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Señorita Crescentia

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  • 6.6
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Before Us
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  • 7.5

Set in 90's times... Jennifer used to be a cold hot headed teenage girl. She was living a normal life, not until she met Akira, a college guy who spilled a 1peso worth of juice on her 7,000 worth of peso bag. She then ended up being in love and in a relationship with him. One night under the full moon she witnessed with her two eyes how her boyfriend turned into a beast that the folks used to call it as a werewolf. She was totally shocked, however, she didn't feel afraid of Akira. Akira confessed about his true identity to her. She learned that every werewolf has a mate and that will only come within their breed. That makes her to persuade Akira to turn her also into a werewolf because she was afraid that Akira would be mated to another werewoman. As Akira fangs pierced on her neck, untold history before them, began to unfold in her mind. And when she totally became a werewolf, she ended up killing Akira. Her life of being a witch with a blood of a werewolf started. She came to the underworld to avenge her parents- the powerful white witches, who had been killed by the black witch and a father and son- werewolf. There, she saw again the face of the man she love, with a modest beautiful woman beside him who turned out to be Akira's mate.

The Lustful Tutor
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  • 5.0

Alice was struggling with her studies, especially in her art class. Her parents, who were well-known personalities in the painting industry, had high expectations for her. However, she seemed to lack any inspiration or motivation, which resulted in her paintings lacking emotions. Additionally, she was still unsure of her main theme in painting. That's why she sought the help of Carlos, a renowned painting tutor. But what if their tutoring lessons turned into something more than that? Something that involved Carlos making her moan on top of the study table inside her studio.

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  • 7.5

"BE my pretend girlfriend!" Holden said to me out of the blue while we were eating. I raised an eyebrow in surprise. "What a joke!" I replied and continued eating. I was enjoying the food in this fancy restaurant. It was probably my first time eating here. "I'm serious, Lie!" He spoke again. I stopped eating completely and glared at him. "Don't call me that!" I snapped at him. ————— Rosalie Bennett, a chef with a heart full of dreams, finds herself at a crossroads when her beloved little restaurant faces foreclosure. Desperate to save her dream place, she embarks on a daring bargain with Holden. He offers to save her restaurant in exchange for a temporary fake relationship that involves marriage.


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