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Lucas helped Alicia climb out of the car. She firmly held Lucas as they both made a turn toward the roadside. Heading towards the roadside, they came a loud growling from their behind. This growling pierced through their ears and caused their heart to skip. Slowly they turned only to behold a 12 feet tall hairy beasty creature with half-green eyes before them. The creature has a snout, fangs in place of teeth, and claws in place of fingers. “Run!” yelled Lucas. The moon peeped through the oak tree leaves and faintly lit up the dark path ahead. Alicia flicked around and ran as fast as she could, thinking Lucas was right behind her. Before Lucas could flick around to run too, the 12 feet tall hairy beasty creature pounced at Lucas. The creature buried its fangs into his neck and its claws into his lower abdomen. Pulling out its claws and fangs from Lucas, the creature scratched his chest and then fanged him on the chest. The pain was so excruciating that he had lost his voice to even scream out loud. ***** Brilliant but always get his *ss kicked: he was loved by girls and he's every girl type of guy. Lucas' life turned weird when he noticed the changes in his body. Faced with threats from supernatural and mortal enemies, Lucas must find a way to adapt to his new life as a werewolf and as well keep it a secret. The journey of becoming the new werewolf alpha has just begun but at what cost?

Chapter 1: Lies_ Believe Me

The morning weather was foggy with a gentle breeze that howled into Lucas' window. He was already running late for school when he heard his father yell his name.

“Lucas! Lucas!” yelled Detective White.

“Get your *ss down here boy, you're already late for school!”

Detective White is Lucas' father and one of the top Detectives in the New Orleans Police Department. He lost his wife early last year. According to the post-mortem examination presented to him, this states that Mrs. White was killed by a wild bear. Her car broke down in the middle of a wooded area. She called Detective White to come and pick her up or send help; he did send help but by the time help could get to Mrs. White to toll her car, she was already lying in the pool of her blood with a bestial bite mark on her neck. Her blood was drained and this bothered Detective White to eventually find out the type of wild bear that did this.

“Sorry dad, I was…”

Detective White couldn't let Lucas finish what he has to say. He glared at him. “Save it, boy, I'm running late. Get your *ss to the car right now!”

Lucas is an easy-going teen that will turn 17 in a week. He is every girl's type of boy with a pointed nose, thin lips, and a pointy chin. When he smiles, he displays his shinny gap teeth, and his dimples are always visible. Most importantly, he always has good grades which make girls come around him to help them solve complex mathematics problems. The loss of his mother hasn't been easy for him. He often visits his mother's grave with flowers every weekend.

Detective White isn't home always because of his demanding work as a cop. However, as often as he is around, he never hesitates to take Lucas to school. He pulled over at Orleans High School. As Lucas wanted to open the door to step out, Detective White cast his gaze at him. “Always stay out of trouble.”

Without saying a word to his father, he opened the door and then shuts it. Hastily, Detective White slides down the windscreen. “I mean it, stay out of trouble!” he yelled.

One major problem Lucas faces in school is getting his *ss kicked by bullies. He is in his senior class and less than a year he will be out of High School to proceed to College with his dream course but he always got bullies after his *ss.

Lucas makes his way to his locker to get some of the notes needed for today's class. As he slowly puts the combination of his locker, one of the bullies grabbed him from behind and held him against his locker.

“Hey Punk!" said Jack with a broad fake smile written on his face. “I hope you did my goddamned homework or it's gonna be your *ss?" Jack tightened his hands on Lucas' collar so that Lucas could barely breathe.

Jack Styles has been Lucas' nightmare in Orleans High School. Lucas is always watching his back for Jack and his two friends. Occasionally, Jack has forced Lucas into doing his homework for him. Jack might be a bully but he's a famous senior at Orleans High School. He has a prominent nose, thick lips, a square jaw, and straight teeth.

Lucas swallowed a lump in his throat and spoke in a quivering voice. “I am tired of doing your homework for you.”

“Wrong answer!”

As Jack raised his hand to punch Lucas, from behind Mr. Walter held him and asked him to unhand Lucas. He narrowed his gaze at Jack. He didn’t like the report he has been hearing about Jack but each time he calls him to question him, Jack will cook up lies to defend himself. Today luck has run out of him. Mr. Walter has caught him in the act. “I believe your words to be true but there are always lies.”Mr. Walter cast a fierce burning gaze at Jack.

