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Alpha Kenneth

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"Alpha Max of the Hell Fire Team's got them, and it is the best time to capture this big fish." Alpha Kenneth soliloquizes, and acts so, diligently and with immediate effect and alacrity. "He is coming to annihilate your pack tomorrow morning, get sense and move into my pack house." Kenneth yells, standing in front of the Rise Moon pack which Alpha Fred leads. "It's the Hell Fire team, he'll be here with brimstone and all kind of fireworks!" Then, the one hundred and one warriors get up, and do so. Midway getting through to Kenneth's pack, Alpha Max catches up with them, and the battle is left for Kenneth and Emilia, Fred's only daughter who has brought the witch power upon herself. Emilia fights with all the power she has but all to no avail since Alpha Max has a strong connection with the moon goddess, the only solution for Moon Rise Team not to get cleared off is for Kenneth or Fred to surrender, and shed off their powers. That night, Alpha Kenneth was called a living hero since he lost his wolf power to save Emilia, his chosen mate, from dying, as Alpha Max takes Emilia as his mate, Alpha Fred and his Betas as his servants, annihilating the Moon Rise Team Pack as well. With swollen and red eyes, Alpha Kenneth utters a revengeful comeback to Alpha Maxwell. "I'll own my mate once again. Good luck to you." Kenneth says, walks out on them, and heads to his pack to gather himself for the upcoming war. War is looming.

Chapter 1 - Hell Fire Team's Threats

"Now, Run! Rogues are attacking!"

"They are much in number!" Andrew yells, veins popping out of his neck. Alpha Fred, too shocked to believe, remains seated on his official throne.

"Help the Alpha up!" Jude yells with quavering lips as he marches inside with thuds.

"Yeah, let's go." Andrew takes his arms into Fred's as he guides him inside the shifting room. Alpha Fred goes on his knees and shouts on top of his voice as his wolf takes control. Now in his wolf form, Alpha Fred speeds straight to the main gate, where he'd face the rogues and kill them with the power he's got.

Andrew doesn't transform into his wolf, he rather moves around the palace, opening and shutting each door to confirm if any other wolf is in. Jude follows after Alpha Fred in his human form but Fred soon leaves him behind, his wolf not being able to maintain the pace.

"Is anyone in there?" His hands clasped around his head, Andrew yells. "Rogues are here, and they are not the usual ones. They have been sent from the Hell Fire team!" Saying the last statement, a door creaks open.

"Here…" a hand sticks out. " me out, please." Andrew reaches out to the hand, and he drags the wolf out. Once he gets out, he sighs and clears his throat.

"My mate and pup are in there. Please, save them." He pleads, lifting up the already destroyed door. The door breaks into bits, and dust flies into his eyes. He rubs his eyes, and stares back. Statuesque, he drools and gesticulates to Andrew. Andrew realizes his gazes, and also, he stares at the angle he's staring at, gradually becoming short of words.

Lo and behold, the Alpha of the Hell Fire team is right here. Walking majestically and with fury in his eyes, he transforms into his wolf and zooms to their direction.

"Fast, go!" Andrew yells, and unintentionally, his wolf takes control as he breaks the door into pieces and both the man's mate and pup crawl out but unfortunately, Alpha Max has settled in front of them before they could move as he smirks as much as he can.

"Good Day to you, Beta Andrew." He laughs at him in derision, rearranging his coat and scoffing at their sudden dumbness.

"Don't hurt me, please. I know nothing about what you are doing." Andrew speaks out of fear, as the pup and the mate clutch onto the saved man.

Max smirks, and soon, his Betas race towards them through their wolves. They both stand beside him, being on the alert for any attack.

"Where is the Alpha of this pack?" Max deadpans, clicking his tongue.

"He is not in the palace, you can come inside to check, yourself." Andrew says, turning his back to him and heading straight into the palace. Max rather gives him a biff on his forehead, and he drags him back. His hands squeezing Andrew's shirt, he affirms, "For sure, your pack is getting annihilated. So, don't play games with me. You can be saved and be an Omega for our pack. But else, you're dead." Then he releases his shirt, and Andrews staggers.

"And for you…" he points at the man who is shivering. "... you have to go with us, keep quiet, or we will end your life straight here."

Without objecting, the man frees himself from his mate and pup, and walks towards Alpha Max.

He stands face to face with him, gnashing his teeth.

"Can you repeat what you said, Alpha?" He asks, fearfully and with his eyes staring straight into Max's.

"You dare confront an Alpha?” Brutus, one of his Betas, beats the man's chest, and sends him to the ground. The man hits his head on the ground, and Andrew stoops low to check up on him.

"Why would your Beta do that, Alpha?" Andrew asks. "Hi, man. Stand up, let's go." He drags the man up, and heads straight into the palace. His mate and pup follow suit and unexpectedly, Alpha Max and his Betas don't follow them. Instead, they shift into their wolves and head to the main gate, mainly because they are being mind linked.

"Where are you, Alpha!" The Omega of the Hell Fire team cries out in the pack's mind link. Max quickly transforms into his wolf as he swiftly leaps to the main gate. Seeing Fred and Jude defeating his sent rogues, he shifts back behind a tree and his Beta helps him get few clothes. He soon returns, and Max puts them on.

