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Eye of the Alpha

Eye of the Alpha

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'Mine!' He growled. Ooh he most of found his mate, that's sweet. I wish annttunes had soulmates, well we can of do but not as powerful as werewolves. We can sense our soulmates at the age of 18 like most creatures though unlike werewolves we can't smell our mates, but they will be alluring in every way to us smell included. I found myself staring at him, forcing my eyes away to look around at the werewolf girls. I wonder who it is. He would look great with a long haired brunette. while thinking that a feeling that I've never really felt so intensely came over me and I now hate that brunette that just walked by. my mind saying no she will look horrible with him, we are better. surprised, I look away and rush to science class. walking out of the lesson down the corridor to my next one, people stared at me, some head bowing, smiles, whispers and some people calling me luna, I corrected them many of times saying my name is Bea not luna but they would just smile at me and continue to call me luna. What the hell is going on in school?

My Name

Bea's pov

Bea, Bea Annetta Buccio. That's my name. My new name. I have not seen my family in years, family, it was just me and my mum. But she left me, everyone believes she ran away. But not me. I believe she didn't just run off and leave me.  I believe that  something must have happened to her. It was my tenth birthday. She wouldn't just leave me. I’ve got to believe that she loves me even though everyday it gets harder and harder. At the age of 15, just 5 years being alone. Fend for myself. I still don't know why they did it. I just hope that they are happy for what they did on my 15th birthday.

Irène Charman, my guardian for 5 years, my mothers trusted friend, the high earth antt. She broke my heart even more. On the night before my birthday at 2:10am her hand woke me up 'Elpis, wake up honey.'

'What is it Irène?' I yawned, stretching my arms. ' Is it time for me to open my presents?' Sitting up and pulling the quilt off my pink pyjama body. 'No honey I am sorry.' She said softly stroking my messy hair.

'What's the matter?' Saying as I hold her face in my hands wiping tears, from her big doe eyes.

‘Okay, I've packed our bags and got the documents. Come on honey.' Holding out her hand for me.

' No! I am not going anywhere! What about my birthday?'

' Honey please don't fight with me we have to leave quickly and quietly, and no using powers okay?'  Stern words in hush tones I picked up a little on the message.

'Okay?' Taking my hand we walked downstairs avoiding the creaks. 'Put your shoes on. While bent over putting my shoes on a bang came from the front door.

'Quick Elpis!'

A flash in my mind, the front door breaking down, blood, lots of blood, Irène's blood, her lifeless eyes staring into me. Gone

'Elpis! Come on!'


No blood, no dead eyes, just Irène holding each of my shoulders. Pulling us to the front door.


'Come on Elpis?'

'No, we should go through the back door.'

'Okay fine. But we need to hurry.'

Getting the key in the door I opened it stepping out.

' here you go honey.' Irène placed my backpack on my shoulders. ' All the things are in the car. Go to the car Elpis!'

Bang! Followed by a thud of the front door.

' Elpis! Run!'

Standing in the doorway I didn't run, I should have ran.  No, I should have helped her. I am sorry. Vines shot through the house floor reaching the intruders. The earth shaking unbalanced the invaders. Until one cut through the vines and cut through Irène.

'No! Irène!' Voice cracking making sobs fall through. 'Avenous.' Tapping my foot three times a whirl of wind ruffled around me. Then I ran.

Keys still in hand I unlocked the line green car and set off. Even though I don't know how to drive, I managed to get to a service station. Once in a car park spot I crawled to the back of the car pulling one of the back seats down giving access to the trunk. Not wanting to leave the safe space of the car. In Irène's handbag was the money and documents. Ava Alter single mother to her daughter Bea Alter, age 15 born August 18th. Just a bit different from my real birthday, April 18th. There was also $1,000 in cash. Age 15 just a month before my 16th birthday, I had to sell Irène's car using the money to get to Tennessee. I travelled by buses and coaches.

