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Alpha She-wolf; WITCH BREED

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Lylla is the first female Alpha, she is a werewolf having an Alpha gene and the gene of a powerful Witch. She is a child known as that 'Abominable Child'. Her father is An Alpha of the Moonlight pack, he had control over two packs, his founder pack and the one he took over from his Father who was also an Alpha. And he never regretted falling in love with Slim, the princess of a Witch coven. But seeing Slim die by her own mother's hands had given him a strong demand to kill any Witch he lays his hands on. Lylla was to take over the Pack as a practitioner Alpha when she turned sixteen on her first Shifting but things got more complicated. What could be expected from a werewolf who also had Witch genes? Legend had it that werewolves and witches were enemies. Would Lylla be able to lead the pack as a late bloomer? What would happen later after she finds out that her mother was still alive?

Chapter 1: Witches and werewolf gone extinct


I will put to confirmation that the cruel beings have no place in this very land.

Based on the historical background laid about their cruel unruly behavior. They should be lost in the forest and find ways to survive without destroying the lives of humans!!

But who are these cruel beings in question? THE WITCHES!!! Should I specify some to be good while others evil witches? Were there really good witches?

Gone are the days the witches stay put against evil,Fight the enemy for the safety of the people and use their powers to protect the land.

This time,they operate unruly.Though I wasn't there during the occurrence, I didn't witness it. But history has said it all, then any witch being caught is being burned alive. Wasn't that a brutal way of killing? It was, but it was believed that through this method of being burnt alive, they would not be the process of reincarnation or spirit floating. Neither would there be a return to revenge, because their soul is being burnt as well. My Late grandmother used to tell us stories of how nice they were during her time. They could control all forces of nature, they were very helpful. And during grandmother's youthful days, there was barely any bad luck existing in the land.

And there was nothing like crime, natural disasters during that time didn't exist at all. The whole city was always filled with merriment, and very peaceful. And grandmother said, every block, every street, every house had a witch for a friend.

They were barely killed, they were nice, kind-hearted and easygoing nobody knew what happened, no one could understand what had changed so suddenly. The town suddenly became a nightmare, and it was believed that the witches had run wild. One witch did something bad and the rest were blamed for it.

Grandmother said she didn't blame them for turning evil, because human beings first turned their backs against them when the first witch did something bad, humans became insecure and this led to them harming the good witches. Blaming them for having powers and judging them wrongly, this led to massive killings, the rest of the witches had no choice than to turn evil so as to impact fear into humans and still stay alive. She said if she was in their shoes, she would do the same. But grandfather did not agree with her on this. He had a totally different thought, and has been making research on them just like his ancestors did.

The First repelling necklace which keeps the witches away was designed by grandfather's ancestors. My Late grandmother believes it to be the first betrayal a human did to get the witches upset. She said my grandfather's grandfather had dated a Witch and after she had fallen in love with him, he had asked her to tell him all about their secrets and what they were afraid of. And because of this love, she told him what she knew then but wisely enough she didn't tell him everything. Grandmother would always sing about it in songs and about how disappointed she was

According to history, then evil witches were buried alive but later they set themselves free and began to hunt down their killers. So now, all they could do was burn them to ashes, eliminating any means of Survival. Using this method both their body and spirit are burnt. Due to this they vanished like thin air without a trace, maybe they were still around but they weren't allow to use magic or spells.

They were banned from our city by our ancestors,due to the unruly power possessed that leads to destruction and loss of lives. They became so wicked because of the thirst for power, they wanted to control the human world.

The power manifested became vast yet viral!

The land became their power manifesto where they use their powers stone hearted to destroy which emerged also as time goes by.

I wonder if witches have the world of their own! I wonder what happens in that world, that's if they really have one. But the witches weren't the only beings who had one lived peacefully with humans, the other beings recorded are called 'Werewolf' they were on the outer look, the same as humans, they are called 'Shapeshifters'.

They become more like a big wolf, which is about Four times the size of an average human being. The records had it that the royal of them was ten times the size of an average human being. Though I only read it in books, I knew nothing about their existence. Even though I was told about werewolves and witches, I doubt if they existed. Once upon a time, the dinosaurs existed but they later went extinct, this couldn't be the same for the werewolves and witches. Even my father hadn't come across them since he became an adult, he only does hear about them in stories. Now he was already so old, so sure enough they must have vanished from the face of the earth.

I sat at the desk beside the window going through some files in thought. I couldn't explain why I thought about the witches but it's not surprising.

My grandfather was a scientist, he was very inquisitive and wanted to understand the witches and their weaknesses. That way he would have an edge over them, he had been studying them for years, and was trying to understand how they could control the elements of nature. He had everything documented down, all his findings and some spell books he found as well. I have gone through them and I can say I understood a little part of his findings.

Right before my eyes,the clouds got dark and thick,I couldn't see a word in the file I held,my touch light couldn't show anything! The darkness was really dense, I've never seen such. Now I was so tense, this has never happened before, I was afraid. I felt so scared that the word scared was more like an understatement. Things were happening right before my eyes, it is Real.

Chapter 2: Witches Are Real


Then, the thunderstorm gave its warning,things kept bursting and blasting. Looking at the sky,I saw a red light coming through the South, heading to the west while my eyes travelled along with the light with great surprise!

Then…I heard this voice say….

"ha ha ha Lahaina"

The wind got stronger! I couldn't trace where the voice was coming from,the cloud had the voice covered in it,as though a spirit in it spoke out very loud and clear,I could feel the vibration underneath my feet. The ground always reflected something happening in the sky.

The thunder delivered the sound out to the city,as though it was sending a signal to the world.

I couldn't look into the cloud with my bare eyes,I could only see the moon's reflection.

Immediately,I reckoned and left my room to search for an old telescope granny kept in his study room before leaving which I never knew would be of help in such a ti


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