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An Immortal's Obsession

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"kill them.." "kill them all... Bring out everyone's heart... Burn everything so that no one can escape from here.." "Please have mercy on us we are willing to serve you as your slaves. "Slaves Hahahaha. 'God' did you see I am having fun you have taken away my mother I will take away your children. "Worship me, humans." when a vampire is more obsessed with a girl than his thirst for blood In the year 1950 a terrible massacre was going on in a village A pureblood vampire was standing there enjoying this massacre Not too far away he saw a woman fighting with many vampires all alone like a 'one-man army..' Anyone who sees her once can tell that she must be a witch but the pureblood thinks she is not a witch. ************** She tasted sweet like oranges liquid sunshine in my mouth as we kissed our tongues playing together ''Darling why your lips were swollen Did anything bite your lips," smirking Majesty held her close.

Stormy Night

The period 1950

“What will happen, father, if we all become vampires? I don't want to be like them.” A little girl was crying in her father's arms, fearing being a monster like them.

“No, love. We will never transform into this filthy creature just endure for a while, daughter, and later we'll be in peace,” The man kissed his daughter on the head and whispered these heartless words because alone he knows the meaning of his words.

Outside the house, they can hear people scream. They are begging for clemency. Notably, the sound of children crying could crush one's soul. Those vampires saturated the entire village in blood, they even ripped off their hearts.

Far from the village, a man was sitting on the golden throne, slowly twirling his finger around his glass of liquor and laughing like a maniac devil at the scream of those villagers.

“No wonder I felt, so good today. Dear God, can you heed their scream? Yes, you can hear.”

“Haha! But you are a coward. If not, then come down to fight with me, and save your children. I know you can't, but don't worry, I'll kill people as many times as I can, just to get you down,” Gabriel smiled terribly.

“Let's go, Gramson. We have a good show to enjoy.” His Majesty playfully ordered. He looked up and chuckled as if he was taunting God, for their failure.

“Yes, Majesty, I'm preparing your carriage.”

“No need, Gramson. Have you forgotten my special ability? Haha! I want to make our journey as fast as possible,” His Majesty said, but the viciousness in his voice can shake anyone's bones.


In the village, the same father and daughter killed themselves with poison. The entire village was in chaos. There were only dead bodies scattered all over the village.

“My troops did an exceptional job. Look how much the population has decreased?” Gabriel chuckled at his words as if these living people are insects to him whom he was pruning.

Gramson stared at 'His Majesty' in shock after hearing this.

“Don't look at me, Gramson. You are with me for so long, you should have become accustomed to my atrocities,” Gabriel utters, and smoothly glide his tongue under the fang just like an alluring devil.

No one can deny that this vampire king is beyond handsome and sensual, even if a seductress will be ashamed in front of him.

“Majesty, I don't understand why are you doing this to them. They are just poor villagers, what do they do to make you so p*ss*d.

Pardon Majesty, I am just curious,” Gramson bowed his head and asked forgiveness because he had no right to ask 'His Majesty.'

But Gramson only heard a giggle. Instead of getting any answer, he saw how 'His Majesty' made himself comfortable by leaning against the tree. He almost gave up hoping for answers though he never expected, then he heard 'His Majesty', “It is a long story Gramson, I'll tell you later.”

Suddenly, a 'BOOM!' There was a loud explosion in front of them. When they got a little closer, they saw that the place had turned black, and a hut was destroyed in that explosion as if a silent volcano had woken up suddenly.

Then they saw a petite woman coming out of the middle of the blazing fire holding a vampire's head, but that fire can't even touch her single hair. She looks like a fire goddess whose fire had raged throughout the village.

Forthwith, she started fighting with all the vampires as a warrior. Whenever she raised one hand, a storm slammed many vampires away at once, and with her other hand had burned one vampire to ashes, as if the source of the power of the entire universe was hidden in her hand.

“Who is she?” Gabriel muttered under his breath. He never thought he would witness such a phenomenon.

