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Claimed By The Lycan King

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Author: Roanna
  • Chapters: 5
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 30.8K
  • 5.0
  • 💬 4


Davina has been running all her life, from one territory to another just to survive and save her loved ones from disaster. Again, she is running from a man that gave her shelter and food for about five years. Jon Barlowe, for five years, hid his true agenda from Davina until he started to display his cruel side towards her. He is brutal, and an asshole. For Davina to survive she has to run away from his damn territory to a place where Jon wouldn't be able to raid. As the only option she has, she ran into a territory. The Lycan king's territory.. she was trapped..she only needed to cross the border but then her appearance brought back old memories. Lennox Darius is a 200-year-old Lycan king of Zumba Territory.. he is strong and highly feared by all. He's seen too much and fought too long. Lennox got informed that an invader was coming into his territory, he is ready to behead whoever it was when he found out it was a lady from his past. A lady that made his heartbeat for the first time and the same lady that left him heartbroken and made him this cold. Lennox is the only man that has the enchanted touch on her and she is in love with him but she left him. She never thought they would meet again because she has been hiding away from him for over fifteen years just to keep him safe. Now fate made them cross paths again and Lennox's love turns to anger and a little hint of hatred. He has refused to let her go again and made her his prisoner.

Chapter 1

Lennox POV

Ten years ago.

The sunlight pouring into the room from the window shines into my face. I smile a little when I still have the mindset of my only love beside me on the bed.

I used to hold her while she sleep and last night after what we did so passionately. She slept off in my arms and that was the most beautiful thing ever in this life.

I rose from the beg to kiss her a good morning but. I saw the bed empty. I took off the blanket to meet her in the bathroom, because if she isn't in the bed then she must be using the bathroom.

I walked to the bathroom and found it empty, I began to scream her name as fear struck my heart and soul. It was evident in my eyes because they turned golden from hazel.

" Davina!" I screamed in confusion, not believing what my Lycan is screaming at me. He is saying she is gone and I don't believe it. I would never believe that she would leave what he had. It was so beautiful.

After I had a thorough search all over the castle, I deviated and accepted that she was gone. Davina left. Wasn't I enough for her? Why did she leave?

Wasn't what we had enough for her to stay, even though she needed to go?

Doesn't she think I am capable of being the man for her?

Her pants, her clothes even the ones I had taken off her body by my own hands are still right here on the floor...apart from the long gown that covered the whole of her tender curvy body yesterday.

This is a lie, I don't believe she is gone. I scanned the room again with bloodshot eyes, and my fist is tightly clenched by my right-hand side. I saw a note on the table, kept under a transparent table to keep it safe.

Pains stuck in my heart as I gather myself to pick up the note, she must have left it there and if she did then she is truly gone. I stumbled forward and took the note in my hands, as I begin to read every word left like a knife stabbing my heart.

You are my one and only Love, Lennox. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you before I left and believe me it is a pain I don't think I will ever recover from.

It is so sad that I will never see you again, I will never get the chance to be wrapped in your arms again, Lennox. I know it could classify me as a coward, but Lennox my love is true for you.

I know you are confused right now, but please try to forget about the lady Davina and love again. Love a woman that is worthy of you, Davina is not, Lennox.

To keep you safe, I must let go of everything we had. You are not worthy of this. I had no desire to hurt you. I never would have imagined being so fortunate to meet someone like you, but I'm sorry, I can't stay.

I'm so sorry, Lennox.


I throw the message aside and continued to enter the space. With each stride, my heart broke into a million pieces. She left me.

Was my love not enough for her?

What is making her stay away? Doesn't she even consider me her man?

My anger is growing within me. I tightened my hold on the bedpost with a snarl from my lips, causing it to break. I gave her my all. I cherish her. She was my world, I promised to be all in for her but she left.

Why would she say she has to do this to keep me safe?

Does that even make sense for leaving me?

My skin still had a hint of her natural scent, the fragrance I could shut my eyes for hours and inhale. Her sweetness is on my lips, her delightful flavours are still on me.

My mind immediately went back to the hours earlier when we had been having a romantic time. her graceful, voluptuous physique. Her golden hair was lengthy, gorgeous hazel-gold eyes of hers. She encircled my legs as I gave her the pleasure no man would ever give to her. Because they are not capable of pleasing her as I did.

