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Fated to the lycan

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He wants her only for her body until he fell for her soul.* Ashlyn Ambrosia, the daughter of Khalid Ambrosia is a weak hybrid vampire that doesn't act like one. Unable to draw blood from a living soul and unable to kill. She's been mocked for this by her own family too. Her world comes crashing down when she's taken away by her Clutch's most hated adversary..... Lucifer Sauron is a ruthless Lycan male alpha of the Nightwing pack known for his bravery, skills in war, and an unquenchable taste for women. In the long feud between the Lycans and the vampires and the battle that ensued, to his greatest displeasure, he's fated to the daughter of the Vampire king. He takes her in as his mistress opposing what the moon goddess proposes..... With a life that is filled with secrets and mysteries that Ashlyn would discover, would she be able to withstand his hell as he battles with his inner demon despite his cruelty?

CHAPTER One ~ Reminiscing

Ashlyn's POV

Outside in the cold air, through the window, I watched Lucifer engage in a battle with one of the member of his pack as the rest of the pack speculated.

Since the day I've been brought in here, I've realized it was to show how strong the alpha was and how well fitted he could easily defeat his enemies.

The battle did not take for long as Lucifer had his opponent thrown to the ground and paralyzed. The rest of the speculators cheered him and carried him up and chanting his nickname.

"Lucifer! The hell dog!" They kept chanting.

I pulled away from the window and sighed. I hoped and prayed he'd forget me tonight. I hoped his victory would occupy the thoughts of his mind but I was wrong.

A few minutes later, the very image of my thought strolled in casually into my room.

"Turn around." Lucifer commanded me in his alpha male voice and without much resistance I obeyed heading to the bed,my face away from his. Lucifer Saunron is the alpha male of the lycans and the owner of me.

He had ordered me to turn around to satisfy his sexual desires and then be done with me. It was a life of his that I was getting used to.

He did not dally in ravaging me and bringing himself to pleasure.

He roughly kissed me as I felt him release inside of me.

With two more strokes,he pulled out of me and pushed me off. I almost hit my head on the bedstand.

I did not bother to look up at him. I already knew the expression he would have on his face. A disgusting one. He was always disgusted at me after s*x. S*x was the only time he was less hostile. What am I saying? Even in bed he was a brute! I was nothing but his s*x slave. His wh*r* and this was not who I was before but I've come to terms with the fact that this was my new life.

I curled up on the bed with my hair covering my face and then I heard the slamming of the door. He was gone.

I tucked away the hairs around my face and for the first time since this onslaught began, I did not shed a single tear tonight.

I pulled from the bed and went for a wash in the bathroom letting the water run through my skin. No matter how I'd try,his touch was forever imbed on my skin.

A few minutes later, I was out of the bathroom and donned on a simple nightgown. I picked up the one he had earlier discarded and kept it away. Then I heard the thunder rumbling across the sky as the wind blew in through the curtains. I walked closer to the window, getting lost in the darkness as the rain dropped.

The thunder that rumbled across the sky gave me goosebumps and I shuddered from a bit of a fear. Still,I did not move from the window. I kept peering through the curtain and watched huge droplets of rain cascade down the windowpane.

This same night reminded me of the night I felt betrayed by my family. Mostly my father whom I felt would do anything to get rid of me.

This same night I had what I thought was the most brutal fate of my life. A fate I would have done anything to change in the past. A fate I would have preferred to be hanged than live with.

Darkness have always seemed to be where I find comfort and soothing. I'll spend nights reminiscing in the dark and crying my eyes most times. He consoled me all the times. I've come to love darkness than even light. Maybe this was one of the perks of being a vampire. But I doubted it. I was beginning to think I found darkness exuberant when my fate decided to change.

I smiled. Hello darkness my old friend, I've come to have a conversation with you again. The silent cold wind that blew past me as always whenever I wanted to pour out myself assured me that he was listening.

Where would I start from? I've always started with my name. I sometimes feel he forgets and I needed to remind him or maybe remind myself who I was.

Darkness my friend,I'm Ashlyn Ambrosia and this is my story.

