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Alpha Kieran's Redemption

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"Kieran," she says softly. "You need to get back into bed." "Say it again," I smile. "You need to get back into bed?" My mate questions in confusion. "No, the part where you said my name." The disgraced son of the Alpha Triplets is determined to redeem himself and his name by hunting down every recusant that threatened the rule of his sister the Queen. But after a year of hunting down them down and coming up short, Alpha Kieran's fathers demand that he come home and take his rightful place as Alpha of the North Pack. Kieran refuses claiming that his sister is still in danger, but it is not his sister that the recusants are after anymore. They are after him. After a brush with death, Alpha Kieran finds his mate in the most unlikely place. A human hospital. Can he convince her to become part of his world even though that means leaving everything she loves behind? Or will he be scorned and fall farther into darkness.

Chapter 1 One Night Stand

Kieran POV

I sip my beer as I sit in the dark corner of the bar. The waitress sits another beer down on the table before me and her number is written on the napkin. I like it here. No one knows who I am or what I have done.

My phone buzzes in my pocket as I wink at the waitress and tuck the napkin in my pocket. She flashes me a toothy grin before heading to the other tables.

Pulling out my phone, I look at the number on the screen and groan in frustration. I press ignore and down the rest of my beer before roughly sitting the glass back on the table.

My phone begins to buzz again. The number on the screen is the same. My father, Ace, will continue to call until I answer. But I don't want to hear the lecture right now.

The pretty waitress slinks by my table again and I grab her by the wrist and pull her onto my lap. I gently wipe her hair off her neck and whisper next to her ear.

"What is your name, beautiful?"

"Tish," she says as she wiggles seductively into my lap.

"What time do you get off, Tish?" I ask her as I twist a strand of her hair between my fingertips.

She begins to pout. "I am here until the place closes down."

Her *ss fidgets on my lap again, and I feel my d*ck getting hard.

Tish has a tiny plaid skirt on and a white button-up shirt. The skirt barely covers her *ss, and the shirt is unbuttoned halfway down, showing off the bright red bra she is wearing underneath. She is dressed like every school boys wet dream, and I plan on making her mine tonight.

Resting my hand on the inside of her thigh, she pulls her bottom lip between her teeth, suppressing the moan escaping from her mouth. I twist so her legs are hidden by the table. I spread her legs with my hands. I expect a little protest from her, but she leans back against my chest.

I look around the full bar and no one is looking in our direction. My hand continues to slide up her thigh, and she doesn't stop me. In fact, she is grinding on my d*ck.

Snaking a hand up her shirt, I cup one of her breasts in my hand. He throws her head back on my shoulder and moans. Pulling down her bra, I expose her breast to the bar, but she doesn't seem to notice. I tweak one of her n*ppl*s between my fingers, and she jerks under my touch.

"Shh," I whisper. "You don't want the whole bar to know what we are up to, do you?"

But Tish can't seem to contain herself. As my hand drifts higher on her thigh, I reach the apex between her thighs. I can feel the heat coming off her core as I dip my fingers beneath the sheer fabric. I run my fingers up and down her folds. She is soaking wet.

I plug a finger into her core, and she cries out with excitement. My eyes dart around the bar, but no one heard her over the music. I push a second finger into her and curl them slightly as I pump them in and out.

With one hand, I tease her little p*ssy, and with the other, I continue to twist a nipple. Tish's *ss is grinding so hard against my c*ck that I feel like I might explode.

I keep my eyes on the bar, but no one is looking in our direction. Her p*ssy begins to clench down on my fingers, and she grabs my wrist and pulls my fingers from her.

A low growl leaves my lips as I think about her dripping p*ssy. Tish's hands wiggle beneath her *ss, and I realize she is fumbling with my zipper.

"Do you want my c*ck, Tish," I whisper. "Right here in this bar?"

Tish nods her head up and down. I scoot her off my lap and undo the zipper of my pants and pull out my massive c*ck. Tish's eyes widen as she looks at it.

"I don't think it is going to fit," she mutters.

"Oh, it will fit," I tell her.

I pull Tish back on my lap and pull her panties to the side. Slowly, I ease her down on my c*ck. She grips the table in front of us as she takes more and more of my c*ck.

"Good girl," I whisper in her ear.

I reach around in front of her. I make little circles around her cl*t with my thumb. She bounces subtly on my c*ck, and little moans and groans are leaving her lips.

Suddenly, I see someone walking in our direction. "Play it cool," I tell Tish, and her eyes dart forward.

"That is my boss," she whimpers. "I am so fired."

I lift my nose to the air, and over the smell of her arousal, I can smell that her boss is a rogue. "No one is getting fired," I whisper. "Just act normal."

Her boss approaches the table, and I make my c*ck twitch inside of her. She yelps with surprise, and I can feel her juices flooding around my d*ck.

"Tish, you need to get back to work," her boss says as his eyes drag over her disheveled appearance.

"Is there a problem here?" I growl.

Her boss lifts his nose into the air, tears his eyes away from Tish, and looks at me. My d*ck twitches inside her again, and she grips the edge of the table tightly.

"No, Al… Sir," her boss says. "I was just looking for Tish."

"She is busy," I growl again, and her boss scurries away, not daring to look back.

I dig my hands into her hips and thrust my c*ck into her as deep as it will go. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at me, but she begins to bounce on my c*ck again.

"That was so f*ck*ng hot," she mutters as her p*ssy tightens around me.

"Prove it," I groan quietly, and Tish comes all over my d*ck.

Chapter 2 Do You Want to Play?


I am dead on my feet as I walk into our apartment. The emergency room was busier than usual tonight. The veteran nurses blamed it on the full moon, but I am not one to be superstitious. I don't believe in anything supernatural that might control what happens from day to day.

Tish isn't home yet, which isn't surprising. She probably found some guy from the bar to go home with after work. I don't know how many times I have told her that picking up random men from a bar is not safe. But she lives by the motto, 'You only live once.'

I walk through the apartment and head straight for the single bathroom that Tish and I share. I strip off my clothes as I walk, leaving a trail to the bathroom. Stepping into the shower, I turn the water on and let the cold water rush over me. I quickly lather my bath sponge and begin to wash the filth of the emergency room off my body.

I duck my head under the shower and begin to rinse the shampoo out of my hair when the bath

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