"Alpha Fred of the Rise Moon Pack, all hail to thee." He scoffs, and Fred stares back only to see him smiling. In few minutes, the living rogues escape though through hair's breadth and now, The Alpha of Rise Moon pack, Fred, and the Alpha of Hell Fire team, Max, with his Betas as well, remain here.

"We are not here for any argument if you cooperate." Max deadpans, walking up to Fred.

"You are an Old Wolf…" he starts, and hits his chest. Jude holds Fred who is about to fall.

"You don't do that, Alpha. Beating the chest of a whole Alpha?" Jude retorts, asking Fred if he's alright.

"Well, you've got guts to retort. I'll make you nothing by the time we return."

" will soon join your ancestors." Max continues. "My advice to you is to surrender your pack to ours and let's bear my name!"

"Never!" Andrew barks at him from behind. The man, his mate and the pup had escaped through devised means.

"Who… who are you?" Brutus, one of Max’s Betas, rubs his eyes, trying to focus on Andrew who is approaching.

"I'm Andrew, the Beta of Rise Moon Pack. We would never surrender to your order. So, please get out of this pack house and go rule your freaking pack!"

Fred starts to cough out his lungs but his wolf speeds up the recovery process and he soon becomes hale and hearty. Fred is 71 years old; he's been the Alpha of Rise Moon pack since he was 40 years, meaning he's been reigning for 31 good years.

Now, it's time to give the Alpha position to another Wolf. Alpha Max of the Hell Fire team heard about this, and planned to take the pack as theirs so as to increase their fame and population.

He speaks softly but when the pack doesn't reply softly, he rebukes and threatens them with a revengeful and creepy comeback.

"Dear Alpha Fred, that's our advice for you. I give you three days to think about it. I, myself, might come any time after the three days have expired and you know what that means?" He smirks. "Little pack with weak wolves."

Jude grunts and gnashes his teeth, his wolf threatening to thrust out of him.

Alpha Max brushes past Alpha Fred, hitting his arms with his, deliberately, and chuckling as they both exit the pack house.

"Alpha Fred, move straight to the palace." Jude says, and Fred transforms into his wolf. "I do not know how our pack members are faring now. Andrew, please shift and follow behind him. I'll join you soon."

"Sure, boss." Andrew says, and his wolf takes the control as he follows hard after Fred and they both get inside the palace after few seconds.

Jude mopes around the main gate, sniffing in the air stuck around him - seems he's got an experiment. He locks the gate with his wolf power after Kenneth and others are gone, and then he moves about the corridor, searching for any wolf that might have hidden there. He notices thirteen wolves lying lifelessly on the ground - Alpha Max's rogues got them. Couldn’t their Wolves even heal them? The rogues are from the Hell Fire Team Pack indeed,

"Ha!" He cries out, and stoops low as he checks their pulses. "Gone, and gone forever."

"Try to heal them." A voice like a foghorn hits him, and he looks up at once but he doesn't see anyone. He sniffs the scent around him, and his clear observation is, the smell is not his pack's; not Rise Moon's. Catching the sight of a gun, he picks it up immediately though he's sure it won't help. Then, he jerks a lame door open, and sweat trickles down his forehead.

"Now!" He screams. "Come out!

"Who yelled?" His voice increases in pitch, alarming his wolf. He cools himself down, not wanting his wolf to take over his body.

Suddenly, the gun in his hand drops to the ground with a light thud, and he reverses his steps as he takes to his heels, heading to the palace. He runs fast as though his life depends on it.

"Let me help you." His wolf tells him but he doesn't reply. He runs with his physical energy, and as he enters into the palace, he shuts the door tight, glad to see all warriors (101) in the palace room.

"Why are you breathing heavily?" Fred asks, trying to stand up. "What's wrong?"

"Alpha Fred… you have to go now!" He yells, gasping for breath.

"What… what, man?" Jude approaches, and asks.

"He has to go now, they are coming for him!"

"The Hell Fire Team?" Jude clips, his voice breaking and all the pack members shutting their lips not because they don't know what to say but because they have many things to say but shocks hold their lips down.

Andrew nods slightly. Midway, he shakes his head saying, "no."

"Then, what pack again?" Jude's heart beat starts to rise and Fred stands up from his seat too to meet with Andrew.

"Three good packs. Coming for the Alpha!" Andrew slightly yells, gasping as she struggles to make his words clear, making him repeat it many times

Then he gains the energy and yells. "He has to go now!!"

Chapter 2 - A Message From The Moon Goddess

"Just fucking go!" He keeps yelling but the pack members stare at him weirdly, crazily and they all assume in their minds that he’s out of his mind.

"He's talking trash." Cole, one of the pack members, remarks. "Why should an Alpha start fleeing?"

"Don't say that." Jude clips but fixes his gazes at a direction, thinking of the next line of action.

"We have to face the packs ourselves. We dare not be intimidated. Alright?" He cools Andrew down, and Fred retires to his official seat. Once he sits down, a knock is heard on the door.

"Who is that, please?" Fred says in his Alpha tone. That's to say, he issued a command and must get an answer.

"We greet your pack house and pack members. We come in peace but to leave you in pieces." The baritone voice rattles, making them shiver without even seeing them face to face yet.

Fred sighs, as he gesticulates to Jude to open th


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