“He stole my book!" Jack cried out.

“That's a lie, Mr. Walter!" Lucas spoke up in his defense.

“If he says I'm lying, open his backpack!”

“Lucas, would you be kind enough to open your backpack please?" Mr. Walter narrowed a gentle gaze on Lucas in expectation for him to comply with his calm request.

Mr. Walter has been voted for straight three years as the best teacher in Orleans High School. He is the geography teacher. For the past ten years of working in Orleans High School. He is always early before the students and always the last to go home after school.

“He's lying, I didn't steal his book!" Lucas spoke up again in his defense.

“Then you can prove that by opening your backpack." Mr. Walter focuses his gaze on Lucas. He wants to see to the end of this. He doesn't know whom to believe but perhaps proof can help solve the differences between the two.

As Lucas was stalling in opening his backpack, Jack took it off his hands and forcefully opens it revealing his Mathematics assignment booklet with his name boldly written on the book cover.

Mr. Walter was disappointed in Lucas as he furrows his brows in an expression of displeasure toward Luca's action and for lying. He couldn't let Lucas say a word to explain how Jack's book got to his backpack. He brought his face closer to Lucas', “Detention won't solve this. You know the punishment for stealing is in the rules and regulations of this noble school?”

“But sir…”

“Quiet Lucas! Quiet!" Mr. Walter yelled at Lucas interrupting him from speaking further. "You are a disgrace to your father's badge!”

Other students were already staring as they watched Lucas being disgraced. From the look on Jack's face, he's enjoying every bit of the embarrassment given to Lucas.“Sir, I demand he should be punished for stealing by book," said Jack.

Mr. Walter swirled as he focuses his gaze on Jack.“Don't tell me how to do my job.”

“I know but with my mathematics book stolen by him, I didn't do my homework.”

Mr. Walter walks up to Jack. He fixed his eyes direct on Jack's eyes.“Is that why you raised your hand to strike him? You know that's suspension, right?”

“I am sorry sir but…”

Mr. Walter cuts in on Jack, pushing back his words.“I don't want to hear a word from you. I will handle Lucas after I speak to the Principal.” After he has said this, he turned to the rest of the students staring and ordered them to their classes.“Lucas White,” Mr. Walter calls out as he switched his gaze at Lucas and continued, “You have detention after school, but first I will speak to the principal about your act.”


Lucas was ashamed to sit in the canteen for Lunch because everyone thinks he stole from Jack except for one person, Alicia Myles. He was seated in the class alone with his head on the desk. Alicia approaches him from behind tickling him playfully.

Alicia Myles is Jack's girlfriend. She is aware of how her boyfriend behaves because she has encountered him bullying fellow students. She still stuck around with him thinking he would change but each day he keeps on getting worst.

Alicia's stunning beauty won't let Jack allow Alicia to break up with him. Jack has been threatened with a breakup severally but he continues with his empty promises of turning a new leaf. Alicia has an imp tin body, ruby red hair, a dainty nose, and velvety eyelashes. When she smiles she often displays her halo-white teeth.

Jack has described her lips to taste like a strawberry. Her joyous personality made her fellow peers always want to be around her, especially the boys. However, Jack has displayed he is jealous of seeing her around boys and he's ready to give the person a beat down for coming around Alicia. When Alicia speaks, she spoke in a soothing voice. She just turned 16 a week ago.

“Hey Lucas, cheer up!”

“Don't be too hard on yourself.”

Alicia slowly sat beside Lucas trying to make him feel happy again. She's the only one that believes Lucas didn't steal from Jack. She knew how Jack does behave. She gently picked Lucas' palm and placed it on her palm. Slowly she caresses it.

The gloominess of Lucas' facial expression got Alicia more worried about what might be going on in his mind.

“Come on talk to me.”

Alicia continued caressing Lucas' palm as she continued in her soothing voice.“Please don't be upset with me.”

