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Entangled with the Lycans of Pawxlore High

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The story of a seventeen-year-old Alyssa Sparks with a caring father, abusive mother and hateful pack tumbles downhill when she realizes that everything she knew was a lie as she’s been reared like a pig for slaughter her entire life. Taken away by the ruthless Alpha King thirteen years ago, he offered her to the low-ranking Alpha and Luna of the Moonfall pack to be groomed till she was ripe enough to be taken back by him. Now she is. Putting the life she was accustomed to behind, Alyssa flees from the clutches of the monster, only to find refuge in a hidden school of Lycans using a stolen identity she can’t feel guilty for. And if capturing the attention of the most powerful Alpha isn’t bad enough, she gets entwined with five s*xy males that send her world spinning, falling deeper in their strangling reigns the harder she tries to wriggle free. But amidst the choking tangles, Alyssa’s fire ignites when she learns that the Alpha King will set war in the territories and subsequently gets wind of a legendary gem said to be hidden somewhere in the very school she crash-landed into… A gem that can stop the monster... but Alyssa’s not the only one looking for The Flaming Ruby. Can Alyssa free herself from the tangles of a reverse harem, balance her collapsing school life and take revenge on the evil monster who took everything from her… and still wants her as a s*x slave? ~Be prepared for what you’re going into because this is a DARK romance story. Trigger warnings apply~




I couldn’t cry.

Even when a big scary man with kingly robes on, an ugly scar running thru his eye, and a crown on his head sauntered toward me, I didn’t run. I just stayed there, staring hopelessly at my mother’s dead body from afar and hugging my dead father, heartbreaking tears refusing to wash down my face.

A large bow as dark and vile as the murderer’s heart was latched across his back and the darkness surrounding him made it clear that he was the one who fired those shots into my parents.

It had been hours since then but it felt like a different lifetime… a different world.

I was playing hide and seek with daddy when the house suddenly collapsed on us. I thought I would die under the crushing weight of the roof, I thought my parents were already dead, but the goddess spared us and daddy pulled me out of the rubble while mommy hugged me. They said we couldn’t wait here, that the bad men could come back. The bad men couldn’t get us, mommy kept repeating.

And so daddy carried me and placed me against his chest as we ran into the forest. I was sad because I didn’t want to leave all my toys behind but I was sadder when mommy stopped running and fell to the ground, an arrow gored into her head.

I thought daddy would go back to help her, I thought he wouldn’t leave her there, but instead he kept running. He ran faster than I ever thought he could run and just when everything looked like it’d be fine, an arrow flew into his chest, and I slipped, rolling onto the ground. Daddy tried to reach me even then but when another arrow went through his head, he dropped and breathed his last.

I went to him, terrified, and did the only thing my frightened mind could think of. I started pressing my little hands into his chest, trying to wake him up because I had seen daddy do it to others many times before and it had always brought them back to life. I wanted to bring daddy back to life, then I would bring mommy back too, and we could all go away together.

But the big bad man that killed my parents’ showed up… smiling evilly like the monster he was. I was too angry to cry or run when he pushed mommy’s body away like she was a discarded road kill and only stared at him in anger, imagining so many ways I could drive the same arrow into his chest.

“What’s your name, princess?”

His dark predatory voice made me shiver and I hated the way he looked at me, I didn’t understand it because no one had ever looked at me that way before but I answered, “Alyssa.”

“That’s a beautiful name,” he said sweetly, grabbing me instantly and dragging me away from everything I knew.

Away from my once beautiful and peaceful pack, a pack that he cold-heartedly destroyed.

I didn’t know why he kept me alive. I didn’t know why he decided to drag me to his castle after he had already killed everyone I loved.

James would be dead too. James was the Alpha’s son and my very best friend. He always joked about how we would be mated in the future, and sometimes I’d hear mom and dad whisper to themselves that we were betrothed. I didn’t know what that meant but it always sounded funny to me.

Now… everything was gone and I was following the evil man to the underground province of his castle. I hated him, I didn’t know why I let him take me. I didn’t know why I followed him behind like his good little slave.

There were so many other women and children in the castle who would look down at me sadly, and shake their heads in pity as I followed. Some of them greeted him as the Alpha King, I had never heard such a title before. In the South, there were only Alphas, no Alpha Kings.

But he destroyed my pack. He must’ve destroyed others too.

As we went down the stairs of the creepy place, I started to hear sounds… frightful sounds that I didn’t understand. I didn’t know then but it was the hellish blend of moaning, screaming, laughter, crying, flesh against flesh, whips against flesh, begging… covering my ears might’ve stopped me from hearing them but I couldn’t shut the echoes from my mind. I couldn’t stop my wolf-sensitive nose from smelling the burning of flesh, sweat, s*x, fire, and death.

I didn’t stop moving, getting closer to the cries of what mommy would’ve called hellfire.

When we rode in the carriage, the Alpha King said nothing to me. When I walked miles with him before we reached the underground, he still said nothing to me. But as soon as we alighted from the steps and set our eyes on the misery ahead, he turned to me with a delighted smile, looking so devilish with the scene of suffering behind him.

