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Born of Fire

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Amryn Basden only knew two things: one, she was made into a killer. And two, she was absolutely d*mn good at it. What happens when she’s freed from a tyrant Alpha and has to go back to being a normal nineteen year old woman? Will she fall for the new Alpha that saved her from years of abuse who holds darker secrets than her? Or will she fall for a mysterious fae who has been searching for a savior for years to save the world? Can she handle finding out the truth about her own self and her so called ‘mate’? Or will she find true love in the midst of a civil war and save the world?

Chapter 1

"We're under attack!" rang out across the pack house, as I flew through the front door I saw the enemies creep out of the wooded tree-line and the warriors charge at them I raced to join them. Attacking my way through the ranks i ended up surrounded by a group of wolves. The first one, a  large grey wolf, mistakingly thinking his size would over power my small stature lunged at me. I dropped down lunging u for his throat crushing it. One after the next they lunged and failed, laying on the ground either dead or in pieces I didn't care. The last, an older scarred wolf charged dodging my first bite to his face he slipped past tearing a gash in my side, before  feeling the sting and the scent of blood trickling down my fur, I grabbed his front leg ripping it clean off. More of their warriors noticed as I turned marching towards them dropping it as if it were a mere bone.

The growls and screams disappeared as I reentered battle, everything became a blur that I was so familiar with. I felt a searing pain throughout my body almost crippling me, I knew I was losing blood but not enough to make me faint just yet I still had more time. It distracted me for a split second while another wolf plowed into my side throwing me to the ground I felt the blood gushing more. I got back to my feet and swayed, circling me were more wolves. My head was pounding as was my entire body. "The alpha is dead!" someone cried out. I started to feel woozy, swaying more as I growled at the wolves around me. One snapped at me, nipping my back leg. This cannot be happening. My vision growing distant two males approached the group and my body gave out. I heard yelling and everything went black.


I woke up on a bed. It was soft compared to what I was used to which was the deck floor outfronnt of the pack house or the dirty cement cell floors in the basement. My wolf whined as it sat up my wounds have healed but soreness raked my bones. I looked around seeing I was in a cell, but the door was open. This wasn't the Crescent moon pack house, I was somewhere else. I could faintly hear talking and laughing floors above. There wasn't anyone else down here but me, I walked to the cell door peaking my head around there was a staircase to my left the door at the top being open letting light through and the scent of food drifting down the stairs. However the scent of the dried blood all over my coat was overbearing, no matter how many times I have been stuck with this stench I never once got used to it. Even when Alpha Robert ordered me to have it crusted onto me for weeks.

I could either stay down here and wait for someone to come down to do god-knows-what, or I could go up the stairs and it would either not be so bad or I'd be killed on sight. The latter preferably to my taste as I've been hoping for since I was ten. I make my way up the stairs the chatting becoming more clear. I hear a familiar voice, the luna of my pack laughing with another female. A male responds. I haven't heard Janice laugh in... I don't think I can even remember. I ascended to the top of the stairs. It lead to a large lounge room. It was classy but cozy looking. There was Janice sitting with a middle aged  woman smiling, a younger girl about the age of sixteen was sitting in a chair close to her, a mother and daughter then. Two males, one younger looking one older looking, sat on the couch beside them, looking to be around their twenties to early thirties. As they carried on I exited the doorway, the scent of me swirling with the scent of food.

"You're awake finally!" Janice chirped. I turned facing her, looking to see if anyone dared make a move to approach me. "You've been asleep for four days. I bet you're starving, breakfast should be done soon." she says, "But we need to give you a bath because you smell horrendous girl." Tell me about it woman. Janice, unlike her f*ck*ng cruel husband had always made a point to be nice to me, not out of pity though no doubt over the years she probably did as I always took most of the brutal pain for her not wanting to see her get beaten by him or their son when he got older or by the others Robert had forced to whip her. She stood up and knelt in front of me despite the disgust that covered me. She cupped my face and pressed her forehead against mine, "Its over now Amryn, you're free, we all are. Thank you my friend." she whispered, I felt a rouge tear drip on my snout.

Once she collected herself and escorted me up to the second floor, to a large bedroom herding me into the luxurious bathroom. I hopped into the tub as she grabbed multiple bottles and bar soaps out from underneath the vanity holding them out for me to choose. I sniffed them, one smelled awful like an old woman, another smelled of clean linen, as I smelled the rest I nuzzled at one that smelled like lavender.  It took her a good thirty minutes or so to get the dried blood off of me, untangling my fur. I had so many things to ask her and yet I was stuck in this state. Once I was dried off we went back downstairs to the dining room. She sat in the middle as I laid under her chair guarding her as I always have still pondering all of my questions. She was gentle and kind and she was abused by a vicious monster.

Others soon came to the table, the same ones from earlier, but one new female holding a child around the age of four I'd assume, sat at the side of the older looking male on the opposite side of the table, they were mates. The females from before on opposite sides at the head of the table, they must be related to the alpha. The scent of pine mountains and fresh air drifted to me, strong yet a small hint of soothingness to it. A tall muscular male walked in, his jet black thick shaggy hair shined in the light. He locked eyes on me, Mate was the only thing my wolf said.

Chapter 2

He smirked and walked to his seat at the head of the table. You have got to be fucking kidding me. My mate, is an alpha. The alpha of the pack that challenged my pack and now I'm hostage in his pack house. He must have seen me while I was fainting since I don't remember him, that is the only reason I can think of why I'm not dead right now. Any wolf from any pack would kill me on site if I was in a weak state, it has to be the reason. But why didn't he reject me? My thoughts were interrupted as platters of food were brought out by the chef, I could smell all of it. My stomach grumbled loudly at the smell. I was indeed starving but I was used to this hunger despite my digestive organs telling everyone otherwise. The woman with the babe giggled at the sound. "Someone is hungry" she smiled as I crept out beneath Janice's chair and rested my chin on the table barely reaching. Most wolves would be able to fully rest their head on it or even be taller, b


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