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Amazing Daughter Of The Alpha King

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As the daughter of the Alpha King, Cielo can do anything... that includes killing her rogue mate and living according to her wishes—but that's what she thought. The Wolves council forces her to attend the claiming ceremony and the order doesn't end there... They gave an order that if she can't find her mate, the wolf council will appoint someone for her. With her strong personality, will Cielo be able to obey the order? or she will defy it and do what she wants...

Chapter 1

Cielo POV.Every sole I pass lowers their head and refuses to make eye contact with me. I can not hold it against them. I tend to make them sweat after a well-earned reputation. Every pore on my body oozes confidence, making even the most powerful alpha hesitate in my presence. The majority of those present are surprised by my presence. I am rarely here and rarely seen lately.When I open the double wooden doors, they make a loud banging noise, which irritates me. I prefer to make an unannounced appearance. This way, after learning the reason for my request, I can leave unnoticed. Since the day I turned eighteen, it is always been the same. I will never get over that day.Three of the five men seated at the table flinch. My father and a visitor appear unconcerned. My father raises his head, his probing ocher eyes praising me.He shook his head, his pink lips twitching in a small smile, his silver ringlets bouncing in delight."You have got to fix that door." While my brother looks at me, I tell him, enjoying his reaction. My brother fixes me with a hard stare in his sapphire eyes, his sharp face neutral. My presence appears to have irritated Xander. I guess he does not like it when I make him nervous around our guest.My father motions for me to take the seat next to my brother that is currently empty. This puts me in the middle of him and my father's beta. Surprisingly, my brother grabs the arm of my chair and pulls me closer to him. I cast a curious glance at him from behind a curtain of my midnight hair. My beta is my father's age. He has golden hair and bright hazel eyes. His pink lips are full and perfectly fit his hardened face. Zeke is also the best friend of my brother.I feel hard eyes on me, forcing me to look across at Xander. The man has smoothed back his white hair. His onyx eyes look me over with approval. His aura is deafening, and I almost succumb. Almost. I can tell he is trying to assert dominance by pushing it out. This is because every male in this room has his neck bared in submission. Xander flicks my wrist, causing me to mentally roll my eyes before lowering my head in respect. There are only a few people on this planet who can make my father bare his neck, and it is best not to irritate them.My father straightens once the man has relaxed and his eyes have turned a warm gold, signaling that we can as well. My father makes a motion to me. "I apologize for my daughter's tardiness. Her flight was delayed, and she arrived directly here from the airport."The man examines me with critical eyes. "Do you wear this on an airplane?"I respond without missing a beat. "I actually wore sweatpants. I got ready in the back of the limo. My father has instructed me to dress appropriately for today's meeting." I extend my hand. "My name is Cielo, and I am the Alpha King's first daughter."The final man across from me acknowledges me when I mention my title.His golden eyes enlarge as they sweep over me. He runs his hand through his copper curls and straightens them absentmindedly.The man unexpectedly takes my hand, but instead of shaking it, he kisses it. I maintain a neutral expression as he lets go. This is not an unusual occurrence for me. Being the Alpha's daughter with the highest ranking has its advantages. One is releasing a pheromone that makes all men want me. This increases my chances of breeding. It is also a huge pain in the *ss because of this.The man who had grabbed my hand speaks up. "It is nice to meet you, Cielo." Exzel, the Lycan King. "Prince Ruben is my second son."As is customary, I nod, slightly exposing my neck. "It is my pleasure, King Exzel."My father clears his throat, always dissatisfied with the attention I attract. "What have you discovered, Cielo?"I take out my phone and give it to my father. "Please excuse my lack of professionalism. I did this on the plane. There have been significant attacks on isolated packs along the US's southern borders, with a focus on those near shorelines. Personally, I have discovered evidence of Lycan involvement in those attacks. The more inner-city packs appear to be attacked only during full moons, and mostly when they are out running. When attacked, these wolves are almost always in groups of three or more. Rural towns are destroyed seconds after they call for help.Northern attacks are less frequent but more brutal. Even those in the inner city are wiped out before help arrives. I believe they are more Lycan base than southern attacks."I reach over and change the screen to a picture, which I hand to the Lycan King before he can say anything. "Each attack is ruthless and destructive, with no survivors. That is not something I can say for our southern comrades."King Exzel examines the photographs, quickly flipping through them. "I do not like this," he says, handing the phone to his son to examine. "Based on the damage, I believe your assessment is correct." He examines me once more, assessing my worth. "Would not this job be better suited to the King's Gamma?""Gamma Lucious is currently recovering, so I am temporarily covering his duties," I explain as I hand back my phone to Ruben. He gives me a wink, which I dismiss. "I sent these pictures to your phone as well, Father."The head of the Lycan King cocks. "I had no knowledge of any attacks on His Majesty."My father smirks and moves his gaze away, leaving me to respond. "I was the reason for his unexpected stay in the infirmary, so it is only natural that I would assume his role until he recovers," I say, giving my father a slightly dirty look.Ruben chuckles. "You? Can you put the most powerful Gamma in the recovery ward?"Before addressing my father, I shrugged, as if nothing had happened. "I have already dispatched two armies to southeast Texas. It is where I think one of the hideouts is.""There have not been any attacks in southeast Texas," Exzel asserts, challenging me.I lock my gaze on him. "Exactly. Why not there, after all? They are attempting to avoid drawing attention to themselves."My father nods appreciatively, but my gaze remains fixed on the Lycan King. He first looks away, then towards my father. "Is your daughter always this...difficult?""She would not be the Alpha's daughter if she wasn't," my father proudly responds. "I will let you know what I hear as soon as I get an update, Cielo."Xander takes command. "I will make certain that the men are properly prepared for any survivors."My father's phone beeps on cue. "Get them prepared. Gentlemen, please excuse me, it appears we have a lead that we need to investigate," he says as he stands. "King Exzel, you are welcome to lend as much assistance as you see fit," he says to the Lycan King.The king rises, his gaze fixed on me. "I will go see what assistance we can provide. I believe our wives are still discussing the Moonlight Ball, so I will refrain from interfering."It is six o,'clock in the morning. Of course, they are working on it. While waiting for our dismissal, I nearly groan. I despise that thing. It marks the beginning of the Claiming. Before we are hunted, unmated females are presented for introduction.Is not it archaic? You would be correct. I am in my final year of this stupid tradition, but thanks to my family, I will always be subjected to that d*mn ball.

Chapter 2

Cielo POV.

My father grins. "I heard your family will be there this year. Is Prince Ruben going to compete this year?"

Exzel smirks proudly. "Ruben and Cain will be at the ball this year, but neither wants to take part in the Claiming."

I exhale a silent sigh of relief. I am fine with werewolves. Lycans, on the other hand, are a completely different story. Lycans rarely find gifted mates, but they will almost always choose a lycan mate. It is not unheard of for them to take part in the Claiming. I do not mind if they want to participate next year, but not this year.

My father accepts his response with a nod. "I am sure there will be a few disappointed she-wolves if that is the case. However, I believe you are putting all the men to sleep tonight."

Exzel is staring at my brother. "How about your family?"

My father sighs and shakes his head. "My two youngest have made mates. Xander is the only one that ha


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