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Alpha’s wolfless omega

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“I, Alpha Juan Pedro of Ryder pack chose you, Valeria Diego, the only wolfless and weakest omega of Ryder pack as my mate” Juan mocked, eyeing her and she smirked coldly. “I, Valeria Diego, the only wolfless omega of Ryder pack accept you, Alpha Juan Pedro, the only obnoxious, pig headed, fish brained and dumb man of Ryder pack as my mate” She replied, her words making his face red with fury. Forced by his powerful grandfather to marry Valeria, Juan tries to give her the worst marriage experience ever but what happens when he goes too deep and his feelings changes?. Valeria didn’t think life could get any better after she got married to Juan but was proven wrong when they began to live and act like a married couple. Things takes different turns as she becomes his poison and he her antidote, find out how the grandfather who brought them together tried to force them apart, why he does that and how two little geniuses take care of their parents.


Valeria Diego was an omega who worked in the gamma’s house.

She was cleaning the windows with a towel when she felt a sudden jolt.

A scent wafted around her nose and she sniffed, her eyes wide opened as she glanced around.

A strange attraction pushed her forward and she dropped the towel, racing towards the door.

She felt that great spark burning within her, her whole body was tingling with excitement.

A few other maids gawked at her, they were used to this scene.

She kept racing through the streets, running like a mad person as she attracted stares from people.

She ran towards the woods, her heart racing and her expectations high.

She believed this was the time for her to find her mate, her heart was pounding as she thought about who her mate was going to be.

She wasn’t expecting anyone spectacular, as long as he would love, care and protect her, she didn’t mind whosoever it was.

Her excitement kept increasing and she ran even faster, putting in all her strength.

She felt delighted, her hope was here, she was finally going to be free.

Wolfless but there was still hope for her to get a mate, a large smile spread across her face as she anticipated the appearance of her mate.

She stopped suddenly, the force had expelled and she didn’t feel the force again.

She felt that same feeling of emptiness, helplessness, and pain.

She fell to the ground, tired and dejected.

Why was she different? Why did the moon goddess have to play tricks on her?

This was the third time this week that she got pulled out of the house with hopes of seeing her mate only for it to be dashed abruptly.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she pictured the faces of other maids and heard their laughter.

She was an orphan who worked for the Gamma, all her days had been lived in misery, punishments, and hard work.

She felt like she had been in bondage right from birth and after the death of her loving parents, things became worse.

She was a maid who didn’t receive any form of salary, it was known to her that her existence alone was enough payment for all the jobs she did.

Thinking about how she ran out increased her tears, all her life she hadn’t been bothered when they called her wolfless.

But being mateless was different, her only hope of freedom and changing her life felt impossible.

She could bear walking on the streets and being pointed at, mocked, and laughed at as the only wolfless person alive but being mateless?

She didn’t feel the need to live anymore, she was twenty-two years old and the gamma’s wife had made it clear that she would never be set free unless she brought her mate.

She held her heavy heart, droplets of tears wetting her faded loose gown.

She couldn’t imagine what her life would become, others had their mates already but here she was, still struggling.

She laughed bitterly, unable to cry anymore. She had cried her eyes out and there wasn’t any drop of water left in them.

“What was I expecting? A mate?” She laughed again, her sob choking the sound.

“Who in the whole of this pack and the other packs would want a wolfless omega? I must be crazy for expecting a mate” She laughed crazily.

“Everyone must be praying to the moon goddess never to make me their mate. Who would want me, the subject of mockery, as their mate?”

“Freedom… it is impossible, I’ll serve the gamma till I become old. If only I had died along with my parents” She sobbed, laying on the floor.

She lay there for a long time, crying and reminiscing on how miserable her life had been.

She reminisced on how she would go and serve at gatherings only to end up being mocked and laughed at.

“Of what use is life if you don’t have your freedom?” She thought sadly.

She felt weak from working, heartbroken from being mateless, and sad from being wolfless.

The pain she felt was immeasurable, she felt empty and void of life.

She felt like a robot, waking up every day and repeating the same phase every day without any change and sometimes added misery.

Her life was a mess, it was pretty useless. She wasn’t beautiful enough to seduce even another omega.

She didn’t have the brains and was fortunate to be taught how to hack by her father but getting a computer was the same as a wolf, impossible.

She had no skills, she was dumb and never attended college, she was just homeschooled by her mother.

She didn’t have any certificate which she could use to get a job and even with her forged certificates, it was difficult to get accepted.

She smiled bitterly, she was just a slave, the worthless slave whom her masters were tired of having.

A thought hit her, she wanted to dissuade the thought but decided it was right and she grinned.

“Isn’t death better than this? Why should I keep serving my master when I am better off being dead?” She thought sadly.

“Should I jump off the cliff? I want a painless death, at least I deserve that” She thought strongly to herself.

“Sleeping till death” She muttered with determination.

Cleaning her tears, she dusted her body and walked back into the streets.

She didn’t bury her head as she walked, she glared at people and didn’t avoid eye contact.

“I have nothing to lose,” She thought as she entered a drugstore.

“I want sleeping pills,” She muttered and the seller arched her brows, staring at her oddly.

Everyone knew she worked for the Gamma and the seller was surprised that the Gamma sent Valeria this time to get the drugs he normally bought.

“Sleeping pills?” The woman demanded closely and she nodded.

“The normal type of sleeping pills, you know that helps a lot” Valeria muttered and the woman’s face brightened.

“Yes, just a minute” She replied with a chuckle and entered the store.

She thought Valeria was too shy to say what the gamma usually bought every Tuesday from the store.

“I’ll put this on his tabs” The woman replied, handing her a small nylon and she grinned, collecting it happily.

She left the store and brought out the medicine.

“Sildenafil, I hope you make me sleep till I die” She muttered with a small smile.


Juan Pedro stood in his office, facing the window, he could see the bustling city but his mind wasn’t on the street.

He was the alpha of the Ryder pack and head of PEDRO ENTERPRISE.

Nubile, hot, ravishing, gorgeous, and well-built with a body that made girls wet, his handsome face made people stare at him longer than usual.

He was the most successful alpha known, his ruthlessness was a vital business strategy that earned him his flowers.

His cold behavior made people quake with fear and even respect him.

No one ever dared to look into his eyes, he had a penetrative gaze that made it seem like he was looking into your soul.

His wealth couldn’t be quantified, this man was the only one who hid his wealth well, it was difficult to tell if he wasn’t the wealthiest man on earth.

He sighed with frustration, he was tired already, and he had everything he wanted.

He was handsome, f*cking rich, hot, he was the alpha, and he had lots of power but


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