“Majesty, I didn't know a witch could live in this small village, but what could be the reason for hiding here?” Gramson said but as he looked at His Majesty and saw, 'His Majesty's red eyes fixed on that witch. His Majesty had heard nothing that he had blabbered on.

Meanwhile, Gabriel can't see anything except her. It was as if his eyes did not want to move over the woman. This woman has blonde hair, bright eyes like the sun, and a small face like a child. In particular, she was fighting like a heroic combatant; it looked very pleasing in his eyes. He wasn't even concerned about his vampire army dying at the hands of that girl.

Gradually, the fight became very intense. Now all the vampires present had realized the power of their opponent, so they no longer thought of taking her lightly.

“How powerful this woman could be that changed the whole scenario at the tip of their nose,” Gabriel speculated.

The army already understood that they could not win with her alone, so one of them signaled to the other to do it together, but their strategy failed again. They could not shake her from her place. By this time, she was covered in her blood. Despite that, she stood firm, like a goddess who descended from heaven to send these devils to hell.

After a while, Gabriel realized she had no strength left to fight. She has lost a lot of blood, so the glowing power in her hand was slowly fading away.

Taking advantage of this moment, one of them pretended to be a little boy to distract her. When the woman saw the boy, she screamed and ran to save him. She tightly embraced him so that no harm came to the boy, but she did not realize that her time had come. She was stupid because she was too soft-hearted.

A vampiress stabbed her in the back with the silver Valerian steel in her hand, which was specially made to kill the powerful witch. The woman fell to the ground, but her grip did not leave the boy. The boy she saved, ruthlessly put his hand on her chest and pulled out her heart, with a creepy smile on his face.

“Sorry woman, I am not what you think I am. You are too kind, but I have to say that you're better off not being a witch, Haha!” That little boy laughed and turned into a grown man.


Gabriel could not move from there after watching this scene. He didn't want to see her die, not now. When he finally found the warmth which he craved for all these years. After seeing her, he only wanted her close to him. Now it's all gone.

Gabriel's throat seemed to dry up, and his desire for blood was increasing as if something bad had triggered in his heart. “Why is this happening to me? D*mn! My f*ck*ng heart, it hurts.” The edges of his eyes turned black, and his fangs elongated.

“No, No! This is bad,” Gabriel painfully whispered.

If he can no longer control himself, his entire army was not going to survive.

Seeing their majestic king's coming, his army bowed before him, but their 'Majesty' did not look at them at all. Usually, their king had always praised them after seeing their killing brutality. Watching this, everyone started looking at themselves with questioning eyes but the thing they don't know was that their king has now turned into a killing machine, just another trigger, then no one will be able to stop him from becoming the 'Hell king.'

Gabriel slowly came towards the woman and saw the witch's motionless, pale body. There was a big hole in her chest and she didn't have a heart in it. He closed his eyes for a while and tried to calm his remorseful heart, then without saying a word; he disappeared from everyone's sight.

They were all shocked. Even Gramson was perplexed by 'His Majesty's behavior.

“Why has his Majesty behaving like this since he came here?” Gramson whispered.

Dark heart Devil

Gabriel stood in front of another village to quench his thirst for blood. As he was about to enter the village, his ears perked at a woman's crying from somewhere nearby.

He was no longer in himself. His body may have been moving, but his mind was completely useless. There was only a desire for blood in his eyes.

Gabriel stood in the dark waiting for his prey like a night predator.

At first, that woman was frightened, seeing a man standing in the dark, but immediately the voice of the same man calmed her nerves.

“Don't be afraid, just tell me what happened and why are you crying?” Gabriel said in an enchanting voice as if the voice was inviting the woman to listen more.

She had never heard such an alluring voice before as if it has the power to remove all sorrows, so she started moving towards the voice in a trance state.

As she approached the man's face lit up before her eyes, whose face had been covered with black veins. Those eye


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