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Hiding the Alpha's Heir

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Seraphina Beryl, Luna of the Rising Diamond pack and Marchioness of Blackmont, caught her mate, Alpha of the Rising Diamond pack and Marquis of Blackmont, sleeping with a courtesan. Not only that, she caught that Desmond has been kissed by their Beta's sister. She is not a fool to stay with him anymore. She decides to abscond from their pack and abandons her Luna duties and her marriage with him. However, at that moment, she finds out that she is pregnant with his pup. After five years of being married to Desmond, she finally conceives a pup. How is she going to hide the next heir of the Rising Diamond pack from Desmond? Can she be able to escape from Desmond's grasp once he finds and reclaims her and their pup? What will Seraphina do if that happens?


"What on earth are you doing here, Desmond?" I asked in my sturdy tone. But I panicked when he locked the door. "H-How did you manage to come inside my flat?" My voice quivered in nervousness. I knew I locked that door.

How on earth did he open that?

Desmond smiled. Not a bona fide and genuine one. But a smile that would send chills down my spine.

"I have come here to get you and our... little Sander, seraphim," he said in his dark hoarse voice as he took strides towards my direction.

I held my breath, trying not to react when he called me on his endearment to me as my heart suddenly sank when he knew about our son's name. I scoffed, smiling bitterly. "What the hell are you talking about?" I asked, feigning ignorance.

There was no way he could know that we had offspring. I knew I hid Sander away to avoid meeting his father. I did my best to not allow that.

His smile turned into a smirk, ceasing a few meters away from me. "Ah, so, is this one of your teasing games like you used to do with me, Seraphina?" He tilted his head a little. Then he continued to step forward.

Every step he would take was making me wary. The power he held as the Alpha was emitting was making me shiver even though I was once the Luna of the pack Desmond was reigning in.

"Stay there, Desmond! Don't come near me!" I clenched my hands as I stepped back a little. I was trying to find another way where I could escape from our flat. I already knew that I could jump from the window. All I need was to open it up.

Then I need to run away and take Sander who was temporarily staying at Niscia. Desmond must not see our son. They must not meet.

They really must not meet!

If he happens that he does, Desmond would do anything in his power as the Marquis of Blackmont to take my son away from me. I knew the power he holds which was why it was frightening to cause strife with him.

"Come back to me, Seraphina." He offered his hand even though his distance was so close to me. His expression softened which made my heart skipped a beat. "Come back to me and let's start anew... with our son."

I gritted my teeth. Start anew? Then what? He was going to betray me again even having a fact that I am his mate? No way!

"You wish!" I turned my back and sprinted towards the window.

I immediately opened it and was about to jump when there was a strong arm wrapped around my waist. Then in a blink of an eye, I suddenly felt my back being landed on the wall which was beside the window that I was about to escape from.

I hissed, feeling my back that was in pain before I shot that b*st*rd a glare who was smiling sheepishly. Then I realized that he was already pinning my hands to the wall. His lower body was locking my waist so I couldn't be able to move.

"Desmond! Release me this instant!" I barked and wriggled from his hold.

"Did you really think I would let my Luna abscond from me again?" There was a teasing smile as he drew his face closer to me.

With that movement, I got to smell his scent which made me able to identify that Desmond was my mate back then. He smelled like a combination of citrus, orange, and cedarwood. It was so alluring which made my wolf and I obsessed with it.

And Desmond knew one of my weaknesses was his masculine scent.

Seeing that sheepish smile right now was making me annoyed. He knew exactly what he was doing.

D*mn this man...

D*mn him for knowing that fact.

I shivered when his nose grazed my skin. "That's right... You still love my scent, seraphim," he whispered huskily to my ear. "And I still love your floral fragrance scent of white iris and fresh peonies."

"Let. Go," I said, emphasizing and ignoring his words which were making me insane right now.

Desmond looked up at me. Then there was a sly smile playing on his lips.

"Not a chance," he said mischievously. "This time, I will not allow you to outsmart me again, Seraphina. You have absconded from me once but not twice. I promise to you in the name of the Moon Goddess that I will never let you go even if you beg and cry a river."

I snorted. "As if I will beg at you!" I growled.

My eyes widened as I gasped when his lips teasingly grazed my ear again before he halted. "Worry not, my dear Luna. There is an only way I can make you beg at me."

My heart ceased at his words. He whispered like he was promising so darkly right now. And I already knew exactly what he meant.

I snorted. "You wish, scumbag..." My chest rose up and down when he planted sensual kisses on the crook of my neck before his lips stayed where he marked. It was making me feel aroused right now.

Dear Moon Goddess... Why am I liking this?

"Ah, yes. You will wish for it once you are back to my bed, making you beg for me to f*ck you until you are unable to walk anymore." I shivered, hissing quietly at his dark threat. "I promise you that, Seraphina Beryl-Verlice, my Luna and Marchioness of Blackmont."

Chapter 1: The Lunatic One

"Seraphina, allow me to explain please..." Desmond pleaded as we were sauntering our way to our chamber after he came back from attending the bachelor's party of Count Jacob Urba. "It's not what you think—"

I silenced him by slapping my mate who was also my husband. "You dare to explain when I already caught you?" I asked sweetly.

Desmond's face had gone color seeing how cold I was right now even though I was smiling brightly. I could feel the emotions he felt right now and so was he because we both marked each other. He was feeling lost and frightened by the way I was acting. I knew he could feel how hurt I was right now.

I smirked. "That's right. Shut the hell up."

When I arrived at our chamber, my heart jumped out of my ribcage as I felt Desmond's pair of arms wrapped around me from behind. Then I felt his face buried in my hair.

That made my heart ache. Tears suddenly cascaded down my


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