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Alpha Knight's Cursed Mate

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Without warning, he grabbed me by my ankles and dragged me to the edge of the bed. “Take your panties off,” he ordered me as he unbuckled his belt and worked on his pants, letting them fall on his ankles. Then he grabbed his d*ck out of his boxers. He was already hard and began stroking it.  When I was too shocked to move, he growled at me, his green eyes searing against mine. “Panties. Off. Now, Nirvana.” I did as he said, scrambling to remove my shorts and underwear. My chest started heaving. My lips went dry as I watched him enjoy stroking himself. “Open your mouth, s*ck me, and take me all in.” His order woke up something inside me. Lust fired up through my veins, and my cl*t ached for him. I opened my mouth, and he shoved his shaft inside.  “That’s it, sweetheart. Good girl.” *** All her life, Nirvana Thorne thought she was just human, at least not until a mysterious guy rejected her for no reason. When she finally uncovers her family secrets, Knight reclaims her as his fated mate and forces her to dig deep into the unimaginable danger of the underworld to undo the curse. Fighting her attraction towards him is hard enough. Every time they get close, their chemistry sizzles, and the heat between them becomes irresistible. When the pack is under siege, she must learn to gain control of the newfound power within her while the alpha intends to show her where she belongs. *** All Knight Blackwell ever wanted was to run his pack while getting rich. What he didn’t need was a woman demanding his attention, let alone a human mate like Nirvana. So he rejects her. What he never sees coming is his mate possesses an ancient secret— she’s a creature bound in magic intertwined with an ancient dark prophecy and the key to something bigger than anything they’ve ever imagined. With his primal urges getting harder to resist and the powerful being wreaking havoc in his wake, Knight has to sate his dark cravings for his mate before they go to war that Nirvana might have to sacrifice a piece of herself.

Chapter 1


“Hey. Where are you? Our flight will leave in less than an hour.” The boarding area had just started checking in. 

I quickly went behind the woman with a kid. I wanted to get it done soon so I could rest during the fight.

“I’m sorry, Vana.” The voice from the other end of the line was somber. When he followed with a deep sigh, I knew what came next. “It’s obvious I’m the only one trying.” 

I briefly closed my eyes. “I’m trying, Axell. That’s why we’re doing this.”

“Not hard enough. I’m sorry if I have to do this over the phone.” 

“You could have answered my call, Axell. And maybe I also canceled the trip we planned for almost two months.”

“You should go on this trip alone. Who knows, maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for and maybe shed some light on what you want in a relationship. I hope we can still be friends when you come back.”

“Sure.” I had to bite my tongue not to argue or call him names, but that was all I could say. What was else left to say? He broke up with me over the phone before our trip.

 I stared at my phone screen when the call ended. In my other hand was my only luggage. Somehow, I felt relieved instead of wallowing in heartache. 


I dragged my not-so-sorry self and gave my economy class ticket with a smile to the flight attendant. It was now or never. Maybe Axell was right. I badly needed this trip alone.

I slept throughout the flight. I always traveled light. I didn’t need a bag of cosmetics, a suitcase of clothes, and another for shoes. It was a miracle the kid beside me wasn’t grumpy. 

The weather was a little humid in California. Kailin arranged a taxi to take me to the vineyards. She was my classmate and best friend, but she had to go back to be with her family to help her cousin run the winery business. 

The taxi took me to her place. The massive sign of Blackwell Vineyard and Winery appeared before me while the driver seemed in a rush.

I was amazed at how vast the place was. I knew Blackwell was loaded, but Kailin never bragged about how filthy rich they were, especially her cousin, who ran the business. 

The taxi stopped before the iron-wrought gate. It automatically opened, and the humongous colonial estate house stunned me. I immediately saw two big guys— McKaye, Kailin’s twin, and the other was just around his age. 

Kailin was already grinning. 

Before I could open the door, the guy opened it from the outside.

“Vana, you made it!” Kailin engulfed me with a tight bear hug and then looked at me from head to toe. “Oh, my God! You look incredible.” 

“Excuse me?” I couldn’t help but smile. “We Facetimed almost every day, and we last saw each other just three months ago.”

“I miss you.” She then looked behind me and oddly raised a brow. “Wait. You’re alone?”

“Yup,” I said with a pop. 

I wasn’t entirely disappointed, but Axell and I planned this trip for two months. 

Before the takeoff, I wanted to tell Kailin I was coming alone and that Axell wasn’t coming with me.

“Care to explain?”

A clearing of throat interrupted me before I could tell her about Axell. 

“Where should I put this?” A male voice behind me asked.

I turned to see a guy around our age with curly dark hair. 

“Take it to the room across mine. Thanks, Zander.”

“Um. That wouldn’t be necessary,” I resisted. The least I could do was to be less of a burden since I would be staying here for free. “I can take it. It’s not that heavy.”

“It’s okay,” Zander said before he left, leaving me puzzled.

“So, you finally made it.”

I smiled at McKaye as I offered my hand. “Hey, McKaye. Glad to finally be here.”

“We don’t do handshakes around here.” He pulled me into a bear hug, just like Kailin. “My sister’s friend is my friend.”

“Appreciate it. And thanks for accommodating me.”

He smiled, showing off the resemblance of his twin sister with their dark copper hair and chocolate brown eyes; he was born on December 31st, while Kailin was born on January 1st, making him the eldest. “Well, you should thank our boss.”

“Silly. Ignore him.” Kailin held my hand, dragging me away from her brother. “You must be hungry.”

