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Fate's Line for Alpha Heartless

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Theo Earl Andreas is an Alpha mafia; the leader of the Black Lotus organization and has great power in the underground business world in the Uthaman Empire. He is known as the heartless Alpha and is notorious for his way of torturing his enemies. What happens when this heartless Alpha meets a Mate who is his line of fate on the auction stage? Theo wanted to claim as well as mark Damelza even considering it a gift from the Moon Goddess. But he knew he wasn't good enough for her because he was the killer of his omega brother and the cause of her trauma. He also had no intention of staying away from her, even though his Omega refused him to do the mating bond. So, what should Theo do to keep Damelza by his side? Can he make the best decision when his enemies target his Omega, which turns out not to be as innocent as he thought? A journey of fate filled with bloody tragedies, revenge, grief, regret, and hope for a second chance.

Red Full Moon

POV Damelza

The sunshine in the summer was warm on my face. I slowly opened my eyes that still felt sore with very slow movements. Within a few seconds trying to adjust my still blurry vision. My lips winced for a moment as the joints of my body shifted from their place, resulting in a sense of pain in my body. My bright-green eyes looked over every corner of the dark building with a small window to the right of the wall.

“I'm in a dungeon?” I mumbled as I realized that the place where I was currently sitting was an iron frame like a prison for criminal prisoners. However, the difference is that I am not a villain.

“This is your food, lowly Omega!” shouted the sinister-faced man in all-brown clothes. He pushed the food tray using a wooden stick through the lower crack of the prison iron.

“I'm not hungry,” I said to the man I believed was a Beta. My Omega instinct instantly shrank in fear as that Beta pressed against me using his pheromone that felt disgusting in my nose.

“Eat now or your delicate skin I carved with a sharp knife!" 

The loud shout that came out of Beta's black lips was painful in my ears. My head felt lightheaded when I heard the sharp knife sentence. Blood, screams, wolf howls filled my brain so that my body shook without being commanded.

“If in fifteen minutes I see the tray is still untouched, then don't blame me if your body is going to crumble. Lowly Omega!" The Beta spit on the floor while hitting the prison iron using the wood he was holding. Then he left with a casual whistle.

My heart was relieved when that Beta existence disappeared so that I could breathe well. My hand pulled a wooden tray containing a slice of rye bread and water in an aluminum glass.

“God, thank you for the food you gave.” My lips spoke softly as I cupped my hands together on my chest. I immediately devoured the wheat bread that felt hard when chewed by my teeth, and then my hand took a glass of water and immediately drank it to the end.

My name is Damelza, and I am a twenty-two-year-old Omega from Pack Earth. Before I was in this prison, my life was still peaceful with my older brother and my nanny named Anna. However, one night on the red full moon, there was a blood tragedy that killed my elder brother. All I remember was that night I heard the howling of wolves and loud shouts so that my deep sleep was disturbed. Aunt Anna with her panicked face led me towards the secret room located behind the kitchen.

As I ran down the narrow hallway, my nose smelled a deep pheromone. For a moment, my body's performance stopped, the blood rushing so that it made the wolf in my body squeal loudly. Ignoring aunt Anna's screams, I ran back into the house because I was thinking about my elder brother's state. My little feet stepped carefully because there were so many broken urns and glasses on the marble floor of my house.

My tall, indeed slender body easily hides behind the dim walls of the living room. I feel like my heart rate slows down when I see my brother seen cross-legged under the feet of a big man. I couldn't see his face because my position was a little far away and behind the wall.

“I hate betrayal,” said the tall man, who was certainly Alpha. His broad shoulders in all-black clothes looked dashing. His tan-skinned muscular hands held a long sword whose tip was extremely sharp.

“I'm sorry.” My elder brother is low-voiced. His stern face looked up with a sincere smile. “May you soon get a Mate who can melt your rock-hard heart,” he continued, still with a smile painted on his face.

“Say my greetings to God.”

Just after saying the sentence, the Alpha raised his sword quickly then beheaded my elder brother until it rolled on the floor. I didn't have time to prevent that because my legs felt heavy, and my body was unable to move. Tears had soaked my face, with both hands covering my mouth so that my sob would not be heard by the cruel Alpha. For the last time, I stared at my brother's blanching face, with his head separated from the body. I ran my hardest towards the woods with Aunt Anna. However, in the midst of our escape, Aunt Anna is caught by a black-furred wolf, whom I believe to be the cruel Alpha's order.

“Hey… lowly Omega!”

The loud shout from Beta in front of the prison brought me back to my senses from my reverie about the tragedy one month ago. The hand full of tattoos belonging to the spooky-faced Beta unlocked the prison, then opened the rusty iron door until the sound sounded deafening.

"The great master gave the order to take you to the treatment room. Get out quickly!” he ordered with both hands on his waist. His style is very arrogant, even if it is only as a lowly bodyguard.