Once off the crowed night coach I was here, in Tennessee. As the stars twinkle above me and icy wind wereld my hair. I make camp on a stone sheltered doorstep. Heavy eyelids closing. ‘ Oi! What do you think you're doing?’ Jumping up I am face to face with a short angry man. ‘ sorry.’ gathering my things I ran away, looking to find him running after me. ‘Police! police!’ Luckily for him, a police car was sitting on the corner of the road behind us. Red and blue lights flashing. Pumping my aching legs further, not looking where I was going I cut around the next corner. Banging into a tall unhappy looking man.

‘Sorry’ hanging my head. I slowly stepped away. The policeman, now out of his car, grabbed my shoulder. ‘Let her go!’ the police looked at the man ‘what?’

‘She is with us.’

‘And you would be?’

‘Buccio, Emanuele Buccio.’ taking his hand off me like i had burnt him the police man stumbled ‘ well just be careful, she is still young. Shouldn’t be out so late, I am pretty sure you know what happens around here at night?’

‘I know everything that happens here.’

The police man walked away, his head always itching and turning back to look at us. ‘What is your name child?’ the man said, stroking my hair while squatting down to my height. ‘ Bea Alter.’ A meek voice broke through my dry lips. ‘ Bruno!’The man called out standing back at his full height signalling to a black car with black out windows. A man came out of the driver's seat, tall like the other man, this one has brown hair, blue eyes and darker skin. The first man has black hair, a little bit of salt and pepper at the roots, brown eyes and tan skin. ‘ sir’ the brown haired man spoke. ‘Meet Bea.’ The blacked haired man motioned towards me.

Since then I've been part of their family. Literally as on my 16th birthday Mr Buccio adopted me and became my legal guardian making my name change yet again. They wanted my name to be Annetta Buccio but I demanded that I keep the name Bea, as it's the name Irene gave to me, so my new and third hopely third time's the charm name is Bea Annetta Buccio. For my 17th birthday Emanuele, or Mr Buccio, had got a house built for me just down the road from his house that he lives in with his son. Sadly his wife passed away, I don't know why or how as they never speak of it but I do know the date she died was the same date as Vincente’s birthday. Currently Dad’s younger sister, my Auntie and her family are staying in the main house as their new house is still getting built. Her family being her husband, the two sons and a daughter. Who will be coming to school with me today, her first time as she has been very sheltered all her life and has been home schooled. She has recently turned 16.

17 nearing onto 18, sat in my bed in my empty house. The house is not that big but it is luxurious. Two floors, first floor - living room attaching onto the kitchen and a bathroom, with french doors leading out onto the patio and a grand staircase near the front door. Second floor is my bedroom with an ensuite with another set of french doors leading out onto a balcony, a spare room with an ensuite and an office. 4:32 flash next to me. Time to get ready for work. But being here for basically 4 years it feels more like home than that place ever was. Uniform on, being a white blouse and a black half pleated skirt. Socks pulled all the way up. Shoes on. Backpack. Making my way to the casino that Dad owns, I know it's early in the morning but I help out with the family business. The majority of the time I am normally working in the casino, bartending, waitressing or dressing in an expensive dress walking around and doing whatever Dad tells me to. I have had training, mainly self defence and with guns. I learned the hard way that I don't like guns and that they don’t like me. Oh, something I've forgotten is that everyone in my family and the business are demons. They know that I am not human, that is why they have shared this information with me. But the people at school, mainly all werewolves, all assume I am just human. I am fine with that. I do miss not always having to look over my back for those people who killed Irène and chased after me in the car till I lost them. Not that werewolves aren't nice, they are, it's just they stick to their own kind.  " Ah! Good morning Bea!"

"Good morning Stanley!" I wave to the bartender, who is busy whipping down the bar. I walk back around to the back.

"Mornin' darling." Robert said from the back office checking off a checklist from behind his desk.

"Morning Bobby!"

Apron over my uniform and tie it around my waist. Back round the front taking the black circle tray, pen and paper booklet off Stanley. As it being so early in the morning quite a lot of people are still here, more than you would expect. "Did you hear what happened to St James  high school?"