I'm not your typical kind of girl. I am a vampire,born as one into a family of master vampires who can control anyone connected to them or even through a blood oath. Vampires do not procreate but I was a whole different breed. I am an hybrid. My father a part vampire and a part werewolf.

My mother was a human until he turned her after the birth of my kid brother.

In a town where vampires rule,it was easy to live and be free to reveal the monsters in us. Haunting grounds were using not that far from home but I was not one to hunt. All my life I've been scared to snap life out of people. I was the only weak one in my family and my siblings took it as an opportunity to make mockery out of it. I was the clown in the family that was made jest of most times.

It was not a nice thing for me because I always ended up crying which made them mock me the more. I tried my best one time during an hunting spree but I could not. Even the sight of blood or smell could not intoxicate me like it did with them not even the racing pulses or heartbeats moved me.

That was just one of my experiences. Once again,a human already bitten was brought to me with blood spilling out of her neck. My eyes grew red,canines grew longer. The beast in me threatened to surface and I expected her to but she cowered.

I could not devour her like every other person was doing with their meal,instead I ran away unable to carry out the task before me and since then my brothers would not let me be. My parents sometimes partake in their jests and sometimes scolds them.

Father would always say, "Vampires have no fear to kill,neither does wolves." And everyone would agree with him including mother.

Sometimes I wonder if she was actually human before. Her eagerness to feed on other humans got me thinking otherwise. She lacked a great deal of compassion when devouring or draining them of life.

Let me make something clear. I am a vampire and I do not feed on humans does not mean I do not drink blood. I do. I'm a vampire after all and there's this raw hunger inside of us that we need to quench. I needed to sustain myself. But for a while,I abstained from blood and I do not know why.

Bags of blood are usually stored away during times when it was hard to feed and that was where I get my blood from. Father always gets them from the hospitals and I never knew how until much later.

A shop had even been set up in the town where blood were sold and they were never out of supply. It was one weird town to travelers but a normal town to us.

Most vampires in this town were not related. Even most of the children where not conceived by their parents. The ones who conceived and could procreate where the ones who father had sired. All still,vampires and hybrids were all under the command and total control of father.

My father Khalid Ambrosia was the king of our town. Whatever he says goes and he must not be refused. How a man as brutal as him met my mother and fell in love was a mystery I've never come to know. As an egocentric vampire king,he had many enemies and a few connections.

His greatest enemy is the lycanthropes. Let me rephrase that,our greatest enemy was the lycanthropes. Ever since we vampires moved and settled in the land,it has been one threat letter to another. They claimed the land belonged to them and that father never sought for their permission before settling down here. He needed to perform certain rites before he could finally claim the land as his.

But father as a proud and stubborn vampire,did not pay heed. For many years the letters kept coming and then it changed. They did not want father to seek their permission anymore or even perform any rites. They wanted father and all the vampires in town to evacuate the land. This particular letter was sent as a warning to father but he called their bluff.

The next letter came and father still refused. He did not believe the lycanthropes would carry out their threats. If they could be sending threat letters for a decade without doing anything,then they were empty barrels making lots of noises. That was his thoughts.

I for a fact never knew the battle coming was going to change my life and course of destiny forever.

CHAPTER Two ~ The letters

°Royal Mile, Edinburgh, 1925°

"The lycans have sent yet another message." One of the guards said to father. I was fortunate to be at his presence. Father was barely seen except he wanted to be.

He had summoned me and I knew the discussion was going to be about my weakness to draw blood.

A frown creased on father's face as he took the letter from his hand. He tore open the envelope and perused the letter. He tore the letter into tiny bits of pieces and looked away from the guard.

"Set up a defense and a barrier to prevent the lycans from getting into this town." He ordered with fire in his eyes.

"Yes my lord." The guard said and left.

"But father,why don't you just give in to their demands?" I asked him with quivering lips.

He turned sharp eyes at my direction. I knew interfering in the politics was a big turn off for my father but I could not help it.

"A vampire never bows down to anyone." He said."Would you rather allow the subjects


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