“Come on, don't be this way." She paused for a while and emits a soft-deep audible breath. She gently held Lucas' jaw trying to get him to look at her. "Look at me please," she mutters in a soft voice. "I have an idea,” she added.

“What idea?" Lucas inquired with curiosity.

“Can you trust me on this and let me clear your name?”

“What do you intend to do?”

“Don't worry; I will be right back, just cheer up.”

Although Alicia is Jack's girlfriend, she has kept a good friendship with Lucas. She's one of the peers who often come to Lucas for help when she fails to understand a mathematics problem.

As she was walking out of the classroom, Mr. Walter walked in.“Lucas White, you are needed at the Principal's office, right now!”

Lucas reluctantly followed Mr. Walter. He has no idea of what Alicia wanted to do nor did he know what would be his fate when he walks out of the Principal's office. All he could sense was trouble and there was no way he wants his father to learn of this situation. His father warned him to stay out of trouble but looks like trouble has already found its way to Lucas.

Lucas' expectations were cut off and his heart raced faster than a racing car when he walked into the Principal's office and saw his father seated with the Principal. It's now clear to him that the school authority has placed a call to his father without delay.

Detective White narrowed down his gaze on his son. He's disappointed that after warning Lucas to stay out of trouble, he still got himself into trouble. He ignored the presence of his son and switched his attention to the Principal. “I am sorry if this turns out to be true but we shouldn't just conclude on this matter just like that. My son has never stolen before.”

The Principal adjusted in his ergonomic chair. He leans forwards and opens his mouth to speak.“We can't be too sure of that. You are a detective and you know I can't just dismiss a case like this based on assumption.”

“That's right but we can't conclude a case like this without proving he's guilty.”

Mr. Walter clears his throat. He was standing by the door. He takes a few steps forward with his eyes on Detective White.“Forgive me Detective but I saw the proof myself.”

Detective White cast a burning gaze on Mr. Walter.“What Proof are you talking about?" He asked sternly.

“The stolen book was brought out from his backpack.”Mr. Walter speaks of what he saw but not what he knows. He might have seen the stolen book in Lucas’backpack but that doesn't mean Lucas is guilty as hell.

“Can we at least allow my son to speak?” Detective White is certain that his son isn't a troublesome type nor is he a thief. However, as a Detective, he knew that the words of a suspect can't be taken just like that without any evidence to back it up.

As Lucas adjusts on the office sofa of the Principal, before he could open his mouth to speak, a gentle knock was heard twice. They all switched their attention toward the door after the Principal invited the person in.

To the Principal's surprise, it was her daughter Alicia. He didn't expect her to be in his office by now but to be getting ready for her next class. She's the youngest daughter of Principal Myles. Principal Myles has three daughters and Alicia is the third. “Are you not supposed to be getting ready for the next class?” asked Principal Myles with his eyes fixed on his daughter.

“I'm sorry to interrupt your section with Detective White but I believe Lucas to be innocent of the accusations levied against him.”

Principal Myles rose from his chair and walks up to his daughter. He believes her judgment is clouded by her friendship with Lucas. “Alicia, this is not the time for this. Please get ready for the next class you have,” he said.

“I'm telling you, dad, Lucas is innocent!”

Detective White switched her gaze on Alicia and finally opens up to speak with her.“Do you have proof?”

“You all have to listen to this!”Alicia pulled out her cell phone and slowly lowered it on the desk playing a voice record.

Chapter 2: The Cue

Mr. Walter became spellbound that he couldn't say any word after listening to Jack's conversation with Alicia. Alicia confronted Jack and in the process, Jack revealed he accused Lucas of stealing his mathematics booklet after Lucas said he didn't do the assignment he forced him to do.

Mr. Walter's face turned pale as he slowly lowered his head in shame. He feels bad for every word he has said to Lucas and the embarrassment he made him go through. At this time, Principal Myles asked Lucas and Alicia to go back to their class because the next class will begin in five minutes.

“My son isn't going anywhere until the school authority apologized to him.”Detective White rose to his feet folding his arms. From the look on his face, one can easily tell he could just punch Mr. Walter in the face. He isn't happy with how his son is accused. He has seen some falsely accused victims end up in jail for years before the truth comes out. If this happens to


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