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Deceptive Luna: In love with an Alpha

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"I’m the rogue Luna and I’m in love with an alpha,who absolutely detests rogues….." Erica was betrayed by Alec who she took as a friend, she didn't know he came to infiltrate her pack, he kills her parents and most of the pack members and when she refuses to succumb to his new rule as an alpha, he throws her into prison and tortures her. Erica is tired of the constant torture and escapes from Alec. Erica finds herself in the pack of the very famous alpha everyone is so scared of, it's more shocking when she realizes that they are mates. Leroi doesn't like rogues, they were responsible for his family's death, he is not that pleased that he has a mate because Erica is a rogue. Erica is made into a slave in the pack, even if she's the alpha's mate, Leroi doesn't want others to know his mate is a rouge. What happens between them? Will Leroi's hate for rogues go away once he realizes he is falling deeply in love with Erica? Will Erica accept his love?

Chapter 1

Erica's POV.

"Erica." I shivered when I heard Alec's voice.

He came to me like a predator stalking prey and I knew my days were numbered when he found his next victim. The last thing I wanted was to be taken in by him, but it wasn't like I had much of a choice now that my only other option was to die.

"You know, Erica, you are the one who always says we're not friends, right?" A cruel smile graced his lips as he leaned against the door frame.

I couldn't help but laugh at how stupid I'd been to believe that Alec would actually help me escape from this hellhole called the moonlight pack.

He might have been friendly at times, but he never showed me any mercy and it only served to further prove to me how wrong I was about him. And what else am I supposed to call them when we're on base? "Lol." The word tasted bitter on my tongue.

The smirk that crossed his face was answer enough.

That's all it took for him to lunge towards me, grabbing me roughly and pinning me to the bed.

A scream erupted from my throat, my legs kicking wildly under the blanket as I struggled to get away from him. There was no hope; if anything this just meant I was going to die even sooner.

He tightened his grip around my wrist with one hand and used his free one to unbutton his jacket. My eyes widened in horror, trying to focus on anything besides his cold hands.

When he finished taking off his clothes, Alec looked down at me once more with a sinister expression on his handsome face.

My heart pounded in my chest, the blood rushing through my veins so loud that I thought I'd be deaf before he finally brought down his knee and drove his knee into my stomach.

The pain was intense, sending searing daggers through my body. I cried out again, tears running down my cheeks. When he reached down to remove his pants, I squeezed my eyes shut, begging my impending doom to hurry up and end this suffering already.

There was a sudden pressure against my shoulder, making me cry out once more.

Opening my eyes, I met his gaze and he smiled triumphantly, holding a needle.

I screamed again, my body jerking uncontrollably against the hard mattress.

He chuckled. “It seems you’re getting weaker.” With that, he plunged the needle into my skin.

The drug began working immediately, numbing my nerves as well as spreading warmth throughout my entire body. I could do nothing but lie there while the numbness spread until I felt drowsy, the world slowly becoming black.

I woke up with a gasp and blinked rapidly, disoriented after waking up. All I saw were white walls surrounding my prison cell. I glanced around, trying to figure out where exactly I was. Where is everyone else? Are they alright?

Then something caught my eye. On the floor nearby was an empty syringe. My heartbeat quickened at the realization that someone had come here. But why?

I suddenly remembered Alec and what he did, my heart thumped wildly as I remembered what he said and did.

I decided to run away today, I don't know how I would do it, but that would happen.

I'd rather die than make Alec hurt me again.

Taking some shaky breaths, I swung myself onto my feet and began pacing back and forth in the small cell thinking of what to do.

An escape idea entered my head immediately, one that seemed completely insane and yet, there was a good chance it could work. It was risky, but if I succeeded, then I might be free from him, and that's all that mattered.

After pacing back and forth for several minutes, I heard a noise coming from outside my cell. I froze, my breathing stopped and my pulse picked up.

Could it possibly be my salvation? Maybe they came after all...

But no, the sound didn't seem to belong to anyone. It sounded like shuffling footsteps outside and then a quiet conversation that carried on for what seemed like minutes.

Whoever it was left soon after and I relaxed, hoping they wouldn't come back again.

I used the hairpin I hid in by opening the cell, looking around and I saw no one.

