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A Tango With The Paranormal

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The cracks in the life of Eliza Brown which resulted from a very terrible past experience only gets worse as she gets entangled with the paranormal. Her secret is revealed and she experiences a life that will never be normal again. Eliza Brown and Alicia Woods were identical twins with an unbreakable bond that they used to fool people. But when Eliza meets a boy she likes, their playful charade turns deadly when a 1000-year-old vampire transfers his memories into her to save himself. Meanwhile, the boy she likes is mistaken for a creature known as Kushtaka, leading to a clash between werewolves and vampires. With powers beyond her control, Eliza becomes a weapon that could destroy everything, and it's up to her to decide if she will embrace her destiny or fight to change it.


Fire cackling. Loud noises.

"Guys this game is a complete whack". The boy with messy brown hair complained. "What's the harm there man? " A blond-haired boy retorts. "I want something real, like a truth or dare". Said the brown-haired.

"That's all you ever think about, silly, doing sh*t. It's your hobby, you don't change. Why in the world would you want to do that at this particular bonfire when we agreed we'd be doing an all-boys night? Bros before hoes Patrick." the blond-haired responded.

"It'll be fun, virgin joseph. Why do you always have to be such a killjoy? Just think about all the girls we would get dirty with". The brown-haired, Patrick replied with a leery smile.

Another guy with messy black hair added, "Yeah man. But where are the girls? We're just seven boys and no girls, man."

"That's easy".

He went out for a while and returned a few minutes later with the girls.

My eyes landed on him and I instantly felt charmed. She saw when I looked at him and smiled knowingly. She knew everything about me. She was me. The only difference was that I was more introverted while she was not.

The game started pretty well. I drank most of the time to avoid any dares and so did he. On most occasions, our eyes would meet, but I just didn't want to do what the others did.

She, on the other hand, had already s*ck*d the face of more than one guy but when it came to his turn. "Truth or dare", the brown hair asked her, "dare", she replied, boldly and intentionally winked at the brown-haired, daring him to give her something hard.

He looked at the blond, knowing that he was the only one who hadn't gotten his face s*ck*d, and told her, "I dare you to kiss him". She looked at me but I looked away shyly.

I excused myself and went into the woods, just behind the clearing where we held the bonfire. She was very daring and other girls there wouldn't match up to her.

I don't even know why I felt that way when I had no reason to, but I didn't want to be there when whatever might happen happens. I needed air and I needed to cool my mind.

A few minutes later. I saw the blond enter the woods but a bit farther from where I was.

I panicked, and hid behind the tall tree I was standing in front of. He was smiling and was about to unbuckle his belt when I looked away.

I suddenly heard the leaves rustle and I looked up to see him staring at something. The look on his face was horrid. Suddenly, I saw him break into a run.

I was confused as to what he was running from. I couldn't see anything and so I followed him. He kept running and screaming for help. "Hey!", I shouted. "Where are you going?? Come back".

He didn't hear me. "it's dangerous here, you have to get away from here now". He still didn't hear. I ran after him until he halted in front of a cliff. We had gone too far into the forest. He was trembling, so I decided to show my face.

"Hey, what are you doing? C'mon get away from there". I said nervously, hoping that he doesn't accidentally fall.

"Stay away and run for your life", he was talking gibberish. Sweat had covered him everywhere. His hair was hung so low in one wet mess.

"Something's out there and you need to run. It's going to......". His words were cut short when suddenly something lurched at him. It happened so fast that I couldn't see what it was. One minute he was standing there and the next, he was gone. Screaming into the shadows. I couldn't see properly as the hill was too steep and it was dark.

Fear filled every ounce of fiber in my body. With trembling hands, I tried to find my way back. Tears were rolling down my face and unto my shirt like water flowing from a faucet.

I was very scared and tired. Just as I paused, bending down to take in some air, I heard a twig snap. I looked up quickly but saw nothing.

"Please please....", I cried. "Please I just...want to go home".

I was walking with trembling feet. My feet were threatening to fail me.

"Somebody help me please!" I screamed.

"I don't...want to die". I wheezed. And that's when I saw it.

The eyes were blood red and it had a cloak on so I couldn't see what it looked like. Only the eyes were visible in the dark.

It took a step towards me and I took a shaky one back. My sobs became louder and I tried to run, but the creature outran me. It was not normal, how fast it ran.

All I took was a step and it was already in front of me. It held me by my throat and I looked at it, eye to eye. It was like as if it was looking into the depths of my soul. Then it started muttering something. My mind was too foggy and all I could really understand was "the key". I kept struggling. It was so strong... I was about three feet away from the ground.

My eyes were becoming misty. I was losing my breath in its stronghold. It wouldn't let me down. Soon I could see some images flash into my mind. A cave, a key, some horrible creatures, a ritual, an animal, a wolf, and...... "I don't know if what I saw was real but it felt so". Before long I was giving up on my fight for breath. Darkness was slowly taking over me. From what seemed like a far distance I could hear voices. A female's.

It seemed like I was already on the ground. I felt dead. I felt cold. I could see white lights. Soon enough, the darkness engulfed me.

Chapter 1: A Broken Girl

I heard someone call her name "Alicia".

I panicked and ran back to where I was hiding behind a rock directly on their pathway to the park. She was riding her bicycle when she saw me, a tattered mess, hiding. She reached out for my hand and when I touched her, she pulled me into a warm hug. It felt so nice.

It was like I was looking in a mirror but the only difference was that her hair was black and braided beautifully. "What are you doing there dear?", an older woman with brown hair asked her.

"I was....", she contemplated as to whether she would tell her or not. "Nothing mommy". She replied.

Tears filled my eyes. She had a family and I had none. The woman pulled her into her embrace but before she could take the girl away, Alicia ran to where her bicycle was and picked it up but not before muttering that she'll be back here at the same time tomorrow.

A party in the club. I saw Alicia dancing and moving


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