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Cold attraction

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Cold attraction: what happens when two completely different individuals falls in love with each other?.

Chapter 1

Episode one: cold attraction.


I walked into the cafeteria after classes, I got in line to get Mrs. Janes's cake bread sampled on the counter.

I waited patiently until someone jumped out of nowhere and pushed me aside.

I fell with my hand slapping on the ground.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay June?”.

Jake said.

I looked up and found him smiling, I am sure he did this just to make me angry.

I got up from the ground and tried to leave, he comes after me and pulled my hands back to his gaze.

I fell with my head on his chest, everyone in the cafeteria gasped out in shock.

Jake pulled me away immediately and asked if I didn't want Mrs. Janes's cake bread anymore.

I laughed and told him to shove it down to his *ss.

He grinned and watched me leave the cafeteria.

On my way to the get cab, I heated my name being chanted from behind. I looked back and Anna comes running after me.

She slaps a flyer in her hand. 

“Hey, take a look at this?” She says trying to grab her breath.

I looked at the flyer, the college was hosting a black and white teamed party to make new years eve.

Anna says she wanted us to attend, I looked and told her why.

Although I know it's a day of celebration but I don't think I would have the time to leave home and come running just to have fun.

After all, mom wouldn't let me leave the house after seven in the evening.


Chapter 2

I told Anna I wouldn't be able to go, she leaves looking sad. I got into the cab and it takes me back home.

I went in and mom runs out of the kitchen to welcome me.

“Hello baby, are you back from school?” She takes me to the sofa.

“Yes mom, how are you?” I said.

Mom walked to the kitchen after telling her she was fine, although she looked fine there was something strange about her behavior.

I went into the kitchen to meet her, she turns and finds me coming.

“Dear, do you need anything?”

She placed a pan on the gas stove.

I shook my head telling her that I don't need anything, however, what I was more concerned is if she was hiding something from me.


Mom laughed immediately I made that known, she swore there was nothing to hide and asked me to go set the table for dinner.

I looked at her for a while and left, I got the table set and she comes out holding a bowl of soup.

Mom asked me to go in there and get


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