I sauntered off, keeping close to the wall, praying that they wouldn't come back for a long time.

And then everything went horribly wrong.

As I turned the corner into another corridor I came face to face with two people dressed in gray suits and matching caps. They held identical pistols pointed at me.

For the second time that day , my breath caught in my throat. This time I was scared out of my wits, too afraid to move.

"Stop!" One of the men ordered and I froze in place, my eyes fixated on the gun aimed straight at me.

My muscles tensed in anticipation as I waited for the bullet to hit its mark.

I hit their legs and they screamed, stepping back, releasing me.

I bolted down the hall, desperately searching for an exit or a way out. The sounds of gunshots echoed behind me. I didn't stop until I slammed into the solid ground, panting harshly, my heart pounding as if it would explode at any minute.

I didn't waste any time running off through the halls.

I ran blindly and didn't stop for any reason, almost falling over multiple times. I tried not to look behind me but it became impossible to ignore. No matter where I went, they were still following me.

The fear and adrenaline made every step that much harder.

I was beginning to lose my sense of direction when I heard footsteps coming closer to me. I ran faster, pushing past the pain in my legs to keep going.

Suddenly, I crashed to the floor face first.

The breath rushed out of me and I coughed, my vision swimming in front of my eyes. My whole body ached but I pushed myself back up nonetheless, using whatever strength I had left to stand. I have to escape I have to.

Pov: Erica Michaels.

I tried to continue forward but my legs started shaking so much that I collapsed to the ground. It felt like my bones were going to break any moment. I could hear the footsteps growing louder and closer to me, their voices sounding like shouts in my ears. I saw a river and I jumped in immediately, barely managing to swim across to the opposite shore. I managed to drag myself along the bank until the voices grew quieter and I was able to hear my own labored breathing.

I was safe now.

I stayed in that spot for a while until my energy ran out and my eyelids became too heavy to stay open. Slowly I opened my eyes."Who are you?" I gasped when my eyes met fierce blue eyes."Mate, mate." My wolf danced.

POV: Leroi Dwayne.

Taking walks was not really my thing. Mm-mm. In fact, I hated them. A lot. Walks always reminded me of the fact that I was absent when…. Oh dear me, I shouldn’t be remembering such sad things. Mom and Dad wouldn’t want me to be sad. “Your highness, are you going for a walk?” I heard Alana’s voice and I turned and stared at her. Alana was my f*ck buddy. I mean, I f*ck around yeah but I f*ck*d her the most. It kind f made her feel powerful, but as long as nobody gets hurt, she can go on a power trip as much as she wants. “Yes, I am. I think I need a bit of fresh air.” I answered. “In that case, your highness, ca I follow you? I too, need a bit of fresh air. Perhaps, we could do some little shenanigans in the wild?” Alana asked, with a sultry voice that made blood rush into my member. “Tempting, Alana. Tempting. But I wish to go alone.” I said and I saw her face curve into a frown. “But, Your highness, you need someone to protect you.” She said and I giggled. “Someone to protect me. Well, true as that sounds, would you be the one to protect me? You cannot wield a sword, or shoot an arrow. How can you protect me?” I asked and she sighed. “That is correct, sadly. But it is because your highness refuses to teach the way of warfare.” Alana said. “You delay me, Alana.” I said and she owed her head. “I shall take my leave now, your highness. Do have a safe walk, and come back hale and hearty.” She said and walked out of my presence. Ah, silence at last. Now I can take my walk in peace.

Chapter 2

The sounds of the moving waters were like music in my ears. It seemed to resonate peace. I sat at the bank of the river and looked across it. This river, was the boundary of the land that was mine. The pack that belonged to me father. Shadow moon pack. My Parents's death, it was something I never wished to remember. But, the memory,like a stain unwilling to be washed away, remained in my head for ages.


“Prince Leroi,you should hurry. I have just received word that rogue wolves attacked you parents on their way from visit from the dark red moon pack.” A messenger said s he entered into the bedroom of the prince. Leroi looked up from his study table. “What do you mean attacked? I was told they were at their residence.What could have made them travel back this night?” Leroi asked as he girded himself, preparing himself for physical combat. “Word has it that they were told of the princess’s grave health condition, and with that thy decided to


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