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An Omega Mated to an Alpha

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Denise is an omega, sold to an Alpha to become his slave. When she finally turns into her twenties, Alpha Saerrus saves her from the torture that Alpha Jack and his mate gave her. Alpha Saerrus gave her what she deserved and started to fall in love with her however, Beta Elina who is supposed to be his contracted wife showed up to take him from Denise. How could Alpha Saerrus pursue his love for Denise when he is forced to have a contracted marriage to another wolf? Will he fight his love for her? Another thing, what will happen if Denise knows the truth about him? Will Denise still put her trust in him or will be afraid of him?

Chapter 1 Alpha Sae

Walking as her body trembles in fear. She was called by Alpha Jack and she knew that once she set foot in his office, another torture she would receive. She accidentally broke the plates in the kitchen and Alpha Jack heard it. Denise is so afraid of Alpha Jack that one time, she almost dies because of the torture he gives to her.

She may want to escape from the hellish place but she can't as Alpha Jack can always find her where she hides and even though she tried to run as fast as she could, Alpha Jack can catch up with her. She hated her father for selling her to a ruthless Alpha. Every time she made even a minor mistake, Alpha Jack wouldn't even let her eat and was locked in the basement for days.

She stops walking when she is finally at the door. She was thinking twice whether to open it or not but of course, even though she won't open it, Alpha Jack can still sense her. The smell of an omega is much stronger than other wolves. How could she escape from him? If Alpha Jack can smell her wherever she is.

"Are you coming in or not?" Denise immediately opened the door when she heard his voice and began to bow her head, asking for forgiveness.

"I am sorry, it was an accident!" Alpha Jack walks closer and grabs her arm closer to his. "Please, I am begging you," Denise cried as she closed her eyes, looking away from him. She doesn't want to look at Alpha Jack as she is scared of him. Everything he did felt like an attack on her. She is afraid of getting hit, of getting beaten.

"Beg? Accident? No matter what it is, you still had the guts to break my things! You are just a slave, you must act properly!" Alpha Jack threw her and took his belt ready to whip Denise for her mistake.

"N-no, please. It hurts, I don't want to feel that thing again," Denise still cried looking at the belt in front of causing Alpha Jack to smirk. He whips her two times causing Denise to groan and cry in pain.

Alpha Jack is merciless, after seeing Denise in her twenties, he may want to touch her but he can't as he already mated with Luna Alya. One of the daughters of the strongest Alpha. "You are lucky, if it weren't for my mate you'd be wrecked every day because of me." He stomps Denise's stomach causing the lady to groan in pain once again.

"Do not worry, I won't hurt you too much for today. I will be meeting with someone in this house. Hide in the basement and don't ever try to escape while we are busy interacting with an Alpha, do you hear me!?" Denise hastily nods her head in response while biting her lower lip.

"Stand up." Denise immediately does what Alpha Jack says. He moves closer and kisses her neck causing Denise to cry once again. "Serve me tea and hide in the basement after that," Alpha Jack speaks as he looks at her smirking. Denise bowed her head and immediately went out to his office.

Denise clenches her fist as she walks from the hallway to the kitchen. She started to brew some tea but suddenly she was thinking of poisoning the Alpha today. She bought poison from the black market where it could kill a wolf even though how strong he is. She took the poison in her pocket of her slave costume immediately. "I am sick of this life, I want to kill him." Denise intently looks at the poison and slowly puts it in the tea.

After that, she slowly walks closer to Alpha Jack's office. She gulped and worried that Alpha Jack might notice the poison she put in the tea. She knocked on the door and when she was finally given permission to enter, she went in and looked at Alpha Jack standing looking at the window. He is waiting for another Alpha that he would sign a contract for.

The Alpha that he wanted to be a business partner led the strongest and widest pack. Alpha Saerrus is well-known for his businesses and is one of the strongest Alpha.

"M-master, this is your tea." Denise gave the cup filled with green tea and a poison. Denise felt nervous upon giving the cup to him and Alpha Jack took it, he stopped before he could take a sip. He looks at Denise who is now staring at him, biting her lower lip in nervousness. She also started fidgeting her fingers.

"What did you put it here?" Denise's body trembles in fear and before she could answer his question, she immediately ran away to escape. "Come back here!" Alpha Jack growled enraged while he was chasing Denise. The small wolf just closes her eyes as she keeps on running away from the big Alpha.

Denise stumbled on the rock on a path where she was running causing her to have wounds and bruises. She still tries to stand up even though she can't feel her body anymore. Because of hunger, she can't run as fast as she could. She is still running and looks behind her because of that, she bumps into someone causing her to fall but the person she bumped into was able to catch her waist so she won't fall on the ground.

Denise looked at the man and was stunned to see a handsome man! Denise heard Jack's voice causing her to immediately stand up and hug the man in front of him. "Please! I am begging you! Help me escape from him, please! please!" The man held her waist as the lady was hugging him, looking at her face confusedly.

"Denise!" The lady closed her eyes when she finally heard the Alpha's voice. She hugs the man as tightly as she can just not to let Alpha Jack take her away from him. "Alpha Saerrus?" Denise widely opens her eyes after hearing it.

"What is the meaning of this, Alpha Jack?" Alpha Saerrus asks still holding the waist of the lady, letting her hug him.

Chapter 2 Buy Me

Denise wanted to get away from him but Alpha Sae tightened his grip on the lady causing her to feel embarrassed. "I am asking you, Alpha Jack. What is the meaning of this? Why are your people begging me to escape from here?" he asks.

"She is not one of my people, Alpha Saerrus. She is my slave. I bought her because of her father's debt. You have nothing to do with her so give her back to me." Alpha Saerrus intently looks at Alpha Jack.

"Don't you know that it is forbidden in the pack to slave an omega now? We are already in the modern day, Alpha Jack. You will be punished because of this." Alpha Jack glared at Denise who was comfortably hugging the Alpha, asking for his protection.

Alpha Saerrus looks at the lady's body. He pitied her because of how her body was thin like paper as if she hadn't eaten for days already. How her body trembles in fear because of Alpha Jack might cause her trauma. "Tell me, miss. How many years did Alpha Jack enslave you?"



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