“See you around, Vana.” McKaye waved a hand. 

“See you later, McKaye.” I looked at Kailin. “You must have questions, K.”

“Yeah. What happened? You sounded excited last night.”

“Well, Axell broke up with me over the phone while I was boarding. I knew something was off when I called and texted him, and he didn’t reply or return my call, but I had no plan on canceling this trip. I wanna be here, K.”

“I’m so sorry, Vana.” Her voice was tender as she squeezed my hand.

“I’m fine. Maybe he got tired of waiting and my regarded excuses. I just wanted this trip to be special.” I followed her inside the house, and I was pinned with pairs of eyes coming from steroid-boosted men who could snap my neck with their fingers. 

“I forgot to tell you we have guys around, but don’t worry. They may be big and tall, but they’re harmless.” Kailin stopped, glaring at least six guys in the entrance hall. “Hey, don’t be rude.”

“Hey,” they chorused. 

“Hi.” I smiled politely, and they went back to their lives just like that.

“So? You’re single, huh?”

“I think it’s for the best. I need some time alone before I help Grandpa manage the restaurant.” I followed her upstairs.

I was surprised to see many antiques, decorations, and paintings as we walked through the hallways and passed by many doors. Then, there was another sitting room with a regency interior style.

“So you will start working once you go back?”

“That’s the plan.” I found my suitcase before the door, which would probably be my room for a few days. 

“First, come with me.” She opened the room across from mine. “I’ll show you the view of the vineyards.”

We entered her modern aesthetic room, and she went to open the door leading to the balcony. 

The gust of warm wind rushed inside. The vast vineyards were spectacular and mesmerizing. It ranged through mountains. 

I could almost feel the peace and the solitude, see the beauty under the moon and stars, and feel the nocturnal air whiffing against my skin at night.

“Earth to, Vana.” Kailin nudged me. “Where did you go?”

“This is striking.” Before I could finish my words, a Wrangler rushed against the dust, following the motorbike that caught my attention. 

“What the hell are they doing?” Kailin asked almost annoyingly. 

The man driving the motorbike wasn’t even wearing a helmet. He didn’t even slow down as he got closer, and so did the Wrangler. 

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Kailin yelled behind me as we watched the man do a sharp brake and get off of his bike before it landed on the ground.

A man who was ridiculously tall with broad shoulders and tousled dark hair. His thick dark brows met together as if he was p*ss*d off with something. His sharp jaw looked like it hadn’t been acquainted with a razor for days. 

The man growled as the guys from the Wrangler jumped off. He was only wearing a white t-shirt with bloodstains and carelessly worn blue denim jeans and combat boots, yet somehow, he made it look expensive. 

A pair of dark glasses hid his eyes, though, making me wonder if they were blue, green, or gray. 

The two college boys argued over something about fights. 

“Knock it off!” The hot-as-hell grunted, scaring the college boys. His voice was deep and husky, crackling something like electricity ran down my spine. 

The college boys shut up, one with a bloodstain on his shirt. They must be identical twins.

“Who’s the hot biker dude?” I couldn’t just help it. I had to ask.

Kailin only chuckled beside me.

I turned to face her, my cheeks burning. “Oh, sh*t. Your boyfriend? I don’t know you’re dating.”


“What?” Her eyes narrowed before crunching her nose. “Ew. Yuck. Gross. That’s my cousin.”

“Oh.” My lips formed an O shape before pressing them together. 

“Yeah. Meet my cousin, Knight Blackwell, who runs the Blackwell Vineyards and Winery, the CEO.”

“Oh.” I could only smile.

“Oh? Really? And why are you smiling?” Her eyes narrowed further, but she was not offended. She was more likely making fun of me.

“Nothing.” I shook my head and laughed.

Kailin laughed with me as well. “Don’t get fooled. I love him with all my heart, and he’s straight as an arrow, but he doesn’t do relationships, doesn’t mix business with pleasure either, and his mere goal is getting rich. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“I wasn’t thinking like that.” Liar.

We laughed out loud until I felt something was watching me— or someone. I turned and looked down. The big hot biker dude pulled his sunglasses up, and his gaze was electrifying— forest green eyes, staring right back at me.

I was sure my heart was beating so hard as I stood there in silence. A strange and unfamiliar feeling— a combination of excitement, tension, and heat began creeping up my neck. 

And he just suddenly turned into a mighty lion with a disapproving glare, and something changed in his eyes, almost glowing. It radiated a dangerous intensity or was just a reflection from the sunray before muttering something under his breath.

Flustered, I felt appalled as he began stepping back. Without a word, he picked up his bike, cranked it, and hurried on his merry way, leaving nothing but dust behind.

Chapter 2


“What the fuck did you two do?” I blew out a hard breath. I was having a conference call when my third-in-command, Luka, used the link to inform me of these twins’ brawl with the biker’s son, Travis.

They lowered their gazes, showing their respect for my rank. They both had busted faces and knuckles. They could have handled Cadogan’s son if they weren’t afraid of exposing us.

“Don’t.” I cut off quickly when they both opened their mouths. “I don’t wanna hear excuses. And this is your last warning. Do you hear me?”

“Yes, Alpha,” they chorused in submission.

“I was in the middle of an important call, and here you two are trying to prove to be men when you both are just pups. And now I have to deal with Cadogan.” I looked at Maddox and Fabian. “That these two idiots are out of their minds.”

“It won’t happen again, Alpha,” North, the youngest, said.

“It’s Travis’s fault, Alpha.” Of course, West had to make an excuse for himself.

“I d


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