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Fated To A Cursed Lycan

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"Your statements hold no interest for me, and all I know is that I will be severing all of our connections going forward. We have no future together, so I, Alpha Demitri, reject you, Aurora as my mate, and Luna." Alpha Demetri Varlos is the cold bl**ded Lycan who is known to be cursed by the moon goddess for killing his mates every full moon festival. The moon goddess decides to change his fate by giving him a new mate, Aurora. Aurora, the daughter of the famous Alpha Theo, was termed as a m**derer on her 18th birthday due to some tragic incident which caused her to be disowned by her father. She committed a grievous crime on the day of her supposed first shift and the whole pack believed her mom, the Luna, was a victim of her crime. The destiny of Lake Moon pack rests on her shoulders and she needs strength from her mate's bond to overcome evil forces from dominating her father's pack. Following an unexpected rejection from her first mate, She was given as a treaty to her true mate, the fearful Lycan Demetri, in order to end the war between Lycan and werewolves. She was thrown into his arms as another prey to be devoured and everyone knew it was a death sentence to be his mate. Aurora, still in doubt and fear of having him as a mate, escaped to become a rogue in another pack with the help of her best friend, Linda. She returns back to Demetri to clear her name after some damages were done to her reputation by Linda. Watch how Linda reveals her true colors and betrayal to Aurora. What happens when Aurora discovers the truth behind Linda's identity?. And what happens when Linda joins forces with Alpha Carlos, Demetri's cousin, to separate Aurora and Demetri? Dive into a gripping tale of love, betrayal, rejection, sacrifice, and two fated lover's unyielding resilience as they battle to fulfill their destiny.


"You're the chosen one, Aurora. You have been chosen by the moon goddess to save our pack from extinction and the impending doom that awaits us in the nearest future."

I watched as the elderly witch scrutinized the lines on my palms as she said.

I had visited the sorceress's lair in Lake Moon pack, hoping to know my fate.

In the candlelight that constituted the only source of light in her dimly lit chamber that evening, I observed her flashing me a sad smile which revealed her crooked teeth.

"What? Maya, could you clarify?" Glancing into the saggy brown eyes of the old witch, My eyes widened in shock as I inquired.

"Aurora, what you've heard is true. various realms are fighting for control of Lake Moon pack, which is believed to be under your father's rule." She said, her voice tinged with conviction, while I shook my head as I cut in.

"What forces do you mean precisely?"

"Forces belonging to various clans, such as vampires and demons,"

"Long before you were born, demons and vampires were in existence in our world. Their aim was to outgrow werewolves and take over different packs but their plans fell through because of your dad." She answered with her eyes fixated on me and I could see her silhouette, formed on the brick wall.

"My dad?" I questioned, looking curious and letting my eyes expand in disbelief.

"Yes! After learning of their plans, he rallied the other Alphas to fight them. Their extinction is only temporary since they are more motivated to retake territories, particularly Lake Moon Pack, which is owned by your dad,"

"They think you're the biggest obstacle to their goal, so they're taking revenge on you in addition to your dad. I think it will be up to you, Aurora Pendragon, to put an end to them and save us because the destiny of this great pack rests on your shoulders."

"I'm only nineteen. A slave, disowned by my own father. No one believes me. How can I save the pack with only Linda by my side?"

"You don't need anyone by your side. The only one to help you in this mission is your mate. You both have similar experiences, and you're destined to be together to prevent the latter doom and the worst nightmares that may befall Lake Moon pack," She said with certainty, and I slowly nodded while considering what she had said.

Since the incident on my eighteenth birthday, no one has treated me special, but I think I was unique, and when the truth is eventually revealed, I know they will all need me and come flocking to me.

"Aurora, what happened on your eighteenth birthday was bound to happen. It's not because you were despised by the moon goddess. It was predestined before your birth,"

Maya confessed and I looked up at her as she continued.

