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Being the Mate of My Ex's Uncle

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"I love you, Winnie. Your sister Lottie is nothing more than a substitute for you. You know what? Whenever I'm sleeping with her, I will imagine that I was with you..." I'm Lottie Hendrix, naively holding onto the belief that my boyfriend, Lewis loves me. It took me a year to figure out that he is only with me because of my resemblance to my sister, Winnie Hendrix. To get back at him, I didn't just limit myself to openly flirting with all his friends; I even went on to date his uncle, Alfie.

CHAPTER 1 Surprise

Lottie's POV

"Lottie Hendrix, will you marry me and become my wife?" Lewis held out a diamond ring, kneeling on one knee and looking at me with deep affection. Cheers erupted around us. I covered my mouth in surprise, tears of joy and emotion streaming down my face.

"Of course I will!" My heart was racing with excitement. I never thought this day would come so soon!

He stood up, laughing, and placed the ring on my finger. Cheers erupted again.

As I looked up to meet his kiss, everything suddenly went dark. Everyone disappeared, leaving only me and Lewis.

His eyes turned fierce, and he grabbed my neck tightly.

"Why don't you just die?"

"Lewis!" I woke up screaming his name and gasping for air.

"God, how could I have such a terrible dream?" I ran my hand through my black curls in frustration.

If it weren't for the nightmare, it would have been a perfect dream!

I got up and opened the curtains, letting the warm sunlight pour in. I stretched lazily towards the sun, feeling full of energy.

"Today is an important day. I can't let this nightmare ruin my good mood today!"

Today is the one-year anniversary of my relationship with Lewis!

He is the heir to the Oceans Howl Pack Alpha, and I am the eldest daughter of the Silver Moon Pack Alpha. I believe that soon we will get married and build a happy family under everyone's blessings. My father said that dreams and reality are opposite, so Lewis and I will definitely be happy forever!

This is our first anniversary, and I can't contain my excitement at the thought of today.

When I went downstairs after getting ready, my father, Alpha James, was sitting at the table reading the newspaper.

"Good morning, father!"

"Good morning, Lot." He smiled at me when he saw me. "You seem to be in a good mood today. Are you going to meet Lewis for a date later?"

I nodded and sat down to eat breakfast.

"Where's Winnie? Have you seen her around?" Winnie is my twin sister.

"She went out. She said she had plans with friends."

It makes sense that I didn't know. Although we are twins, we are not close. We don't know everything about each other, but we both love each other very much.

Unlike me, who is very extroverted, Winnie is often very quiet due to health issues. But because we look exactly the same, people can tell us apart once you start interacting with one of us.

After breakfast, I went upstairs to shower, put on Lewis's favorite blue dress, and put on some makeup. It was already late afternoon when I was done getting ready. I immediately set off for Oceans Howl Pack with the surprise I had prepared for him today.

Usually, at this time, Lewis would be in his private study. No one is allowed into his private study without invitation except for me.

I love this privilege that only I have, so I plan to give him the surprise I prepared for him in his private study.

As I stepped into Ocean's Howl Pack's Pack House, I stumbled upon Alfie Roberts and a she-wolf kissing under a tree in the garden. I immediately hid behind a huge flower bed nearby and watched from afar.

After hiding, I realized how foolish it was to hide. If they dared to kiss in public, why should I hide? I should have looked at them openly!

Although I thought this, I still kept my hiding position.

The she-wolf's expression was provocative, their tongues exploring each other's mouths. The she-wolf's body kept rubbing against him, seeming to demand more. Alfie's strong and powerful hand held onto her slender waist, and it was clear that he had made her legs weak with his kiss.

Watching their embrace, I felt dry-mouthed and tongue-tied. Suddenly, his gray eyes locked onto my direction. I immediately withdrew my gaze and completely hid behind the flower bed.

My heart was beating incredibly fast at this point. I didn't know if it was because I was caught peeping or for some other reason.

Alfie is Lewis's uncle and teacher, but he is only 32 years old, only 12 years older than Lewis. The Oceans Howl Pack members highly respect him, despite the fact that he holds no official position within the group.

He is very handsome. S*xy, thick lips, a high nose bridge, deep and unfathomable gray eyes, thick sword eyebrows, and brown side-combed hair give him a wild and elegant air. His body is also very good, tall and straight, with just the right amount of muscles that perfectly fill out his suit.

Unlike Lewis's youthfulness, he exudes the unique charm of a mature man. But according to Lewis, he abandoned his mate.

Although he may possess considerable wealth of which he can be proud, inflicting such pain on a woman's heart renders him devoid of any allure, in my opinion.

"Miss Lottie, it's not ladylike to spy on someone." A low and deep male voice suddenly sounded above my head.

While my mind wandered, Alfie silently walked up to me. His shirt buttons pulled apart by the woman revealed his muscular chest, and the olive leaf tattoo on his chest instantly caught my eye.

"I..." I stood up and faced his scrutinizing gaze, becoming nervous. "I wasn't a lady to begin with. I'm a warrior!"

After speaking, I ran towards Lewis's private study without looking back. Although we had only met a few times, he could recognize me as Lottie at a glance.

When I arrived at Lewis's private study, I realized that he wasn't there, but this gave me some time to prepare.

I pulled up all the curtains in the study, making it instantly dark. I changed into the lingerie I had prepared in advance. After changing, I turned off the lights and lay on the sofa, waiting for him.

This was my first time doing something like this, but I believed he would like it. After waiting nervously for fifteen minutes, I heard footsteps approaching. I immediately walked to the door.

As soon as the door was pushed open, I excitedly pounced on the person and hugged them tightly. "Surprise!"

The person I hugged clearly hesitated for a moment. Their nose was filled with the fresh scent of pine trees that I was unfamiliar with, and their waist muscles were firmer and more robust than Lewis's. Before I could react, they gently pushed me away.

The next second, the lights in the room were turned on.

"Alfie! What are you doing here?"

CHAPTER 2 Substitute

Lottie's POV

Alfie didn't answer me, but he looked at my body with an aggressive gaze. It suddenly dawned on me that I was still wearing the lingerie.

Feeling offended, I raised my right hand to slap him, but he had already sensed my intention. In an instant, he effortlessly grabbed my wrist with his left hand and spun me around, pressing my hand against the wall.

"No one has ever dared to hit me before."

"What do you want?!" I couldn't tell from his tone whether he was angry or not, and his sudden movement and powerful aura made me panic again.

I tried to break free from his grasp.

The next second, we were face-to-face again. He lowered his head and put his index finger on my mouth, trying to quiet me down. "Shh..."

This intimate contact with a man other than Lewis made me both scared and excited, causing me to forget to struggle for a while.

His scent enveloped me. The warmth from his finger made my brain a little fuzzy.



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