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His Awaited Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Nila
  • Chapters: 16
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Damien who was known as a ruthless alpha was waiting for his mate for thirty years. He had three Lunas but all were dead. There was a rumor that he killed his mate. But Lilia who was betrothed to another alpha come out to be his mate. What will he do to win her back? and what will be her fate? What will Lilia decide when she would know that she was not her first Luna. And what will happen when she would get to know that he killed his mate.


“Why dad? Why?” Lilia asked angrily as she couldn’t believe her father would do this to her.

She was his only daughter.

How could she tolerate this feeling, her father was using her for the sake of his pack. He didn’t even care for their blood relation.

She also loved her pack, and she was sacrificing herself for her pack.

But she never thought her father would use her as a pawn to remain alpha without caring about her feelings.

“Lilia, you are not understanding. This is a great deal. How can I support your mate when Ezekiel was the best suitor for you?” He asked, and she looked at him with a shocked expression.

Was this her biological father who is comparing her with a business deal?

“But you did. You supported him when he wanted to hand you over your pack? You agreed to his condition.” She said with an impatient voice.

She wanted to forget everything and run toward her mate who was fighting all along to be with her.

But hearing her word her father sneered.

“yes, I did. But how can I hand you over to him now when I know he killed his three previous mates?” he asked, and it felt like thunder hit her body.

Lilia fell to the floor with a shocked expression as her body went limp.

He has killed his mate?

How was this possible?

He couldn’t do this to someone.

She has seen love in his eyes for her.

He can’t fake it. His eyes can’t lie.

“No, you are lying,” she retorted confidently, but her sound came out like a whisper.

This revelation broke her into pieces, and she couldn’t defend her bond.

“I am not lying, Lilia. I am your dad and why I would want something wrong to happen to you? I hand you over to Ezekiel because I thought you would be his Luna. But I didn’t want you to suffer. You are my only child.” her dad sat beside her and cupped her face adoringly.

His eyes also held truth, and she didn’t know who to believe.

She just knew she has waited for him all her life.

But she never thought he would come out as a murderer.

Chapter 1

Damien’s P.OV.

“Alpha, Luna Rose is taking her last breath,” Peter said, running into my office.

He was panting as he must have run from the other wing of the mansion to reach my office.

I kept my specs on my desk, removing them from my eyes, and looked at him with a dissatisfied gaze.

I was doing some important work which concerned my pack and I have already ordered him to not disturb me for an hour.

So my mood became sour when he defied my order.

He can be my beta and childhood best friend, but I hate disrespect and especially when it comes from my close people.

“Did you think I will care?” I asked, and got up from my chair.

I rounded the table and walked toward him in a slow step.

Looking at my face, he understood he has irked me and he bowed his face, showing his submission.

“No, I don’t,” I said confidently, walking to his private space.

He is my beta for a long time and it irked me a lot when he doesn’t understa


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