I growl as I smashed with my hands, the glass table in front of me. Seeing her things activate the anger. I smash the nightstand, I tore the bedspread she had slept on last night. Everything around me blurred while I was in blind anger I finished wrecking her room and fell to my knees, covering my face.

I felt tears on my cheek, my eyes had begun to shed tears when I haven't permitted it. I growl loud, enough to shake the things inside the room. I'm angry at my fragility, as I dig my hand into the ground. My knuckles got bruised and bleeding. It hurts like hell but not as hurtful as her disappearance does to me.

I felt as though a heavy boulder had been placed on my chest, preventing me from breathing. To breathe hurt. Both thinking about her and realizing she was gone, hurt.

"Davina.." I faintly and hoarsely murmured.

When I called her name, it felt like a knife in my heart. I was unable to comprehend her reasons for leaving me. Her note made no sense at all.

I stood where I was and kneeled all through the night. Everything inside of me seems to have hollowed out gradually. She stole all I was holding but left with nothing. I am merely a hollow man.

She still hasn't returned as the light started to rise over the horizon. Although I could pursue her, I wouldn't know where to begin. Already, it was too late.

Davina had left.

Damon entered as the door squeaked open. Before kicking a piece of broken furniture aside with his feet, he took a moment to scan the room. He sighed, and then he came over to me. He patted my back while squatting to my eye level.

"Lennox, you need to have strength. The pack needs you even if she left. She is merely a woman lycan."

I growled at Damon and my eyes widened menacingly I still loved her after she left me. He gave up by raising his hand in the air.

I said, clenching my teeth, "I need time," feeling the anger still boiling up beneath my skin.You don't have much time, though. Soon, your uncle will arrive. Damon said.

My father's sibling was my uncle. I assumed the role of Lycan king when my parents tragically perished 10 years ago during an assault on our pack.

Because Damon's mother concealed me in a private room that only my family knew about, I was able to escape the invasion. She had told me to wait to leave until the screaming and crying had entirely subsided in the morning.

I recall seeing the bodies of my parents. My memory is of burying them. I was raised by Damon's mother, and his father gave me the survival skills I needed to know.

Up until this point, I had never met my uncle. He had decided that it was time for him to return and live with the pack.

"Tell him I'm sick when he gets here. Make my former room ready for him to stay in, please. I placed my order.

"This is not my style. Why is it impossible for him to reside in one of the cabins outside the castle grounds? He'll still be promoted.

He is my uncle, Damon, I scowled at him. I have no other family but him.

Damon shook his head and moaned. "We are still with you." I let out a breath and tightly shut my eyes. I briefly saw Davina's face in my inagination.

"I know."

"Damon, I don't get it. How come she left? I questioned, sounding tense.

"Man, I don't know. She appeared to be in wonderful health until a few days ago. I have no idea what transpired. When I tried to speak with her, she remained silent."

"I requested that she be my mate." I gave him a look. He must have noticed the distress on my face because he gave me a pitying look.

"She didn't leave you for that," she said. They were reassured by Damon.

What else could it have been, if not that? She flees as soon as I ask her to be my mate and leave my mark. What should I consider? If she had loved me, she wouldn't have fled. Because she didn't love me, she fled. Damon, she didn't love me. As the words escaped my mouth, I was even furious.

My sides were covered in fists. I managed to channel my anger as I was about to lose control once more. Hatred.

I won't ever let Davina Benson back into my heart. I'll never love somebody as much as I love her again.

This is all I have left to offer. I won't ever open my door to visitors again. All of my feelings left me as I stood up, my hands clenched at my sides, and only hatred swelled inside of me. It lessened the hurt and let me target her with my rage.

I'll never again allow myself to be seduced by Davina Benson.

Chapter 2


I slammed my door tightly against the weird Lycan woman, who is lusting after me, Lily. Well, I won't say it is her fault, I have been the one giving her my dick,, so that is enough to build this boldness she has now.

When I needed a release, she quickly became a favourite because she has the perfect pussy I could bang on at any given time. My sexual desire grew along with my hatred for ladies after Davina left me.

Each time I had her laid underneath me, there was no emotional feeling involved I just needed to let out the things from my body... I needed a release. I was getting full when I needed to stay away from ladies.

When Lily approached me, she was aware of this. She was willing despite knowing that I am not a man to cling to. Now, she is beginning to take it as something else. Never once more would I try to lay with her again.

When I let with other girls, I still can't take Davina out of my mind. I have every memory of what we d


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