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"Beware of the day you come of age. A whole new world awaits" Being a psychic was unbelievable and stressful enough but being destined to save the world? That seemed impossible and especially for Laia. A normal human girl with a troubled past, she tries to live out a simple adulthood. But when she turns 18,an age she was always told to be aware of, things begin to change. She gets drawn into affairs of things she never expected, The supernatural. Things move faster down a dark and delicate path, friendships destroyed, betrayals and unknown enemies, Laia finds herself in a dilemma, the fate of the human world and universe lies in her hands. If you love suspense and thrillers, this is the book for you Hop on and let's go on this adventurous ride!

Chapter 1

Laia's POV

I feel the rush of the wind is it slapped on my cheeks. It was dark and only slivers of moonlight could be seen. I heard footsteps behind me and as I turned, a wolf howled and rushed towards me I covered my eyes and screamed.

"Ahhhhhhhhh". "OMG Laia..!!! what the fuck made you scream like that. You could have woken the dead". "Damn Ash I'm so sorry". I almost burst into tears

The nightmares were getting worse and I was becoming more and more dependent on my sketch pad. I took it out from underneath my pillow and begun to draw what I remembered from the nightmare.

The wolf as it lunged at me. It was crystal clear. That feeling of fear but yet something else. I felt Ash settle beside me as I drew in a frenzy and I knew I wouldn't stop till I got exactly what was in my nightmare. The picture was complete and "thwack" my pencil broke again. "Sigh..!!". "That's happening too damn often now. Must they break after every drawing"?? Ash asked with a questioning look on her face. I shrugged with a "are you asking me" look. She didn't say anything more but took my sketch pad from me and begun to examine the drawing. It was just like that of my dream. The details were perfectly captured. Ash stared at it. Mesmerized as if it were the very first time she had seen my drawings. In fact, she was the only person who could handle my screaming and constant nightmares without a single complaint. We've been roomies for two years and living with her was bliss.

I felt comfortable with her and she didn't have complaints about me even though of recent, the nightmares were getting even worse and this time it wasn't just strange things,I saw strange creatures as well.

Like those in the books. Vampires, werewolves, fairies it was downright crazy. I didn't understand a bit of it at all. Sigh..!! Must my life be so complicated I thought to myself. As I prepped myself to sleep again as it was just a little past midnight. Good thing with these nightmares was after them, I'd have a dreamless and stress-free sleep.

"Hey, in this nightmare a werewolf was about to attack you right??" Ash questioned me. "Yea the drawing speaks volumes duhh". I answered. Was she that stupid not to see?? I asked myself as I chuckled silently. "Hmm it's just that the look from your face in the drawing, it doesn't just contain fear, there's a bit of longing and excitement. Similar with the drawings from that of the vampire and fairy or wings lady whatever. All these nightmares are so similar. Wanting expressions and a bit of fear. Like you want this but not so sure". "Wowww what a perfect analysis Ash can we go to bed now??. I'll admit that it's kinda weird and seems connected to each other but puzzling it out is no good and besides I think if we sleep any later than this, well be later for geometry tomorrow". I said but the geometry part came as an unrestrained thought. It was the last class so we couldn't possibly be late. "Hahaaha silly girl,geometry is the last class of the day. We can't possibly be late but with that said. Let's sleep now I'll cuddle my baby". Who's your baby I tried to say as she moved me into a bear hug. It's felt so warm and I didn't even argue anymore but dozed off.

"Rise and shine bitch, it's morning..!!". I groaned as I looked at Ash. I may love her cuddles, bear hugs and her accommodating personality with me but I was so going to kill her now.

I held my pillow over my face and tried to block the steady stream of sunlight from the curtain that this witch of a roomie I was living with, had opened. She pulled my pillow from my hands and tossed it away. "Ash" I lunged at her in anger. She chuckled in delight as she dodged and ran towards the bathroom. As we got to the door, an image of her opening the door and pushing me in flashed through my head and before I knew it she had done just that. I was startled. How did I know what she was going to do before she did it. Huhhh weird. I didn't dwell on it as I cursed her in my mind and took my shower. First class was history and boy I didn't want to miss. I loved it.

"Ohh my my. Someone took her precious time and by the way, must you look so hot whenever you step out of the shower doll, I think I'm gonna kill for how delicious you look now". Ash said as she kicked her lips and did her best to stare lewdly at me. I looked at her like she was crazy. I knew she was bi and wasn't uncomfortable with it but sometimes she behaved crazily. We both knew she didn't like me that way but she never missed an opportunity to tease me. I guess she loved seeing my blushing and embarrassed look but this morning nuh uh. I was too tired to even care. I was in no mood for shit and I wondered why she was soo chipper today. Hmm did Ash snag another girl or a hot guy or did she manage to plan a threesome for herself in the early hours of the morning. I swear my roomie was crazier than the most and a fuck queen.

"Why are you smiling so much, your lips look so huge right now and I feel so sick. What are you up to girly". She looked at me with one of those never do well looks and instantly I knew she was up to no good. "Oh baby nothing special, I'm just so excited about today. It must be the weather". I looked at her did she think I was so stupid, oh my rah now I was getting scared, this girl what did she do. Something deep down told me not to dwell so much on it but another nagging and rational part told me this wasn't normal.

I decided to ignore Ash's craziness and got ready for school. I had important tests today and I did not want to miss.

Sigh..!! I'll have to worry about Ash later I mumbled to myself as I got ready.

We arrived at school just in time. I took a look at my favourite but also hated place in the world. I was a college student of Infinity college. The top college at City A as for how I got in, scholarships. I'd never be able to pay in. I loved this school because it was my solace but it was also a place where I ran into snotty and annoying people. Ash had no idea as we were both in different departments and I never really bothered her much about the bullies. I was just too weak and I hoped I won't run into them today.

"Hey girly let's move for the History class it's the first and I don't want to be late again. Professor Harvey is as scary as hell". "Check your phone Ash" was what I blurted out next when she talked about being late. Huhhh where had that urge come from again?? "Check my phone for what, they're are no texts or......" Buzzzzz"I heard both our phones ring. Ash stared at me in surprise but when we pulled out our phones, we were in for a bigger shock. The geometry class had been moved up and it was now the first subject...!!!!.

Ash looked at me in shock and her face had only one question "How???". It was the most draining class and the professor was a nut case. He was a nice teacher and all but a second late to his class, and you'd be faced with severe punishments. Sometimes a failed test and it was a compulsory course. I could see some students in the class running like hell towards the building. Ash and I took off as well. We were never on the man's bad side and we definitely won't be on it today. The bullies were far away from my mind now...

Chapter 2

"What the fuck girly. How could they just shift the class without a heads up, is the management friggin crazy??". This is hectic my brain will be burned out before the other classes and now that reminds me??? How the hell did you know about the classes being shifted. Who told you and you didn't even care to be serious when saying it". Ash said in one breathe.

I was still in shock, classes had been shifted and somehow I had an idea, the bathroom incident and now the phone ringing?? What in the world was happening. I didn't understand any of this at all. I looked at Ash as we burst into the class geometry. As we took our seats, she looked at me with the same question in her eyes. I didn't even know what to tell her. My thoughts were crazy and all over the place. So I just casually answered "I have no idea Ash I just guessed". "Uhuh and the same with the phone ringing?? Like seriously girl what in the world are you a psychic or somethi


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