"When your father first married your mother Ursula, my late mother Mia, had given him some prophecies. She informed him that the Demons were unrelenting in their attempts to subjugate Lake Moon pack and that you, their kid, would be the one to save the pack because of the strength that comes from your relationship with your mate,"

"She told them about the tragic scene that will unfold on your eighteenth birthday. Do you really know that the person attempting to kill you that day wasn't your mom.?" Maya asked and my eyes enlarged with my jaw dropping along.

"What? How on earth is that possible?"

"Your mom was held captive two days before your birthday. She was taken by the demons and an agent appeared in her form, acting like her. Fortunately, you overpowered them in their attempt to get rid of you. I am aware that the Moon goddess gave you strength on that particular day."

"What? Could you tell me the precise location of my mother?" I inquired as I grew apprehensive and inquisitive.

"I- I can't tell, Aurora. I have no idea but I only know she was taken,"

"I also want you to know that the enemies are closer, closer than you can ever imagine and that's why I will be giving you this for your protection," She carefully opened a wooden box adorned with intricate carvings, revealing an exquisite necklace with an emerald-green stone that glinted in the dim candlelight. She wore it on my neck and smiled as she held my cheek.

"My great-grandmother gave it to me. As you know, I'm the last witch in my lineage, and I'll stop at nothing to save you and make sure you fulfill destiny—even if it means risking my own life." I gave her a grin in return as I held her hand, but my smile quickly faded and was replaced by a worried and perplexed expression. "You mentioned that in order to complete this mission, I need my mate's support, but I don't currently have one."

"This year, Aurora, you shall meet your destined mate. You have to make sure no one comes between you two. This warning is really crucial." As she kept the box tucked under her bed, she answered me.

"I can't wait to finally meet him. He will be the one to put an end to my suffering. Tell me, Maya, what does he look like? Is he an Alpha of a wolf pack? Is he famous?." Out of curiosity, I asked as I looked into her eyes, but she only shook her head in muteness.

"I can't say anything about that. When the time comes, you shall know," She concluded, and I sighed as I stood on both feet.

"Remember, the enemies are right here. They are in the four walls of this pack with us and I want you to be very careful. Your best friend is Linda, but I want you to know that she's your greatest enemy." The old witch advised me and I shook my head in disagreement.

"No! That's not possible. When my dad disowned me, she had always been there for me. She stopped me from committing suicide when those horrible incidents happened. My worst enemy is the new Luna - that mysterious evil lady, and Bella, the Beta's daughter who has taken over my position as the Alpha's daughter. We both know the pain they've caused me to go through, so why will someone as innocent as Linda be my enemy?" I heard her laugh after my protest and sometimes, I wonder if she truly understood what she was saying.

"Out of everything I've said today, always remember the last one. Mark my words and read my lips. She's your worst enemy." The witch ended again, and my heart raced even faster with confusion. For a short moment, there was silence around, and the old witch's previously closed eyelids opened and enlarged all of a sudden. "I sensed something just now. I sensed an inexplicable aura. We have just been heard by someone. Aurora, you have to leave now. Go now!"

Chapter 1. Aurora's plight.

Aurora's Point of View.

I awoke to the Luna’s shrill cry, startled from my peaceful slumber. There was no cause for an alarm beside me as her loud yelling had replaced those. I got up and, with heavy eyelids, hurried down the uneven wooden steps.

My eyes were swollen and red from not getting enough sleep, which was a telltale sign that I haven't been sleeping well lately. Upon checking the time, I noticed that dawn was gradually breaking through, and it was still quite early in the morning.

"Start your chores, I shouldn't be reminding you." Laura, the luna, ordered, and I bowed before obeying her orders.

Ever since I turned eighteen, life has been cruel. I've gone from being the loving Aurora, daughter of Alpha Theodore, to a mere slave in the Lake Moon pack.

My dad thought I killed his wife, Ursula, the former Luna, who was my loving mother and the sweetest soul I ever knew. It all started on my eighteenth birthday when


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