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  • Author: Roanna
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 31.4K
  • 5.0

Davina has been running all her life, from one territory to another just to survive and save her loved ones from disaster. Again, she is running from a man that gave her shelter and food for about five years. Jon Barlowe, for five years, hid his true agenda from Davina until he started to display his cruel side towards her. He is brutal, and an *ssh*l*. For Davina to survive she has to run away from his d*mn territory to a place where Jon wouldn't be able to raid. As the only option she has, she ran into a territory. The Lycan king's territory.. she was trapped..she only needed to cross the border but then her appearance brought back old memories. Lennox Darius is a 200-year-old Lycan king of Zumba Territory.. he is strong and highly feared by all. He's seen too much and fought too long. Lennox got informed that an invader was coming into his territory, he is ready to behead whoever it was when he found out it was a lady from his past. A lady that made his heartbeat for the first time and the same lady that left him heartbroken and made him this cold. Lennox is the only man that has the enchanted touch on her and she is in love with him but she left him. She never thought they would meet again because she has been hiding away from him for over fifteen years just to keep him safe. Now fate made them cross paths again and Lennox's love turns to anger and a little hint of hatred. He has refused to let her go again and made her his prisoner.


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