"No?" Filling a man's empty glass with the bottle of alcohol I had balanced on my tray.

"It burnt down"

"What?!" Snapping my head to Stanley.

" yeah half the school is going to have to go to Lunar view high school and the other half to Hills view high school."

" wait. Don't you go there to St James' ?" Bobby's voice shouted from the back.

"Yeah." I said breathlessly

" Bea how about to go get ready for school and see which one you've been transferred to." Stanley said now in front of me, taking the bottle off me.

" Really, is that okay? I don't want to leave you two all alone to do the closing up shift."

"Yes. we will handle it, we are big boys aren’t we bobby?’ Stanley shouted behind him. All that back back was a grunt. ‘See, now go.’

I picked up my backpack holding my school supplies and my change of clothes. Running to the toilets in the casino I changed into a crop baggy t-shirt and light blue ripped jeans.

I connected my phone to the casino's Wi-Fi and got a notification to my mail app.

Sorry to inform you but our beloved school sadly has half burnt down and the damages will take longer than expected so for the best of your education we will be splitting the school in two and one half going to lunar view high school located close to our school, and hills view high school located a bit farther south west.

Scrolling down I tapped the link saying 'senior year' I didn't have to look hard for my name as the list was in alphabetical order. Bea Buccio running my finger across my name to the school I will be attending now 'Lunar view high school'

That's okay, not that far from my normal school, just glad I didn't get Hills view high school otherwise I will have to wake up early as it's farther away. Walking back to my house I turn into Dad's home pressing the doorbell. ‘What?’ Vincente answered the door in sweatpants and no top. Rubbing his green eyes. ‘Is Dad up?’ I said, stepping into the house.

‘In his office.’ He walked back upstairs to his bedroom. Going straight I knock on the big wooden double doors. ‘ Come in.’ ‘ Ah Annetta!’ He got up, enclosed my face with both his hands and kissed my forehead. ‘What is it? What's the matter?’

‘Oh just my school burnt down and now I have to go to Lunar view high school' ‘ I need to tell Auntie Rossella.’

‘Oh she knows and so does Alessa, why don't you wait here till she is ready.’

Nodding, I walked out to the big kitchen making myself some breakfast and sitting at the island. Not long and it was eight oclock and the house was starting to wake up. ‘Alessa, hurry up, we need to go school in fifteen minutes!’ knocking heavenly on her bedroom door.

‘ okay okay !’ she pushed out her bedroom, wearing a green floral short strap dress. And some beige wedges that I believe are aunties.

‘You are not going out like that young lady!’ Uncle Ezio’s voice travelled across the house. A smirk plays on my lips as I move from Alessa’s bedroom door. Finally leaving the house with it settled that Alessa wears leggen shorts under her dress and changes the wedges to flats. We sat in the back of Nero, My cousin and Alessa’s oldest brother's flashy sports car, one where the car doors open upwards looking like the car has wings. My cousin and Alessa’s oldest brother. We set off to school.

Lunar view high, here we come. Hills view high is in Lotusclaw pack territory land, lunar view high is in Darkmoon pack territory land.

Opening the double doors. Me and Alessa head to the office to get our timetables.Taking Alessa to her first lesson I head to mine. Entering into class that was written on my new schedule. I was surprised to see a lot of the people from my old school. I took a seat next to a boy from there. I guess they did this so it wouldn't be such a dramatic change, keeping us together in classes. "Hello, Bea right?"

" yeah you're Lawrence, I don't know you knew I existed?" I laughed awkwardly.

School bell. Lunch time.

" Bea!" Lawrence shouted my name. Waving over to me. Before walking up to me and sitting for lunch with me his friends followed him from the line once they had food. I looked around to find Alessa sitting with a group of people, she caught my eye and smiled brightly.

School bell again.

" hi, you're new right from that school that burnt down."

" Yeah ." I nodded

" Come sit" A girl sat with two other girls tapping a spare stool next to her.

" I am Lara Erickson. These are Carly Marrow and Mirabelle Ogley."

