she needs to be looked after!" he exclaimed. "I don't care what anyone else thinks right now," he added, running his fingers through his hair in frustration. "Please, don't. If you love me, then let us," he whispered. "I'm tired of you being unable to give me a child. That's all I've ever wanted, and you've never made me happy." I couldn't believe everything he said to me. I thought he loved me. I thought Maya was my best friend, and it seemed like no one was on my side. What would you do if your best friend was pregnant with your husband's baby? What would you do if your most loyal maid betrayed you? After a series of betrayals, Luna Autumn was not only accused of a crime but also banished from the Pack, becoming a Rogue. Heartbroken, Autumn encountered Ethan, the Alpha of the Crimson Pack, notorious for his playboy lifestyle and disregard for the concept of mates. Ethan is intrigued by Autumn; unlike the other women he has been with, she stirs unfamiliar feelings in him and remains beyond his grasp, making her seem exceptional. As Ethan's fascination with Autumn grows, what will happen between them?

Chapter 1 My Friend Is Pregnant With My Husband's Baby


Today is our wedding anniversary, and as the Luna of the Darkwater Pack, I can't help but feel excited as I stroll around our territory. Everyone in the pack is working together to prepare for the banquet celebration.

As I glance around the banquet hall, happiness fills me to the brim. Suddenly, I feel a hand on my waist. Without even turning around, I know it's Andrew. His familiar Versace cologne surrounds me, and the warmth of his lips on my shoulder confirms his presence.

"Oh, my love," I whispered, turning to meet his gaze, getting lost in the depths of his beautiful green eyes and the way his blond locks fell so effortlessly.

"Are you excited?" His hands rested gently on my waist, causing a smirk to play on my lips as I blushed under his gaze.

"I am..." I mumbled, drawing closer to Andrew. "I am thankful for everything, Andrew," I added, feeling the warmth of his presence.

"This day holds a significant place in my heart," I confessed softly, meeting his gaze with tenderness. His smile, those beautiful smiles that never failed to make my heart flutter, greeted my words.

Andrew accepted me for who I was, just as his father had welcomed me into the pack. Despite my inability to conceive, they loved me unconditionally. And especially him.

"Are you even still listening to me?" Andrew chuckled, his voice husky and irresistibly attractive to me.

"I am," I replied confidently, chuckling softly as I tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear.

"You look really beautiful today. I can't even imagine how stunning you'll be later," Andrew murmured, his voice lowering as he took my hand and led me to a secluded corner.

I laughed, sharing in his anticipation. "You're more like-" I began, but he interrupted me as he reached for his phone. His smile at whatever he saw on the screen quickly shifted to me as he set the device aside.

Putting his phone down, he looked at me, his expression slightly confusing me.

"Is that something important-" I started, but before I could finish, he cut in.

"Oh- No. No, Autumn. You know you're more important to me, right?" he said, his cheeks dimpling as he touched my neck and began to kiss my lips.

I responded to Andrew's kiss with fervor, fully engrossed in the moment, until a cough interrupted us.

I quickly pulled away, gently pushed Andrew aside, and turned to see Lily, the maid of our pack, standing there with a small smile on her face.

"I'm sorry for disturbing you, Luna and Alpha, but I think it's time for me to help you prepare for later...?" Lily's voice sounded slightly awkward, but her dedication to her duties warmed my heart and brought a smile to my lips.

"Oh, sure, Lily," I chuckled, glancing at Andrew whose gasp elicited a laugh from me. "I'll see you later," I teased, planting a playful kiss on his cheek before walking away, relishing in his reactions that always seemed to crave more of me.

With Lily, I made my way to the dressing room to prepare for the approaching night, knowing that the guests would soon begin to arrive.

A shade of red lipstick. As Lily did my hair, I wore a stunning red outfit. As soon as I stepped through the door, everyone's eyes filled with awe at the sight of the exquisite feast spread out before them.

"Autumn, you are making progress," Andrew said as he stood in the center and held my hand. I could feel my wolf, Edith, murmuring proudly within me.

There were many grins from the other pack members as they bowed their heads.

Andrew said, "You look stunning, Autumn," as we made our way to the center of the banquet.

I sarcastically chided him, "You always make me look good," as we were escorted to our respective spots in the center of the banquet.

All eyes are on us. Their enthusiastic applause makes me feel valued whenever I crack a smile. Beta and Gamma are in the corner.

