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Crucial Desires

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The rivalry between the vampires and the werewolves was long overdue. This all started when Hailey Lockwood, the only heir to the Moonshade clan, had an encounter with the only bloodsucker, Jace Liester. At the ages of 4 and 5, both got into a fight, leading both sides to retaliate to save their children, but this was all saved by witches. A treaty was made, and all sides went to rest on their own side. The children grew to be the most intelligent and strong supernatural beings and the war was long over. But the vampire queen had other plans. She could not forget what the Moonshade Clan’s only heir did to her son. A scar right across his cheek made his gaze weaker. Althea Liester waits till the time is right and sends her son to a boarding school for supernatural beings, where, surprisingly, Hailey Lockwood is studying, too. Taking advantage, Althea guides Jace to cause her pain and torture and finally bring her son justice. Does Jace get everything in him to do what his mother wants? Will Jace be able to suppress his feelings and break Hailey’s heart? Leaving her at her worst and making sure she doesn’t ‘feel’ what Love is? Or will he do the exact opposite of what his mother’s asking him to do?

The Agreement.


All of them were there. I couldn’t know, realise, or had any recollection of why everyone was here. All I knew was, that there was a woman in a red and black gown, and she had one of her hands on a boy’s shoulder who was standing right in front of her.

My pack, the Moonshade Pack, was here. I could see fairies, witches, all the creatures that ever existed in our world.

My Mom picked me up and held me in her arms. I was only 5 back then.

“Mommy, this hurts,” I say while I show her the wound on my arm. She smiled weakly, shushed me and paid attention towards the others.

Finally, I see my father and an older man signing a piece of paper. The paper was given by an old lady, who was accompanied by one younger lady and the other in between young and old.

“Mommy, what is happening here?” I ask my mother. She looked down at me, smiled once again, and finally spoke.

“It’s for your protection, little one. Don’t you worry. Daddy, Mommy and your pack will always protect you. No matter what. I promise, okay?”

I nodded as she tilted my head so that I could see my clan behind us and not where my Dad was.

The treaty is concluded. I hear the voice of a woman.

“Any clan that breaks this treaty shall be given penalties, fatal or a lifetime imprisonment in the ‘Galaxy’.”

“Any clan who tries to mislead the other, or cause harm to the other one, shall receive the deadliest sentence.”

“Any clan who decided to break the treaty, and enter the other one’s boundaries, shall be executed on the spot.”

“Hailey?” I hear my Mom calling me. I face her as I see a teardrop forming in one of her eyes.

“What's wrong, Mommy? Why are you sad?”

“I’m not sad, Hailey.” She takes a pause and tries to calm herself. Finally, she set me down slowly and guides me into the circle where my Dad and the older man were standing.

“I need you to stay strong for me, okay sweety?” She says as I watch that little boy and the lady with him, walking towards us.

“Promise me you’ll stay strong, Hailey?” My Mom asks again.

“I promise, mommy. But where are we going?”

We reach the others and now that it was clear to me, they were standing inside a circle which had something written on it at the corners. I was a child, so I couldn’t really understand what it said.

My Dad and my Mom walked out of the circle..leaving me and the boy with Red Eyes.

“Hey there, sweet creatures.” We both stare at each other, then we look up. It was one of the three woman who passed the piece of paper to Daddy.

“I need you both to face each other and hold hands.”

I watch the boy and see something which was a bit weird. He had a deep cut across his cheek. All I could think about was how he got this injury, but when I looked into his eyes, I was scared to my bitter core.

They were deep red.

“Please, children. Do what we say.”

At first, we were hesitant because I couldn’t realise who this boy was. And as far as I know, we werewolves aren’t allowed to make contact with those whom we don’t know.

One single touch could be fatal.

I stare at my mom, who softly nods and whispers, “It’s okay,” and I do what the old lady says. The boy does the same. As soon as we made skin contact, and I felt how cold his skin was, both our arms started to form fire.

“Mommy?” I almost screamed as I was scared now.

“Hush now, love. It’ll only take a second.” The old says as she places her hands on our heads. She tilted her face back and closed her eyes. As the fire began to grow aggressively.

It was so weird because I could feel the cause of the fire was our contact, but the heat never burned our skin.

The old lady faces us one last time and smiles once again.

“It’ll only hurt a little. But soon, this will all be gone.”

And in that moment, her eyes turn light grey as they glow.

“Mommy!” I call out to my mother and before I try to make a run for it, my body froze. I couldn’t move a single muscle. I couldn’t control my hands, my feet, my eyes. I couldn’t even speak anymore.

The caused pain shall soon be gone.

The caused trouble, shall to be free.

For those who want to live every beat,

Shall be granted the wish to forget what went misdeed.

Me and the boy’s reactions were the same. When the old lady finished her rant, we started to float in the air, not too high, but we did.

Our eyes started to glow heavily as well when I felt a sharp pain in my head. The boy and I started to scream in pain, but not through my only through mind.

It was like our souls were connected, but something happened.

I started to feel I was alone, in a bright but isolated place. I was there all alone. My mind was going empty. I no longer felt someone’s hands grabbing mine. My eyes were open, yet all I could see was the colour white.

It was like someone trapped me inside a cube, wanting me to be tortured by this heavenly light.

“Noooo, make this stop!” I screamed as I start to gain consciousness.


I called out for her when suddenly, I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders, once again.

“Hailey, wake up!” She screamed to wake me up from this nightmare, and I did.

“W-what happened?” I sit up instantly, not wasting time as I face my mother.

“You were having a nightmare, baby.”

“Again?” I ask her, all frustrated and tired. I could see she was terrified as well because these nightmares were something I lived every single night.

They just don’t stop. They don’t. They keep on going as they want me to learn something from them. I felt like they needed me to realise that my destiny was yet to be found by me.

And only I could figure it out.

Only me.

Creatures Like You.



Some say it’s stupid. Some say it’s valid. For me? It was both stupid and valid. But mostly, it was something that I was willing to experience in every single lifetime I had left.

Because it made me reunite with him. The one who almost killed me when we were kids. Who was meant to be my enemy. Who we were always meant to ignore or fight and move on. But again.


Destiny has its ways of bringing you all levels of sadness and a massive amount of happiness.


It was finally the day. The day when I’ll be getting sent off to my boarding school. Being a werewolf and not figuring out how to shift properly was something my parents didn’t appreciate. At first, they had to fight with our whole pack, as I looked like an outsider to them.

I gotta say, instead of making me go all rogue, they supported me. They fought the whole family am I. All because I couldn’t shift into my werewolf f


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