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ALPHA FAY: True Bloodline

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It was not until he was ten years old that he had his first transformation and Fay kept it a secret from everyone and even his human parents that he was a werewolf. Things went south and the happy family is torn apart when his human parents got to find out that he was a werewolf. Unable to get over the shock of having a werewolf as a son, his human parents confessed to him that he was adopted. During one of his runs in the woods, Fay met Jake, a werewolf and son of the werewolf Alpha. They soon became friends and when Jake offered to take him back to the pack, Fay did not hesitate to accept the offer and he eloped into the werewolf pack. There at the werewolf pack, Fay began his journey of self-discovery with the help of Klein, the pack Alpha and father of Jake who got to discover that Fay was not just an ordinary werewolf, he was extremely strong, even more than an Alpha. When Jake killed Klein, his father out of jealousy, Fay became the Alpha. Unable to accept the fact that a stranger took his rightful position, Jake ran to the lycan king for help. During the war between the lycan king and Fay, he transformed into a lycan and defeated the lycan king. Curious about his true identity, Fay went to the witches' territory to seek answers and there, he met Isabelle, the witch queen. There at the witches' territory, Fay got to discover that his father was a lycan king and his mother was a werewolf handmaid who had a relationship. When his mother got pregnant, the lycan king had the plan to elope with her but they were killed in the woods where he was born by the lycan queen. Devastated by the truth that he is indeed a half-blood and heir to the lycan throne, he left the witches' territory and headed back to the human territory. There the human territory, he found his mate and he claimed her. But their romance was cut short by Jake when the lycan king threatened to invade the werewolf pack. Only a TRUE ALPHA Can defeat the Lycan King. Guess who it is??? Find out more in the Story:- ALPHA FAY: True Bloodline . . . ......

Chapter 1


He was just ten when it happened, his transformation. He was a normal kid like every other kid in the neighbourhood until that night. That day, he had been playing all through the day with the other boys, running around and laughing. He was still playing when he heard the voice, it was a calm voice coming from his head.

"Fay." It called out, calm and still.

He turned around to see who it was, but there was no one and he continued with his play with the boys. It never came again and he forgot everything about the voice and the call until it was night and he lay there on his bed, asleep. The sky was dark and the moonlight was shining brightly down on the earth.



He opened his eyes, it was dark and he reached for the bed lamp and turned it on. He looked towards his door and there was no one, he looked towards his window, it was locked. His little mind started to become scared, a lot of things running through it. He thought about the stories about haunted houses he has saw on TV and he was certain that his house was haunted.

"Fay." It called out again.

He did not respond. And it called again. He now knew where it was coming from, his head. He did not respond and did not know how to respond. He just sat there, listening to all the instructions the voice was giving him. He rose from his bed to go out of the room. He turned the doorknob quietly and walked out of the room and he sneaked perfectly well out of the house.

Soon, he was on the road leading to the woods. The woods were thick with so many trees and most especially it was dark and hazy. The children were scared of the place and mothers use the place to scare and keep their children in check. Not a place for a ten-year-old boy to be in, but there he was, in the middle of the night, under the moonlight, walking into the woods, fearlessly. He stopped at the entrance of the woods and looked into it, it was dark and he was frightened. He turned around to go back to his house but he just could not. A force pulled him back to the woods and the voice in his head encouraged him. He turned back to the woods and when he closed his eyes, he could feel total darkness, not the kind in the woods but internal darkness. He could feel his body change and he went on all fours so he would balance. He opened his eyes again and he could see from a different view, with different and sharper eyes. He could see to the end of the woods and when he opened his mouth to exclaim, what came out was a Howl. A loud frightening howl.

Instantly, he started running. He ran into the woods and continued running as fast as he could. He never knew he could run so fast and hard until that night. He could feel the rushing of cold, sharp wind on his face and he liked it. The noises the twig and dry leafs made under his feet with every step was fascinating. He ran harder and more surprisingly, he was not tired.

He had been running for hours and he felt the need to go back. His mother always checks on him at dawn and he was supposed to be in bed. He quickly transformed again and he stood up and ran all the way to his house. He sneaked in again and went to bed. He could not sleep, his mother came to check up on him and he pretended to be asleep. She walked to his bed where he lay and bent down to kiss his forehead. She did and then she left the room. His eyes flicked open the moment the door closed behind her and curiosity filled his mind, he just turned into an animal and ran into the woods. He was curious, happy, excited and lost.

The next day, he did what every ten-year-old kid who had a first-time experience would do. He told the other boys he had sneaked out of home and ran through the woods at night and only came back before dawn. He watched as their eyes went wide with disbelief and shock and his black eyes sparkled with excitement. What he did not tell the boys was that he ran through the woods as an animal.


Since that event six years ago, he had not stopped running in the woods. What he stopped doing was telling the boys if he ran or not. He had made peace with the wolf in him and they were even beginning to form a strong bond. Hank was his name, a big black wolf with a lot of furs, a pair of shining black eyes and a big sharp set of fangs. Hank looked fierce and intimidating.

At first, he was starting to get confused and depressed about who he was. He almost tried to tell his parents what was happening but he could not, he knew they would not think him evil or weird or a demon, they were his parents. But he just could not do it. He had to wallow in confusion for a long time until that day he borrowed a comic book from a boy down the street. He was thirteen. The book was about werewolves and when he opened the first page, he saw a picture of a creature exactly like Hank. The book called the creature a werewolf. He went to return the book to the kid the next day.

"Do you think they exist?" He asked the boy when they met.

"What?" The asked back, puzzled.

"Werewolves. Do you think werewolves exist?" He further elaborated on the question.

"Ohh. Of course not, they do not exist. It is just a book, Fay." The answered.





Chapter 2

The boy then laughed, teasing him about believing in comics and even getting scared. He was not scared of the comical werewolf but he was scared that he was a real werewolf. The boy did not believe in werewolves but he knew he existed, Hank existed.

His mother had started to suspect things when he was sixteen. He was no longer in bed during her usual dawn checkup and each time he came home, she would ask him where he had been all through the night.

"Taking a walk." He would always answer her.

It was a bad lie and he too knew she always did not believe him but she always kept quiet. She was not the type to scold a child or pester them and neither was his father. They were great parents and he felt extremely guilty about hiding things from them, but he had to. He knew they would accept him for anything and everything he was but he would not tell them about him. They were worried about him and though they did not say it, most especially his mother, he knew s


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