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Before Us

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Set in 90's times... Jennifer used to be a cold hot headed teenage girl. She was living a normal life, not until she met Akira, a college guy who spilled a 1peso worth of juice on her 7,000 worth of peso bag. She then ended up being in love and in a relationship with him. One night under the full moon she witnessed with her two eyes how her boyfriend turned into a beast that the folks used to call it as a werewolf. She was totally shocked, however, she didn't feel afraid of Akira. Akira confessed about his true identity to her. She learned that every werewolf has a mate and that will only come within their breed. That makes her to persuade Akira to turn her also into a werewolf because she was afraid that Akira would be mated to another werewoman. As Akira fangs pierced on her neck, untold history before them, began to unfold in her mind. And when she totally became a werewolf, she ended up killing Akira. Her life of being a witch with a blood of a werewolf started. She came to the underworld to avenge her parents- the powerful white witches, who had been killed by the black witch and a father and son- werewolf. There, she saw again the face of the man she love, with a modest beautiful woman beside him who turned out to be Akira's mate.


It was a ceremonious night when Matilda bore her child. The moon shone bright in the dark sky for the most powerful white witch, the 15th generation of their race. At the sound of the newborn’s cry, a loud wail was heard. It echoed around the place, scaring all the birds that had been watching kindly beside them. The loud wail was even followed by small ominous growls like that of a beast. Orlando was alarmed because of it. Matilda clinged on Orlando’s arm as she felt the black power coming from Amara. Orlando glanced at her as if they were thinking the same thing. He immediately stood up and placed a brown cape around Clara, his nine year old daughter. Then, he handed her his newborn daughter. The brown cape will serve as their protection from Amara. It will prevent its wearer from releasing their power and it will hide them from the sight of any powerful being. It is a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation to whoever was the most powerful white witch living in the family. It is also one of the reasons why their life is in danger. “Mommy,” Clara’s voice trembled as she called out to her mother. You could see fear in her gentle eyes. She looked into her daughter’s eyes and started using her powers. Her eyes glowed purple, so did Clara’s. “Run, sweetie and take your sister with you! Run far from this place and never turn back. Live with the normal people. Take care of Jennifer and raise her. That would be her name as a normal person. Let her and her fate discover her true identity. We love you both so, so much. Farewell.” After she said her last words, tears fell out of her eyes that she couldn’t stop them. Her eyes have returned back to normal, but she left Clara’s in that condition. She has to put her under her purple power so she could make her do whatever she wants her to do. She couldn’t let them leave without her extra layer of protection. Clara started to walk with little Jennifer in her arms. They had to leave the white castle. Orlando stood quietly behind them. Not even a tear escaped his eyes. Everything was too much that his heart became hard. His eyes started to change its color. His right eye turned purple, the other black, a sign that he also possesses the blood of a black witch. Among the two of them, only Matilda is capable of fighting against their enemies because a pure white witch can only defend. If they hurt a being, no matter how bad it is their purple blood will be soiled by black blood. Orlando knew to himself that this would be the end for him and his wife. However, he will do everything that he can just to kill them all even if one of them is his younger sister just to protect his wife Matilda.

Chapter 1

I STARED at the big painting in front of me. It was attached to the white wall of my bedroom. It was a painting of my late parents' faces. My parents, whom Ihad never had the chance to be with since I was born.Despite that, I never felt what it's like to be an orphan. I always have my older sister, Clara, with me who has also been both a mother and a father to me. In fact, I grew up being rich because of her endeavor and perseverance. She was able to build a company that sells beauty products here in the Philippines. It's called Ever Beauty and now, it is the leading and most successful company in the country. Almost everyone loves our products because of their effectiveness and affordable price. We were even able to export our products and sell them to other countries. Sometimes, I wonder how Clara was able to do all that by herself. I wonder how she was able to know how to use plants for cosmetics and make-up when she only studied and gradua


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