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Chased by the Irresistible Alpha Prince

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I don't know what to call it, the Alpha Prince is mated to one but everyone is mated to him. There's something off in it, right? There are many questions surrounding his charisma, almost all the unmated Alpha she-wolves feel a mate bond with him. Well, I don't belong to them, I mean I'm not sure since I haven't received my wolf yet. I don't know what's wrong with me and he's always tripping me up and letting his girls mess up my life. I want to distance myself from him but he willfully clings to me and pulls me into his chaotic world. No matter what I do, I can't resist him, I can't escape him and I can't ignore everything he wants me to do. What will I do? He is too Irresistible!

Chapter 1: Unlucky Day


Fresh air reaches here inside the car. I wish my life was just like this, as free as the air, that I am free to step my feet wherever I want, that no one has a suffocating presence around me. I wish this day would not bring bad luck to me.

But that seems unlikely. There's always a wazzock hanging around me and even if I try to get out of his presence, I have a hard time doing it. No matter how I escaped, I was always involved in his mess. This has almost become my daily routine and I always bring home different causes of stress.

The worst of this is that I have no power to protest because of my rank which is lower than others. I am the Beta Princess of the Multa lupus pack under Arcanum pack where the Alpha King rules various packs. I mean, who am I to be chased by the Alpha Prince? But he does.

I just took a deep breath when my father popped up in my bubble. "You always tell me that you have no problem, that you're fine, but the way you sigh, it's like you're carrying the whole world."

My eyes flicker on him. I don't want to say anything but I have no choice, so I said, "I just thought about my upcoming birthday, Dad."

He chuckles and says, "I don't see that you're excited—"

"No, Dad!" I sat up and looked at him in the mirror above his head. "I'm excited and I think it's not necessary to show it, right?"

He had his back to me since he was currently driving and I was sitting here behind, but I knew he was just trying to smile. I'm not used to showing my happy emotions. I don't have a tragic life, my father loves me, I accept that I don't have a mother. I also get the respect of our pack even though I'm just a Beta Princess. So, I have no reason to complain.

But my father wanted to see me differently. He wants to see me happy, laughing, smiling, honestly, I do too, but not always, depending on the situation. I don't have to be jolly about everything. It also seems no use because once I choose to be happy about something, trouble suddenly comes at the moment.

I peeked outside the window when I could see our school gate. This school is only for high-ranking werewolves; princes and princesses of Gammas, Betas, and Alphas. But mostly, once you are a son or a daughter of a Beta or a Gamma, you will automatically be considered weak. You have no right to fight the Alphas, and you should know your place.

As a Beta Princess, I prefer to stay quiet and act like unbothered. Not everyone in the rank of Beta and Gamma experiences bullying unless someone pulls you to join the trouble.

My father broke into my trance again. "Someone came up to me yesterday and said he was waiting for you to shift." I looked at him when I felt like he wanted to say something. "He told me you were his mate."

My brows knitted and even though I want to ignore what he said, I still can't help but ask, "Who?"

He gave me the answer, "He's from the Arcanum Academy. It means, he belongs to the high-ranking bloodlines but he said, I shouldn't tell you his name and let you to discover it on your birthday."

I looked away and took my bag to hang it over my shoulder and asks, "Is that the reason why you're asking if I'm excited about my upcoming birthday?"

He was forced to turn to me after he stopped in front of the school gate. He replied, "Isn't that how you should feel?"

I looked at him and retorts, "I said, I'm excited. I just don't need to be over reacting to that thing. My age will only increase, I'll have my wolf, and that's all, that's part of my life."

He shook his head. "Aren't you at least curious about who your mate is?"

I took a deep breath and said, "You know Dad, curiosity kills and I don't want to die. I have to go."

I quickly got out of the car and faced him as he immediately starts the engine. Before he left, he looked at me and smiled as if he was not offended by my behavior.

Well, he's used to me being like this, but I don't intend to hurt him. He just really wanted something that I couldn't do.

I fixed my bag and my uniform before entering the gate. I could feel the curse of the morning around me so I took a different route instead of going straight to the main hallway. But it seems my morning routine already includes this being unlucky, because when I stepped to the left, there was a man rushing towards me. My eyes widened when I felt his soft lips pressing mine.

I had no choice but to push him and run fast. He yells, "Dessy!"

I didn't stopped to look back, I just sped up my run. I was confused about where I was going to enter; left or right aisle. The right goes to the comfort room and the left goes to the cafeteria. If I don't make a decision right away, he will catch me, so I have no choice but to let my feet to choose.

I just realized to myself that I am here in the Cafeteria. Many wolves were looking at me when suddenly arms wrapped around my shoulders as he asks, "What do you want to eat?"

My eyes wandered to the students around us. Most of the girls were gaping at the scene they were seeing—various whispers prevailed all around. Suddenly I feel his hot breath on my ear and he gave me a threat, "Answer my question, don't embarrass me." I s*ck*d my breath and before I could say anything, he added, "And give me a sweet smile."

I'm not afraid of him but I have to follow because if not, a tons of she-wolves will attack me. I don't want to repeat what happened the other day so I have no choice but to try to smile as I say, "Well, I'm craving for bread that made of rights and freedom with a leave me alone flavored filling inside. Can you order something like that for me, Prince Adam?"

Chapter 2: The Alpha Prince


His arm remained on my shoulder, while his left hand was currently slit in his pocket. We entered the Cafeteria and went straight to the circular island. There was a fat woman standing inside as she automatically smiled and greeted, "Good morning, Prince Adam!"

Adam replied, "Give me a bread that is made of rights and freedom with a leave me alone flavored filling inside. Once you don't give me what I ask for, I will tell your Alpha to exile you from your pack. "

My eyes widened when I looked at him as he did the same to me. His left brows raising causing me to gulp down the lump in my throat. I slowly turned my gaze to the woman who was gaping at us. I don't know what to say especially now that I'm not the only one who stuck in the situation but also the woman who works here in the cafeteria.

I saw that she was suddenly confused about what she was going to give, especially since there were no such ingredients. I press


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