“All right.” My head nodded slowly. With all my might I forced myself to stand up even though my back was feeling very painful. Both of my bare feet treaded on the cold tiled floor as I made it out of the stuffy prison. My body was pushed by the Beta towards the vestibule, where there were many doors made of iron. My two hands squeezed each other hard when I heard the cry of pain of another Omega from each iron prison. Suddenly, my eyes watered as I looked at those who were crying hysterically from being beaten by the prison guard. My head started to get dizzy when I saw blood because the red liquid reminded me of my brother.

“Where do your eyes look, huh? Focus ahead and speed up your footsteps!” The hardwood stick that was in his hand was struck against my back until my body lowered slightly.

“I'm sorry. I won't repeat it again.” I reinstated my body while walking a little faster. It was certain that the hard blow would leave a purple bruise on my back.

The Beta led me out of the dungeon into a long passage with many large, towering pillars. I carefully climbed one by one the stairs made of jade. In front of there, four women can be seen standing in front of a large door with the logo of the Pack Wind flag located above the door. From the pheromones that waft from their bodies, it can be ascertained that they are Omegas.

“Clean up this Omega properly. If your work does not satisfy the great master, then your head will be hollowed out by the hot lead,” the Beta said to the four Omegas, who put on frightened faces.

“Let's come with us, young lady.” One of the beautiful Omegas over there pulled my hand gently. While the other three Omegas pushed open the door made entirely of gold with a strong push.

My lips gaped slightly when I walked into a very spacious room with gold accents on every design of the building and the objects displayed there.

“What place is this?” I asked her, which was only rewarded with a sweet smile. My foreheads frowned in astonishment as their hands removed the thin white robes attached to my body. “What are you guys doing to my clothes!” I subconsciously yelled at them because I thought this was an abuse.

“Sorry, young lady. We have to take off your worn-out clothes, so we can clean your body to the maximum,” she replied in a soft voice. Eventually, I let them take off my dirty clothes because I didn't want them to be in trouble if they didn't do the job properly.

My lips gaped as I watched the milk-filled jacuzzi with a sprinkling of roses. The four of them still faithfully led me into the jacuzzi. Ah… it felt so comfortable as my tired body was swept away by the cold milk and the scent of roses made my mind calm down. However, my soothing stopped when hands were fingering my skin.

"I can rub my body,” I refused, with a gentle intonation on them. I quickly grabbed a soft sponge from one of the Omega's hands, then rubbed it on my body.

“We'll still help you, young lady. Please cooperate.” Her hand deftly poured a floral scented shampoo on my long blonde hair. It didn't end there, that even my head was massaged with gentle movements.

“It's true what my friend said. Please let us serve you because we still want to live,” she pleaded with a somber face. Her brown eyes implied great fear.

Finally, I nodded, letting them do the work quickly. Really, I would rather not be a bad person, I quite understand what it's like to get violence from them and don't want the four young Omegas to feel the same way.

After the bathing event was over, my body was rinsed with seven kinds of floral water, which of course I didn't know what kind of flowers it was. Even that good smell lingers on my skin until now. My body was fitted in a thin silk dress that fit perfectly in the curve of my body. There was no underwear, so my sensitive parts were clearly printed. Then they began to share tasks; some apply makeup to my face, comb my hair, apply the gel on my skin, and clean my nails.

“You're so wonderful!" The magenta-haired Omega squealed cheerfully as she watched the reflection of my body from the tall glass on the wall.

“Thank you.” My cheeks flushed like ripe peaches when I saw the reflection of myself, looking different. The long white dress with low cleavage wrapped my tall body until it touched the ankles. My long blonde hair hangs freely around the waist, my face looks more alive because it gets a touch of natural makeup, and my natural red lips are now moister from the touch of strawberry-scented lip gloss. My green eyes blinked softly as my stinky self like a bad duckling turned like a princess.

“You are the prettiest here. I'm certain if you're worth very high.” The remarks from the red-haired Omega suddenly made me startled. Immediately I turned to look at that Omega, who at this time also had a surprised face.

“What does your remark mean?” I asked her a bit demanding. I stared at them one by one who were silent with their lips pressed tightly like there was glue sticking to their thin lips. Haven't gotten a sudden answer yet, I was shocked by the arrival of a horde of red-eyed werewolves. I hissed in danger when I saw Alpha's familiar face had trapped me into this disgusting place, and now he was standing in front of me.

The Alpha was named Alaric Damian. His tall and big body stood upright with his handsome face looking at me arrogantly. On his lips was embedded a big cigarette with smoke billowing in the air. Behind his body was a red-eyed wolf who looked at me with a hungry look. My body got goosebumps as Alpha Alaric grinned and pressed me down with Alpha's pheromone. My animal instincts were certainly so scared that the wolf in my body ran into the darkest corner.

“Quickly handcuff both hands and put a long cloth on top of her head so that potential buyers are curious about the Omega look I will auction tonight.”


