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Aramis : No Escape

Aramis : No Escape

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Aramis and Zaira.Zaira and Aramis. The purest opposites and yet they have something in common. They are mates. Can they find each other in a world of horror and cold?*** "You may look at me." His voice was harsh and cold, yet his words gave me a warm, woolly feeling. Immediately, his glowing green eyes drew me in and held me captive. My Mate. A pleasant shiver gripped my body and | tried not to let on the strong effect it was having on me. "Thank you..." my voice was still hoarse from Alpha Blake's attempt to choke me. "Thank you for saving me."He didn't show any emotion and his face remained just as emotionless and cold as before.

Chapter 0 Prologue


"Mommy what's a mate?" my mommy looked at me

in amusement.

"Well honey, you know that." She gave me a

reproachful look.

Well, yeah, I already knew what a mate was. But

loved it when my mommy described what a mate

was. On top of that I didn't want to go to sleep yet,

I hated sleeping. Why did I have to sleep now when

Mommy and Daddy could stay up?

So unfair! my wolf growled in agreement.

"All right. I'll explain one last time what a mate is."

Now my mommy smiled. She had such a beautiful

smile, I hoped I would smile as beautiful as

Mommy. Daddy always says Mommy and I have

the most adorable smiles in the whole world.

"A mate is the most beautiful thing in the whole

world, the best thing that can ever happen to you.He is your other half, the half that completely

complements your soul. He will adore and love you

as you can only dream." , their eyes widened and

they began to glow like they always did when

mommy talked about mates.

"Will he treat me like a princess?" I asked excitedly,

already knowing the answer. But I was always

happy to hear them.

"Darling, he'll take care of you like a queen. His


"Waahh," I gushed, now sitting upright in my bed.

"And how do I know who my mate is?" I asked

curiously, waiting impatiently for Mommy's


"Oh, you'll know from the start. When you see him

you feel like you're floating on clouds, you can't

take your eyes off him." She wagged her eyebrows,

which made me giggle ."It's going to feel like the happiness is literally

coursing through your body, like it's Christmas

when you unwrap presents, only 100 times, no,

1000 times better!" A wide grin graced my

mommy's lips and she was really beaming.

"And Zaira, the best part is," she looked deep into

my eyes, "that he will love you to infinity!".

I widened my eyes. Wow, to infinity.

I can't wait to meet our mate! My wolf jumped

around excitedly inside me. When it comes to

mate, it always comes out and I loved when I felt it

inside me. However, this does not happen much,

she prefers to hide and withdraw.

Mommy says it's because I'm an omega. don't

know exactly what an Omega is, but Daddy always

says it makes me special and I can be proud of it.

"Now you really have to go to sleep.” She tuckedme in and gave me a kiss on the forehead. "Good

night my little princess, have a nice dream.",

snuggled up in my warm blanket, I looked up at

my mommy one last time and then closed my eyes.

A scream jerked me awake from my sleep.

What was that?!

Confused, I looked around my room when another

scream sounded and then loud noises penetrated

my room, which didn't exactly sound peaceful.

Fear crept into my body.

"Mommy, Daddy?!" I yelled in panic. Nothing, no

answer. Curled up in my bed I yelled at them again

and again and again.

Tears flow down my cheeks until suddenly the

door opens and my mommy bursts in."Mommy? What's wrong?" My voice trembled and I

let out a sob when I noticed something red and

sticky on her clothes. Blood.

"Calm down Princess, Mommy is with you." She

wrapped me in a hug and hugged me tightly.

"Zaira, you have to listen to me very carefully now,

okay?" She broke away from me and looked at me

intently."Okay..." I said quietly.

"Good. So honey, we were attacked by rogues.", I

widened my eyes and started to cry. Mommy lifted

my chin so I could look into her eyes again. "Listen

dear, you must be a big girl now, okay? You're a

really big, strong girl, aren't you?".

I nodded vigorously and wiped the tears from my


"Daddy and I will take care of the rogues here

while you run ahead into the woods. run so sh-“

"What?! No, I don't want to leave you! I want to

stay with you Mommy!" Tears threatened to fall

again and my lips began to tremble.

"Hei hei hei." She hugged me tightly. "Mommy and

Daddy will be right over there okay? You just run

ahead.""Promise?" I asked, my voice shaking.

Now there were tears in Mommy's eyes too, "I


Her arms pressed me even tighter to her.

"Run into the woods. Don't look back, don't wait

for anyone and no matter what, run . Run as fast


She gently wrapped her hands around my face.

"And if anything happens, remember Zaira, your

mate is out there somewhere. He will find you and

save you. You are always safe with him and then

everything will be fine."

"Okay..." I whispered, burying my head in her

neck.My legs carried me as fast as they could. My

breathing was shallow and irregular, but the

adrenaline coursing through my veins kept me

running through the forest.

I could still hear the horrid noises, thanks to my

keen senses.

Suddenly there was a shrill scream. I stopped



Panic spread through my body when a second,

equally painful scream filled the night.


There was complete silence now."No!" I yelled and sobbed. I was about to turn to get

back to Mommy and Daddy when my wolf stopped


No Zaira, we can't go back. You and I know for a

fact that Mommy and Daddy died We heard it. She

whimpered softly but still stridently. We have to

keep running. Remember Mommy's words .

So I did the only thing left to do. I ran.

"Ouch!" Pain shot through my body as I tripped on

a branch and fell.

I wish I could just lay here and never get up. I

didn't want to be here. I wanted to be with Daddy

and Mommy. But [ knew that I'll never be able to

do this again,my heart clenched in agony at the thought and I

curled up crying on the cold floor.

"Well, who do we have here?" came a deep, dark

voice that made my body tremble. It belonged to a

very, very big man . Very large.

Then his mouth twisted into a cruel smile that

made me flinch. "What's your name, Omega?"

I whimpered in fear.

‘and no matter what happens Zaira, run. Run as

fast as you can." My mommy's voice appeared in my


So I did what my mommy told me and ran. I ran

faster than I've ever run in my entire life.

Unfortunately for me, I was painfully pulled back

and caught in an iron grip."Oh no, little omega, you will not escape me. You

stay here with me, forever."

I shouted. I screamed as loud as I could. I screamed

for Mommy, for Daddy, but all I could hear was his

malicious laughter, echoing through the endless


With heavy breathing I opened my eyes . haven't

woken up screaming for a long time, I learned

early on the consequences of this.

I slowly got up, I should get up right away and get

to work. What I quickly regretted, however,

because pain shot through my body immediately.

Moaning softly in agony, I pulled up my t-shirt to

examine my wound, only to find my bruises and

bruises were healing worse by the day.

But what great thing could I do?Nothing at all, except praying that this day will be

better than yesterday.

Chapter 1



"WHERE'S YOUR MIND!" Alpha Blake's angry voice

startled me.

"EE-I'm m-sorry A-Aplha." [ stammered, trembling,

looking down at the smashed cup that lay on the

floor at my feet. "I'll p-clean a-everything right


I was about to collect the pieces of the broken cup

when Alpha Blake grabbed my arm and violently

pulled me towards him.

Panic crept up my body. Please do not. Please do

not. Not again.

"You should know better, Omega!" Slowly a small,

malicious smile crept onto his face, which was

contorted with anger, which I had learned to fear

over the years. "Then I'll have to teach you better

again.""No bb-please not Alpha, t-it'll n-never happen

again! I promise t-it!" I begged in a weak voice,

which I quickly regretted.

"DAMN! How many more times do I have t


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