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Her Reincarnated Alpha

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"I can't tell you." She sniffled and used the back of her hand to wipe the tears away. Drake heaved again, out of exhaustion. "Alright, fine. Why are you hurting yourself instead?" He probed. "Because it's inevitable," she replied blankly. ********* Meet Drake Randolph, the son of the Alpha's mistress. Reincarnated into a new body after he was framed and killed by his half-brother. Living his new life as Alpha Zion, who was betrayed by his Luna, and was killed by her and his beta, the night the half-blood moon was out. His only mission in his new life was to do one thing, Revenge. Unstained hands, then first kill, second, and the uncountable kills that followed after. ***** Rieka. Granddaughter to a wolf that was known for practicing sorcery. Cursed by her wolf grandmother. A curse that did not only harm her physically but mess up her emotional life. ****** Stepping into the life of the Reincarnated Alpha, she chooses to accept the torture she had to experience. What will be her fate when it is discovered that she is not only his mate, but he was the one destined to save her, and bring her out of the gruesome torture her life had been changed into?

Chapter 1 Transfiguration


That was how it ended, even before it could start.

It was happening, right at the blue darts pack. The celebration of the 22nd birthday of the Alpha's son, Drake Randolph.

Born two weeks after the legitimate son of the Luna, he came into the world as the child of a mistress.

The Luna, Blanca, and her son, Leo, hated Drake right from his birth. The hatred for him only worsened on his 14th birthday.

The morning of his 14th birthday was his first turning. Drake was a he-wolf, with green eyes. His fur had some stains of verdant green on it, and that was it.

Leo had not turned as at the time Drake turned, even as he was older.

Alpha Kia only developed so much interest in his mistress' son, after his turning.

On that day, the 22nd birthday, Alpha Kia gathered all the elites in the pack to witness the celebration.

They were the richest of wines, and fresh meat all around, with palatable foods prepared by the best cooks. He had a son with distinct features, and he wanted to celebrate.

Drake was dressed in a black tuxedo, with a white inner shirt and a bow tie around his neck. He was so gentle to behold, and even with the admirable qualities in him, he was not stained with the blood of anyone.

Standing in a corner, with the beta and other elites around, Alpha Kia praised his son, Drake unendingly.

"The dispute that was resolved with the other pack, Drake gave me the idea," Alpha Kia voiced out in his dignity. The other werewolves raised their hands to a toast, all for Drake.

Drake. The exact name that hunted Leo. He had grown tired of hearing Drake's praises being sung. At least, so much of the family's business, he was the reason everything worked well.

He was the first son and not Drake. His only crime was having his first turn a few years after Drake, and having golden yellow eyes like the other members of the pack.

At least, he tried his best shuffling in between pack duties, and other business duties. Yet, there was Drake, putting in no effort, and still on the good side of the Alpha.

That was enough, he had to ask for his right.

Leo looked around the hall, his eyes moving keenly. Leo's eyes met a shining silver object just on a table by the side of the banquet dishes.

He walked over to the table and picked it up, tucking the object which turned out to be a knife, by the inner pocket of his blue tuxedo.

"Hello, Father," Leo greeted, bowing to the Alpha that stood away from the pack, sipping the wine he held calculatedly.

Alpha Kia grinned seeing his son present at the party. It was going to be a lie if he said he was not aware of the feud that went on between his sons. So, he was glad that Leo could make it to the party.

"If you will permit, may I discuss some important matters with you?" Leo questioned, bowing his head slightly.


"Please not here Father, the hall seems noisy," Leo said in a soft voice that seemed like a whisper.

"Then lead the way," Alpha Kia replied, then turned himself, taking steps away from the hall, and into the other parts of the mansion. The sun had gone down in blue darts pack, with the darkness setting its face upon the clouds.

A half moon had appeared in the sky, with stars littered all around. The only thing that illuminated the night.

Drake squinted his eyes around the beautifully decorated hall, looking for his father. The Alpha had told him that they were going to have some words during the party, and his duty was to remind him.

But because of activities that occupied the whole event, they had still not talked.

He took some steps away from the hall, searching for his father, Alpha Kia. And continued that way till his sniffing caught the woody scent of his father that wafted through his nose. If his calculations were right, the Alpha had been there.

So, he only journeyed further into the foyer of the mansion, and before he knew what was going on, he was at the undercroft.

"Father," Drake bawled out, rushing over to the body that was on the floor, surrounded by a pool of blood.

Arriving at the undercroft, the first thing Drake's eyes met was the Alpha, with a silver knife dug into his chest, laying in a pool of blood, dead.

The brave wolf he looked up to, his father, the Alpha was no longer conscious and had been killed, right in the pack mansion.

Alpha Kia that at his command, every other pack member including the elders of his pack did his bids. He had been murdered, and his cold body was laying in the hands of his son, Drake.

Drake could not control the emotions that rushed through him. The blood that was splattered around him only increased the anger that boiled within him, with him continuously inhaling the coppery scent of the Alpha's blood.

The uneasiness in his mind began to rise, with his heart pace increasing. The feelings that rose within him, he could not explain. On one hand, his father's blood was all around, and on the other side, he wanted to kill whoever it was that caused him that pain.

"Who was responsible for the Alpha's death?" Drake whispered. His eyes began to reflect red, as the blood splattered all around, with his heart thumping loudly. Anger filled him with a fiery passion, and under the moon that had come up to the sky, the transformation began, with him bawling fiercely as he did, and his green eyes, shining so brightly.

The transformation that led to his transfiguration.