I had no energy as my body was led by Alpha Alaric to the sixth floor of his elite bar. The spacious floor was transformed into an exciting performance stage for connoisseurs of Omega bodies. My goosebumps stood up; sadness and fear mixed as I imagined standing in a room filled with Alpha. At times like this, all I remember was Dean; it was my brother who had died one month ago. Had my brother been alive, I wouldn't have been treated like a lowly beast like this.

“Please let me go, Alpha Alaric. I will work hard to pay my debt to you,” I begged the ruthless-faced Alpha beside me. His black lips chuckled low as if my remarks were a joke.

“What do you want to work so, huh?” he shouted so hard that his neck muscles bulged. His index finger pushed my forehead until my body was slightly pushed back.

I couldn't stem my tears anymore. The clear liquid slid freely on my cheeks, which felt cold. My gaze turned to the stage, where there was a beautiful Omega of small stature standing in the center of the magnificent stage. She was the same as mine; in thin clothes and handcuffed hands with long chains. The difference is that she doesn't wear a long cloth on her head so that her pretty face is clearly visible.

“Stop crying!” jerked Alpha Alaric as he wiped away the tears on my cheek. His forehead constricted vaguely with his lips squealing in annoyance. “If you keep crying, then your makeup will fade and make potential buyers dislike it. Your performance must be good so that I can sell you at a very high price,” he explained while smoking a cigarette and blowing his smoke into my face.

The sound of the auction host and the tapping of the hammer made my focus shift to the stage. I saw the Omega on the stage over there crying hysterically as Alaric's bodyguards were about to take her to the rich Alpha who bought it at a high price. She tried to rebel by hitting the arm of a Beta who was removing the handcuffs on both hands. However, the Beta actually hit her in the face until the Omega fell right at the direction I was standing. For a moment, our eyes stared at each other before a well-dressed man took her out of the auction.

My body got goosebumps and the atmosphere got even more uncomfortable when I heard Alpha Alaric laugh loudly. This ruthless Alpha is a cunning and evil werewolf. I regret that I put my trust in him. I shouldn't be easily fooled by his sweet remarks when offering me a job.

After a night of slaughter at my house, I ran fast to avoid the pursuit of five Beta wolves who were probably an order from the werewolves who killed my brother. However, bad luck fell on me again when my body fell into the valley of death adjacent to the border region between Pack Earth and Pack Wind. And it was Alpha Alaric who took me out of the valley of death and regarded it as a debt to be paid. Instead of being an employee, I was locked up in prison and physically abused by prison guards.

“Now it's your turn to come on stage, Damelza!”

The firmly pitched remark that came out of Alpha Alaric's lips suddenly frightened me. My two hands squeezed each other nervously, with my eyes rolling out of focus.

“I beg you…. I would rather not be a sl*t for Alpha.” I begged for his mercy while bending my knees under his feet wearing fancy black shoes. Alaric looked at me with a flat look, then his feet kicked me in the stomach.

He crouched down and pulled my hair hard until my head looked up. “Omega b*tch, just accept your fate. Your lowly caste plus you are orphaned is more and more worthy of being an auction item. You know because of what? Because there will be no werewolves who will look for you if I succeed in selling you. No one wants you in this world!” he exclaimed with high intonation while releasing his grip on my hair.

My right hand held my head which felt throbbing, while my left hand held my stinging belly as a result of Alaric's shoe kick. His words made my confidence decline. It's true that I am alone in this world and no one wants me. But, am I not entitled to live on my feet and do what I want?

“Boss, your bar is in great danger!” exclaimed one of Alaric's bodyguards as he sprinted. His face was sweaty with a dotted breath. “Your bar will welcome guests never expected,” he said after arriving in front of Alpha Alaric.

“Who?” he hissed in dislike. My forehead frowned in astonishment as Alaric's smug face turned pale like a frightened person after the bodyguard whispered into his ear. “D*mn, I'm going to die tonight! Why should it be Alpha Theo who comes.” He held his neck with a face that had been soaked with sweat .

Who is Alpha Theo? Why did Alaric come to such fear? If he gets to such agitated, it means that the power of the Alpha named Theo is much greater.


POV Theo

The limousine car drove at high speed across the streets in the downtown area of the Pack Wind region. Along the way I saw many luxurious skyscrapers with brightly highlighted lights. I leaned my back on the back of the car seat while looking at the cityscape that I rarely saw. My dark life is only about fighting arms with enemies, drinking wine, dealing with drug trafficking, killing, fighting for territory with other dark organizations, and so on. Yes… I was Theo Earl Andreas; Alpha mafia, the ruler of the underground business in the Kingdom of Uthaman.

I don't know how long I have been in the profession of a mafia and don't think about leaving the world that has given me great power. The Kingdom of Uthaman contains four powerful Packs; Pack Wind is located in the northern region, Pack Water is located in the eastern region, Pack Earth is located in the south, and Pack Fire is located in the western region.

I don't live in those four Packs


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