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Beth Miller

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About me

Dark Romance and Werewolf author at your service. I'm just another girl weaving her own worlds, in a world that doesn't accept her, with words and magic fingers. FB/IG: @bethmillerwrites


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  • 👁 5.4K
  • 7.5

The story of a seventeen-year-old Alyssa Sparks with a caring father, abusive mother and hateful pack tumbles downhill when she realizes that everything she knew was a lie as she’s been reared like a pig for slaughter her entire life. Taken away by the ruthless Alpha King thirteen years ago, he offered her to the low-ranking Alpha and Luna of the Moonfall pack to be groomed till she was ripe enough to be taken back by him. Now she is. Putting the life she was accustomed to behind, Alyssa flees from the clutches of the monster, only to find refuge in a hidden school of Lycans using a stolen identity she can’t feel guilty for. And if capturing the attention of the most powerful Alpha isn’t bad enough, she gets entwined with five s*xy males that send her world spinning, falling deeper in their strangling reigns the harder she tries to wriggle free. But amidst the choking tangles, Alyssa’s fire ignites when she learns that the Alpha King will set war in the territories and subsequently gets wind of a legendary gem said to be hidden somewhere in the very school she crash-landed into… A gem that can stop the monster... but Alyssa’s not the only one looking for The Flaming Ruby. Can Alyssa free herself from the tangles of a reverse harem, balance her collapsing school life and take revenge on the evil monster who took everything from her… and still wants her as a s*x slave? ~Be prepared for what you’re going into because this is a DARK romance story. Trigger warnings apply~


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