" Hi I go by belle. I heard you are from St James high, have you ever spoken to Lawrence Woods? Or know his friend Peter? Also heard Lawrence sat with you at lunch." The girl in the middle said.

" Peter Foster? Well I know who both of them are but last year he missed the first week. I think it might be the same for this year." I replied.

"Is Peter as dreamy as people say?"

Shrugging " Girls at my old school did seem to think so, throwing themselves at him, but I don't believe he gave them any time of day." All three turned to me leaning in. "Really? He's waiting for his ma... I mean that he's not going out or went out not even hooked up?" Lara asked, grabbing my hands.

"Umm ... from what I've seen at school it doesn't seem that Peter hooks up or dates. But I am certain his friend Lawrence has definitely hooked up with at least one girl. It was at a party, it was the talk of the school all at the end of last year." Belle's smile disappeared for a split second, returning soon after.

" Well you'll have to be careful, it looks like you are going to be his next victim." Belle said through a stretched smile.

" I could try and introduce you all if you want, though they don't really talk to me?" This seemed to help Belle's moon shift.

"Really?!" She perked up.I nodded a smile on my face mirroring hers.

" why don't we work on the project at mine after school?" Lara asked the group.

I text Alessa to tell Nero that I am going around someone's house for school work. After the last bell rang I stood outside waiting for the girls in the parking lot. For my phone to ring, ‘hello dad…. their names? Really ? … uhg! Well there is Lara Erickson, Carly Marrow and Mirabelle Ogley. Happy now. Yeah love you too, bye!’

Getting into Lara's car, a new car smell. It was a nice car, a silver jeep. "Wow" I said. Lara smiled at me in response. " I know my dad got it for me for my birthday." A pang hit me hard in the chest wondering if it wasn't just me and mum and my father, whoever he is, would I be like Lara flashing a new car for her birthday? But I am just the girl whose parents both left her individually and her guardian disappearing. But I have Dad and Vincente and a family now and I am pretty sure any of them would buy me the newest car, though I can't help my mind from wandering. Belle pulled me out of my daydream " Bea why don't you come to Carly's 18th birthday party, it's going to be a barbecue?"

" Well, if I can bring someone as long as you don't mind ?" I said turning to face Carly.

" Oh no problem at all." She said frantically, playing with her fingers.

" Well then it's a date... wait when is it?"

" Tomorrow Friday," Belle answered.

Soon we pulled up to a space with three large buildings one far away looked like a hospital, and the others standing next to each other looked like big homes. Opposite the two buildings stood a grand mansion in all its marvellous glory. These must be the pack houses.

Walking one of the two houses next to each other, the one on the left, we are welcomed with a huge open plan living room and kitchen. There are a lot of kids from my new school sitting and walking around. They looked up and nodded to the girls, making me look at the girls wondering what rank they were. I smiled at everyone one passing as the girls led me to the kitchen. Taking seats in the island bar stools. " After school snacks!" The woman working in the kitchen said to place a tray of three plates on the island.

" mum.." Lara moaned while getting attacked with kisses from the woman. Making a smile spread on my face reminding me of - no! I can't think of that now to focus on the present. I took a ham sandwich as my stomach rumbled, signalling to everyone just how hungry I am. Hearing muffled laughter. I take a big bite of the sandwich.

We spent most of the time in Lara's bedroom hardly doing any work. Soon it was getting grey. With my phone blowing up with text and calls and a new notification saying I've got work in an hour. "I should be going now."

"Aww really?" All three girls said in unison, making us all laugh.

" Yes really, I don't want to go either." " bye bye !"

"Bye!" They shouted as I walked down the stairs.

Standing in dad’s office. ‘ Annetta tonight you will be doing a mission instead of going to the casino.’ he stood up rounding his desk to get closer to me. ‘What? But I thought we had decided, as about what happened last time?’