Beta Jonathan gave me a microphone, "To all of you, I am eternally grateful. You have made this gathering unforgettable..." They all clapped their hands with broad smiles on their faces, while I murmured, overwhelmed by discomfort.

"The highlight of my life, hands down, is this evening," Andrew declared. I turn red when I hear him speak or read what he says.

"So this night, we're gonna start with-"

"Excuse me, Luna and Alpha, but the video for the banquet isn't working," Beta Jonathan interrupted, his words injecting a sense of urgency into the air.

"Oh, no. I can check it-" I began, but he quickly interjected, his expression filled with worry.

"We have tried a lot of times," he explained, his concern evident.

"Oh dear, is there no alternative?" Andrew whispered.

"There is," I recoiled as someone responded. I turned to the front, and my closest friend, Maya, finally arrived, clad in a cerulean dress mirroring her azure eyes.

"Maya!" I exclaimed joyfully. "I'm delighted you've arrived at last," I lightly grasped her hand, ensuring clarity among the onlookers.

"I obtained the footage of you and Alpha Andrew. It could serve as a substitute... if you desire," she whispered, unaware of how deeply I would value her gesture.

"Oh, I must have it, Maya. Thank you immensely!" I replied with joy, a smile spreading across her face as she glanced at Andrew.

Andrew's lips curved slightly. "That would be advantageous," his voice tinged with a hint of enthusiasm.

Maya passed me her phone. "You can simply link it to the projector," she suggested with a smile.

"Thank you, you're a true lifesaver!" I gave her a thumbs up as I swiftly connected her phone to the projector.

I lack the time for scrutiny but I trusted Maya's assurance that the initial video featuring Andrew and me was readily accessible.

I could feel Andrew's reassuring touch on my back as I faced the attendees while Maya returned to her seat at the banquet.

"Apologies to everyone for the delay... However, our festivities will commence with a video presentation as we cut the celebratory cake together!" I declared, clicking on the video featuring Andrew and me on Maya's phone before stashing it away.

Gamma Zarius graciously presented us with the cake, a stunning creation adorned with strawberries, which he placed delicately on the table.

"Oh, they make a splendid pair..."

"Yes, their synergy is evident."

The murmurs filled me with joy.

"As this celebration unfolds, and we transition to other activities, let us cut this cake together with my beautiful wife..." Andrew's words prompted cheers and applause from the crowd once more.

As we prepared to cut the cake, we were handed knives, but suddenly, murmurs from the crowd left us puzzled.


"What's happening?" I queried Andrew, but he remained motionless.

With an awkward smile, I glanced at the crowd, only to find their eyes wide with shock, all fixed on the large screen.

"What?" I chuckled nervously as I turned to face the screen, unprepared for what was about to happen to me.

The video displayed intimate, naked photos of Maya and Andrew together.

It felt as though my world had shattered. I teetered on the brink of passing out, yet a surge of anger welled within me. I shook my head in disbelief, refusing to accept the reality until the screen revealed Maya's positive pregnancy test.

"What on earth is going on?"

"Holy sh*t. That's Luna's best friend."

I turned to survey the room, locking eyes with Maya and Andrew, both wearing expressions of bewilderment.

"I swear, Autumn, I had no idea..." Andrew muttered, his fingers raking through his hair, a look of sheer terror etched on his face.

"Everyone... I'm at a loss for words. I can't explain how this happened," he stammered, his explanation faltering.

My heart raced uncontrollably, my senses dulled by the overwhelming chaos.

Maya rushed over to us. "I'm so sorry, I must have accidentally selected the wrong video to display at the beginning."

Chapter 2 How Could You Do This To Me?


"What the hell..." I kept repeating, tears flowing uncontrollably as if they would never cease.

My wolf's heart remained steady, but I felt utterly overwhelmed.

"Is this real?" I questioned, gazing at Maya and Andrew. "No. It can't be. But it is. How could you both do this to me?" I cried out, my voice raw with anguish, heedless of the perceptions of others around me.

I could see Maya feigning innocence with those eyes of hers.

"Tell me!" I demanded, my voice trembling with rage as I confronted them both, the murmurs of the crowd fading into the background.

Maya looked down, seemingly at a loss for words.

"Andrew..." I murmured, my gaze fixed on him. "Why?" I softened my tone, hoping for a swift acknowledgment from him.

"Yes," he replied. Maya glanced at him with a newfound confidence, intensifying the shock among the onlookers.

The Beta and Gamma appeared stunned, attempting to intervene, but I signaled for them to stand


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