“One day, Alyssa…” I shuddered at the way he uttered my name. “…you’ll rule over the slaves of my dungeons. Do you know why you’ll be ruling?” I shook my head, my shaky apple-red eyes unable to look at both the horrible scene onward or the fearsome face of the Alpha King.

“Because you’ll be my favorite. I’m sure of it.” He reached his hand, one that had the blood of many innocents blemishing it, to touch me but I stepped back and he laughed, his laughter more gruesome than the combined wails of the dungeons. “You’re lucky I’m not into children, Alyssa. They never make it past one thrust.”

I didn’t know what that meant but it scared the innocence out of me.

Then he dropped his bow in my hand, a very heavy one that was responsible for ending my parent’s life, and continued walking. The bow had the golden emblem of a crown on it, the same crown he wore. I had seen this emblem on many of the maids’ attires, the walls of the castle, the uniforms of his Sigmas, and even on some doors of the castle.

I was so scared that it was the only thing I noticed in his magnificent castle. The urge to break the bow overwhelmed me but even if I could, I didn’t want to end up here today. He said ‘one day’ and whatever that ‘one day’ was… I hoped it’d never come.

I didn’t dare look to my sides as we got deeper in because the very sounds were coming from there, fire stands lit their cells, and the smell of s*x was so pungent that it choked me.

My body ached and because the bow became too heavy for my little hands to hold onto, I dropped it. Fear invaded my senses and I quickly bent down to pick it up but someone had already done that for me. I couldn’t hide the shock on my face when I saw a young boy of about my age with the Alpha King’s bow in his hands, looking at me… in this horrible place. He reminded me so much of James.

The boy had golden hair and blue eyes, and looked so nice but seemed also as afraid as me. The boy smiled at me as he gently placed the bow into my hands. I had barely opened my mouth to say ‘thank you’ when he turned to his left, to where the Alpha King was walking ahead, and ran the opposite way.

I didn’t check to see if the Alpha King knew what happened but continued following, keeping my head down and dusting my favorite black dress—a dress that mommy said she’d get rid of because it was all I ever wanted to wear. I used to tell her not to because it matched my straight black hair but it was never a good enough excuse.

We arrived at the end of the dungeon, my shaky hands still holding on to the bow, when I saw a scared young girl trembling in the corner. Her legs and hands were chained in pairs. I was terrified to see her naked, scars marring her beautiful skin, but she did her best to cover herself up by folding her legs over her chest.

She appeared neat, smelling so much of artificial roses that I couldn’t even perceive her true scent. The girl had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes, looked no older than twenty, and was very terrified. She also looked a lot like that nice boy that helped me.

The Alpha King signaled the girl to her feet and the girl wobblingly rose, keeping her head down, and still trying to cover up her body.

He turned to me and I looked away in horror when he began removing his heavy layers of clothes. He laughed again and if I could, I would’ve killed him just for that wicked laughter.

“Look away from me Alyssa and I will slay this slave.”

My eyes teared up but I couldn’t let him kill the girl because of me so I squeezed the bow with my little fingers and watched the girl sob as the Alpha King pulled his clothes off.

I didn’t dare blink for the fear of him doing something terrible to her but so many times I thought of picking one of the fire stands that were at both corners of the dungeons and burning him with it.

I wished I did when he took the girl and… and… I couldn’t process what was happening… but it was… traumatizing. I watched against my will as he forced himself inside of the girl, her tears gushing out, continually shoving himself in and out of her.

I held the bow as tight as I would’ve held my teddy on a stormy night but this was worse than a stormy night. It was a stormy nightmare. My breath was taken from me and my legs constantly warned me that they collapse soon.

The girl was screaming, crying, and I knew what he was doing to her was painful. The noises their bodies made when he hit her made my bones grind and how her body moved, how his body moved…

I didn’t know how long he made me watch the dreadful horror, the girl’s screams never stopping, changing positions and always giving himself the upper hand, until he laughed as he put his arm over the girl’s neck, taking himself out and… I wanted to vomit.

He looked at me with deadly black eyes, his long silver hair shimmering, the girl choking on his hold as she pulsated and cried. “Welcome to my world, Alyssa.”

I screamed at the top of my voice when he snapped the neck of the girl and dropped her lifeless body on the floor. The hellish yells of the Alpha King’s dungeons continued to ring in my ear when I realized that this was my fate except… he’d make me wish for death but never give it to me.



I made it down the roof, landing on the ground with hardly a thud but the implicating sound of my sneakers mashing dead leaves was more than enough reason to quit stalling and rake the fucking backyard already.

My feet were light and being smaller than normal werewolves of my age—I’m about 5’5”—could be thanked for my silent landings but that’s the only benefit you get from a small body when you’re living amongst savage beasts with more bloody stamina than you.

My phone buzzed in the back pocket of my skinny jeans, almost giving me a mini heart attack.

Cursing under my breath, I jerked it out angrily and opened it to see a text. I wasn’t surprised when his name showed up… or rather what he thought was a great username.

“Not now Mr. Dracula, this is me time,” I muttered to myself, gliding the notification away.

‘Let’s bet on setting me free tonight that you’ll reply him before we return home.’

I wondered when Carmine, my wolf, would s


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