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Jummy chriss

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About me

I am a committed and dedicated writer. Welcome to my creative Haven! Join me on an exciting journey in my story world where imagining knows no limits.


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"Your statements hold no interest for me, and all I know is that I will be severing all of our connections going forward. We have no future together, so I, Alpha Demitri, reject you, Aurora as my mate, and Luna." Alpha Demetri Varlos is the cold bl**ded Lycan who is known to be cursed by the moon goddess for killing his mates every full moon festival. The moon goddess decides to change his fate by giving him a new mate, Aurora. Aurora, the daughter of the famous Alpha Theo, was termed as a m**derer on her 18th birthday due to some tragic incident which caused her to be disowned by her father. She committed a grievous crime on the day of her supposed first shift and the whole pack believed her mom, the Luna, was a victim of her crime. The destiny of Lake Moon pack rests on her shoulders and she needs strength from her mate's bond to overcome evil forces from dominating her father's pack. Following an unexpected rejection from her first mate, She was given as a treaty to her true mate, the fearful Lycan Demetri, in order to end the war between Lycan and werewolves. She was thrown into his arms as another prey to be devoured and everyone knew it was a death sentence to be his mate. Aurora, still in doubt and fear of having him as a mate, escaped to become a rogue in another pack with the help of her best friend, Linda. She returns back to Demetri to clear her name after some damages were done to her reputation by Linda. Watch how Linda reveals her true colors and betrayal to Aurora. What happens when Aurora discovers the truth behind Linda's identity?. And what happens when Linda joins forces with Alpha Carlos, Demetri's cousin, to separate Aurora and Demetri? Dive into a gripping tale of love, betrayal, rejection, sacrifice, and two fated lover's unyielding resilience as they battle to fulfill their destiny.


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