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Bounded To The Alpha.

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Amanda, a beautiful young Alpha watched her parents and pack murdered in cold blood right before her eyes. She was captured by her attackers and made a slave, hated by the Alpha family. To Amanda's disbelief, a few days before her 18th birthday, she realized that her mate is no one else but the arrogant Alpha's son, Michael, the man who murdered her parents. With pain in her heart, she ran away from the pack after almost being killed only to cross paths with Denver, a strong ravishing Alpha of the most powerful werewolf pack, an Alpha who saved her life, TWICE! But no matter where she went, Michael didn't want to let her go. To him, it was disgust at first sight but gradually, his hatred blossomed into love. Amanda swore never to be his, but what happens when she finds herself trapped between the two Alphas and a deadline vampire who wants her as their mate?

Chapter 1

Amanda POV.

I burst into my father's room like a broken dam. The huge grin that was plastered on my face would soon vanish like it was never there.

“Daddy! Daddy! It is almost—"I stopped short at the entrance of his room. My heart was in my mouth, and my blood immediately ran cold. Then I let out an ear-piercing scream.

I could see my father sprawled on the floor in a pool of blood. I would have said he was dead, but I could see him closing and opening his eyes slowly.

"Father?" I mumbled in shock.

He was not yet dead. That was some sort of relief.

“Daddy! “ I screamed and ran towards him, but before I could get to him, hands from nowhere inched forward and grabbed me. My heart flipped.

“Let me go! Let me go!” I screamed with all my might as I kicked and pushed, but it was utterly useless. The person behind me was 10 times stronger. Heck, I was no match, I was just seventeen. It was just like an elephant and an ant kind of fight, but I kept screaming.

“Hey! You tie her up. Mehn! She keeps hurting my ears” I heard someone say from behind. I so badly wanted to see who it was but the hand over my body said otherwise.

And that was how I was tied, hands, feet, and mouth. They dropped me a few inches beside my father. By now, my eyes were already flooded with tears. I was utterly helpless. I dragged myself to where my father was. I couldn’t talk because I was gagged but I looked at my father with tears stained eyes and could see the pain in his. I brought my head closer to my father to comfort him.

Suddenly I heard blasts and cries, and then I saw them come in with a woman. Then it hit me. It was my mother! I began to make muffled noise, in a bid to attract the attention of my mother but it wasn’t working. My mother had her head bowed low like a dying flower, with blood dripping down her chin.

“I told you not to move!” a man grabbed me and moved me away from my father. I struggled and at that moment, the cloth tied to my mouth loosened, then I could hear them talk.

“Come on Carlos, let her be, they are going to die anyway so leave her with her parents, "one of the men said. At the thought of death, my heart began to race. I thought about dying, but then when I remembered I would die with my parents, it felt peaceful. I noticed that the men were all dressed in black but there was something spectacular about them. They had a mark on their arm. It was the mark of a spider. I could swear that I had seen that mark once, maybe while going through some werewolf books. I immediately dragged myself to where my father was, I tried to touch my mother although we were not close. I nudged my mother with my legs. It took a while before she responded, and when she did there was a sad smile on her face. I smiled back at her. I just wanted the pain I and my parents were going through would end immediately.

I still could not believe that the one night that always mattered in my life had turned out to be that of horror. This was the eve of my 17th birthday and my father had promised that he would get me a personal trainer so I would learn how to fight. Now everything has changed. I looked around me and saw that my father was still alive, but I didn't know how long he would stay alive. As we sat there waiting for the inevitable, I began to feel dizzy. I tried so hard to fight it, but it felt like my body was trying to give up. I let it anyway since we were all going to die.

A few hours later, I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying on the bare ground. I noticed that I was tied to a tree, and when I looked beside me, I could see my parents. I turned to my father and tried to wake him, but I found out he was already dead, going cold. Then I frantically turned to the other side and found out that my mother was also dead.

Panic flew into my throat.

I began to wonder if I was the only one that had survived this horrific incident.

When I looked around me, I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing.

Scattered all over the floor were bodies of people I recognized that were family and friends. They were my pack members, and they were all dead. Just like my father, and mother, the Luna, and Alpha.