His deep, hoarse voice called the attention of the elites around, and they came running, every one of them to the lower chamber.

"He killed the Alpha, capture him." Those were the words that just ran through Drake's ears, even as he was not in control of his emotions anymore.

"Go after him, chain him. I always knew he was vicious," Orders kept on rolling from the mouth of the elders there, one with a scar on his face specifically.

The beta alongside the warriors, went at him, trying to bring him down.

And while the Beta came at him, along with some other lower ranking wolves, Drake charged at the Beta, tearing him apart. The chaos in his mind, he could not control, but that was the only charge he could offer to the danger around.

He had not caused the death of the Alpha, but now the Beta was dead in his hands, the first of his kills.

The rest of the wolves went at him with a silver chain they had picked at a corner and successfully threw it around him.

The chain went around him, bringing him down, as he continuously howled from the torture the chain was causing him.

Drake woke up to the sound of the creaky loud noise which came from the iron cage in which he was chained in.

He was in a messed-up state, naked, and not aware of the havoc he had wreaked.

A low chortle from a voice that sounded exactly like his brother, Leo's own, caused him to turn his face, to meet that of his brother, who had the side of his lips, curved upwards to a smirk.

"Did you enjoy your sleep in the four walls of this cage, Brother?" Leo had a grin that seemed rather absurd to Drake, as he moved closer to him, poised.

"What am I doing here?" Drake questioned. Trying to wriggle himself out of the chains that he was locked in.

"You never stop amazing me," Leo stated. His laughter thundered reverberatingly in the empty iron cell room.

"You have just met your doom," He announced.

Drake was so confused as to what Leo said, and why he was tied to the chain that was around him.

"Doom? What are you talking about?"

He knew his brother always went about giving empty threats which Drake never paid attention to. But from the confidence that was so evident in Leo's voice, Drake knew that it had gone beyond his imagination.

"The council has decided that you will be killed, and I will be doing the honors," Leo said to Drake, pushing his head back.

That was when everything rushed back to him. The killings.

His father first, then the Beta. He knew better than to get angry as his first outburst did not help. His werewolf instinct wanted to go straight at Leo, who kept on watching him with an evil grin drawn boldly on his face.

Drake took in deep breaths, calming himself down. He was not going to let Leo get at him.

And just like the words became clearer to Drake's ears, "I am to be killed?" He asked Leo. Confusion was written all over his face.

"Isn't it clear as day?"

"But..., I've not even been given a chance to..."

"Guards," Leo called out, cutting Drake in his speech abruptly. Two lower ranking wolves that stood watching the cell, ran and came to Leo, bowing.

Turning his back towards the cage in which Drake was kept and out of the gates that help him bound, "carry him and bring him to the pack central," Leo said. Taking steps with his chin raised high, and a smirk on his face.

Drake was raised and pushed to the pack central, with the rest of the wolves in the pack watching his shame.

Every wolf was gathered to see how the judgment of the Alpha's second son will be. Even though they were not fully aware of what the cause may be.

To them, Drake had committed a terrible offense. He had taken away their Alpha and beta, and that was all that mattered to them. As they were told, he did not just kill the Beta in front of the very eyes of the elites but also murdered the Alpha in cold blood to take the throne, as they assumed.

Unconsciously, their taste for blood and revenge clouded their sense of judgment that they forgot that it was Drake, the one wolf that a good number of them admired.

The wolves that were gathered around, could claw him down as they aggressively gnawed at him, but were only controlled by the interference of the elders.

That was when Leo walked up to him, with a large silver knife in the hands of the warrior that walked beside him.

"You disappoint me, Brother. You took Father away. But you will be joining him soon."

The sorrowful pretend face that was on Leo's face dissolved instantly and his eyes darkened.

"I always warned you that I was going to be the cause of your death," Leo said to Drake, dragging the silver knife from the warrior that was beside him, then sent it straight to Drake's heart. The images of his Father's death ran through his mind as it went.

The pain followed after that, with him howling loudly as the silver knife passed through his chest.

Drake dropped dead to the ground from the pain he had to go through, and Leo smiled. An accomplished smile.

"Now there was just him to rule, to get the whole of blue darts pack in his control."

Author's note to Readers:

First of all, I appreciate you all for tapping on this book and I hope you enjoy it and follow the story as it develops.

Just to clear few things;

1. This book is entirely a work of fiction and the original work of the author. Whatever character or name used in this book, was out of the author's imagination as it is not intended to create a false idea about anything or belief.

2. This book is still ONGOING, so I am begging you, readers, to be patient with me.

3. Please as you read, leave a nice review and give a good rating.

4. Also, as the author, I'll try my best to update at a very good pace and give you the best of my imagination.

Thank you as you read and please enjoy.

Chapter 2 New Beginnings 1

"What is this pain?" He murmured, with his eyes trying hard to open, and his hands raising itself to his head.

The night was dark but the ray of the moonlight shone through the woods, lighting up paths that led into it.

Even though the moon hung high up in the sky descending its ray of light down, the woods still held an eerie feeling.

Everywhere seemed silent but it wasn't totally void of noise. The howling of wolves could be heard from a distance while leaves rustled in rhythm with the wind and grasses moved to wherever the wind took them.

It was quiet like the woods became desolate. Wolves were known to always walk around at night, especially when the full moon was out but it seemed like this particular place was void of them; anyone visiting would assume that, until they would hear the howling of wolves.

In a place where the moon shone brighter, a body was on the floor, lying lifelessly. But was it completely lifeless or did it just l


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