‘I know, child’ resting his heavy hand on my shoulder trying his best to look me in the eyes. ‘ but everyone else is busy tonight and it's an easy job.’ flopping down on a dark brown leather arm chairs. ‘Fine. what do i have to do?’ smiling he clapped me on my back before walking abc round to his side of his desk. ‘Well all you have to do is …

Half in half out an upstairs window I carefully lower my feet to the cream carpet floor.

Looking around I find an office door labelled Mr Hastings. Holding my breath I softly step into the room. Taking the little flat silver key from the fish tank's treasure chest, which Matthew , one of my dad’s work men, found is where they keep the key to the top drawer in his desk. After watching him for a week or two. Once open I lift documents and reach my hand to the back until I find a rough plastic surface. Pulling out the black box I saw the glint of a keyhole from the open blinds. ‘Sugar.’ glancing around the office once more, putting myself back in dad’s office as he told me what to do. ‘The key to the drawer in the fish tank, the key for the money box is ….’ my eyes land on a traditional painting in a heavy wood frame, looking out of place with all the white and grey. Lifting it up off the wall I place it on the desk on its front my black gloved hands running along the back of the frame looking for how to take it off. Click! The frame off I see an old small key wedged between the dark wood frame and the old colour turing painting. ‘Just the right size’ sliding it into the keyhole and turing it. The lid of the box jumped open showing in all its glory money, stacks of it. Grabbing it all. ‘ 100… 500… 1,000 …..’ ‘$1,210, nice’ filling my bra with it all and taking out the handwritten note from dad and placing it in the box. Satisfied I walk  around making sure everything is in its place but before i leave and put the picture back on the wall i see what the out of place painting was hiding. A safe. ‘Dad never mentioned anything about a safe.’ picking up my radio i say down it to matthew on the other side who is my getaway driver. ‘There's a safe, do we need it?’

‘Let check with boss’

After waiting and statading around for 25 minutes my phone rings, making me jump back. ‘ dad?’

‘ Hello, I've made Edric check and opening it should not trigger alarms.’

‘Wait you actually want me to open it ? what if it sets off alarms?’

‘ you'll be fine i've told Matthew to move the car closer to your area.’

‘But-’ he hung up on me. ‘ Okay Bea you've got this.’ getting the safe open with one of my many devices Edric gave me throughout my years. To reveal a see through yellow, orange glowing crystal like diamond, on a balck velvet cushion. ‘ wow’ lifting it with my gloved hand it was light, very light suspiciously light. Slamming the safe door shut. Leaving  through the window, closing it on my way out, by closing the window was my mistake, forgetting it was open when I came. That's why I chose to enter through the window. Red and orange flashing lights coloured the world around me ‘sugar!’ Racing down a nearby tree, turning around at the noise of car doors, red and blue lights add more colour to the dark night. ‘Sugar.’ I sprint to the waterfall, where Matthew was waiting in a black car with blacked out windows. Finally home after dropping the fings off at dad’s office and receiving a ‘thank you.’ I ran upstairs, taking the dirty clothes off and washing the bad deed from my skin. I hate it. I really hate it. Never steal from people's home, only big business and you know steal from the rich give to the poor. In this case I am not giving it to anyone by my family and they only do it to fill a debt someone owes which this time I am guessing it's Mr Hastings. Let's hope he doesn't have a family or that he has a back up plan.

Hopeful but mateless

Oliver's pov

'Another one?' I huffed as my dad Alpha Vincent Benjamin. Lugged more paperwork onto my desk. 'You'll have to get used to it, son.' He said in his gruff voice patting me too hard on the back before walking out the office leaving me and my best friend and future Beta Robin Clark. 'Jeez, Don't we get a break?' Robin said to me

'We, should be at school with our friends and with the school now mixed with half of the school from the blood moon pack we have a higher chance of finding our mate.' I nodded back to him. Then our dads walk in 'hopeful aren't they' Robin's dad laughed. Looking over at my dad ' I know they will be lucky if they meet their mate when they are still 18' my dad laughed out. I rubbed my temples, praying silently. It's true we are hopeful but there is nothing wrong with that. And you would be hell bent on finding your mate when it's all your wolf in


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