But that was not what made me super scared.

I gulped hard still scanning around.

What made me terrified was that I might have been the only one that has survived the massacre yesterday.

“Hello!!” I croaked out but they were as silent as the dead people, they were.

Immediately tears began to fall like rain from my eyes. I had always known that the people who survive terrible incidents are the ones who bear the brunt of it all. The trauma of the pain never leaves their side.

As I was crying, I could see five men coming towards me. My heart began to beat fast. The one in front looked like their leader. He looked like he was their Alpha.

I assumed that this could be the alpha that had attacked my pack. Soon as they began to speak, I knew I was right.

I could not see his face because tears had clouded my vision.

“I see we have a survivor, “he said.

“What would we do with her?” Somebody else asked.

“She would be our slave.”


Amanda's POV

One year later.


I jerked from sleep. My whole body had been covered in sweat and my bed was soaking wet.

“Amanda!!” I heard my name again, louder this time.

I hurried out of bed to meet the woman, who was kind enough to give me a place to stay after I had begged people and tried to work to earn some money, but it was to no avail. They say a slave will never earn a living unless it has been given by someone. I perceived and fought some people to get my money. I had been told I didn’t behave like other slaves. I guess it was because deep down, I was still royalty. I was still an Alpha. They could have killed my people and made me pack-less, but I knew I carried the pain and revenge for my pack.

“Yes Dame,” I said as I yawned and stretched,

“Quickly get prepared, you are going to be a slave in the palace. Go and get your things, the other slaves leave in an hour” she said. I opened my mouth to say my gratitude, but no words came out. She smiled at me and pushed me to my room. I packed my stuff and hugged her goodbye. As we journeyed to the palace, my life this past year flashed before my eyes, and I smiled. I was proud of myself.

Sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Amanda Volcan, and I am the lost Alpha and the only surviving one of the Mystic shadow pack. However, now, I am nothing but a slave in the Bloodstone Pack.

We settled into the palace as maids and work began immediately. Well, I couldn’t work peacefully because the Alpha prince of the Bloodstone pack had been sending me weird signals. At some point, he seemed interested in me and later I saw him playing around with other girls. He had told me that I was beautiful, but I was never in his class. I took that in good faith as I hoped that I would get a good mate. Maybe the moon goddess will be merciful this time.

I woke up this morning feeling pains in my teeth and my arms. I noticed that I did my work swiftly and that could only be the feature of a fully transitioned werewolf. It was later I realized that my 18th birthday would soon be coming up and that would be by transitioning and mate finding dates.

I hoped it would be someone nice.

“All maids should assemble in the hall for the preparation of the inheritance ceremony for Alpha, Michael,” the chief matron said in our quarters.

“Oh, that would mean more work” one of the slaves sighed as she left for the bathroom. I sank deeper into bed as I wondered when all the work would end. I took my towel and decided to take my bath when I felt a slight pain in my back. I took my bath and rushed to the mirror to see. Lo and behold was the mark of a spider. I froze.

I knew to whom that mark belonged. It was no other than Michael, the Alpha prince. It meant one thing and one thing only.





And that made my blood boil, because there was nowhere, I was letting the son of my father’s murderer be my mate.

Chapter 2

Amanda POV

I roughly pulled down my dress, as an imagination of Michael trying to get cozy with me entered my head. Immediately, I am disgusted by the thought of it and there is a hard knot in my stomach. I would never allow someone who is akin to the person who enjoyed watching my family and pack suffer.

“Miss Volcan?!” The voice of the matron boomed. I looked up to see her standing at the entrance of the maid's chambers.

“Yes Miss Woody,” I said as I smothered my dress, and began to pick up my bag.

“You do know the punishment for slaves when they default,” she said as she eyed me from top to bottom.

“Yes, Miss Woody. I am well aware of it,” I said. Who am I not to remember how a maid was whipped because she had missed washing the dishes when it got to her turn? Even at the thought, I can still hear her cries ringing in my head like a warning.

“I am leaving,” I said as I moved to the door.

“I thought as much,” she sai


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