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A Pack Of Supernatural

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Previous, just like her name, she was a precious gem. A lady with overwhelming beauty, she was found appealing to not only the men in Rossville but to every supernatural being that came across her path. Among the supernatural Aurora was Lion hear: a hybrid son of a werewolf dad and a werelion mom, he was her best friend and her secret lover. Daemon: a vampire from a millennium past who believe that she used to be his wife a million years ago. Abijam: a mere man chief who laid claim on her because he assumed to give life to her. In this adventurous action, and romance novel series, the whole supernatural will join forces to defeat snake eyes who occupied the ancestral Alpha seat of Lionheart. Love the female bestir of Precious also a friend of Lionheart was a young witch who inherited witchcraft from her grandmother who was known to the witches as the daughter of nature. Together with Lionheart and Daemon but excluding Abijam, they fought and defended Previous from external forces who had always proven to be a threat against Precious, they fought till they accidentally discovered the powers of Precious which were attributed to a mysterious key which will bring to earth the worst and greatest black force into the earth.


It was Saturday, and sundown, the perpetually heating and ever-resilient harmattan sun had just gone lurking behind his co-sky dweller the moon, it went hiding after a day of ample overwhelming labour which could be distorted as malicious and vindictive. Because just like a vendetta the scutching sun rained its pungent rays on the ever-receiving earth causing all life in the boulevard of the earth to run for shelter, abandoning the open ways for the inanimate to reign, even the trees wished they had means of evading the tough jaws of the hard atmospheric condition. But it was calm, it was cold already, the vengeful sun had gone lying low, and he had exhausted his strength and time, so he had given way for his counterpart darkness to reign. But even though the sun had left the sky, paving way for darkness to reign, the gentle but persistent moon still could not permit the night to do her thing. Like a jealous wife, the moon tormented and frustrated the regime of the night as she shines so bright, illuminating the whole street like it was near morning.

It was actually a full moon in Rossville. Rossville was a settlement known to many as a small town, but in a real stand, it was a mighty town, located at the frontier of the state. A place popular for its consistent silent tales of night-crawling creatures. Rumours had it that these night creatures wander in the dark woods laying ambush and waste on anyone careless and fearless enough to find him or herself in the woods during the night's reign. It was also told that flesh-eating beasts crawl around the pitch-dark woods in search of life to devour. There were also these unbelievable tales of sirens sported on the little stream in the community. This tale was the most impossible to acknowledge because the stream was obviously too small to contain any life aside from tiny fishes and tadpoles. But the tale of the beasts was backed with the fact that most nights, especially during a full moon, one could conspicuously hear the distant lionlike roaring and wolf-like howling. It was also said that a man had seen this creature which he called a lion man, according to this tale, the man who was a hunter found himself in the dreadful woods, there he saw this young man who ran into the woods panting like a beast, he almost stopped the man but his instinct said otherwise, so he obeyed his instinct and ducked in the woods as he saw the man shapeshifted into a full-bodied lion. This was also this unbelievable which was debunked following the fact that the man who told it enjoys the reputation of a drunken hunter. According to him, he also saw this young man with long-locked hair, just like in the first tale, he said the young man shifted into this large beast, with the body of a lion and the head of a wild dog, he said the beast was very terrific that he passed out just by the sight of the creature. No one actually believed or paid attention to him, he was a drunkard, he probably saw what the alcohol wanted to show him and he actually believe it.

In a barbecue joint called 'Deep Bite Barbecue Joint' where different types of processed meat were sold, ranging from fried to dried, mostly barbecue. This joint was the busiest joint around Rossville and Sunderland, including the surrounding communities.

Among the frequent patronizer of this joint was Kaima who was popularly known as Precious, she resides in Rossville, Precious was a very beautiful girl, a light-skinned beauty queen with a pointy nose, "Oyibo", so they often call her because of the way she looked, she was the true definition of beauty, and icon of beauty, she had this portable, thick, round, and soft looking butt-cheeks which wiggle like a troubled sea whenever she strode, the two bumps on her chest, not too huge but very vivid, they stood gallantly and untamed on her chest, so proud and arrogantly pointing at the eyes of anyone that caught her in their sight. She was conspicuously the spec of almost all the boys in school, around her vicinity, and beyond. Even some of her lecturers had their eyes on her, most of them had even gone as far as making advances on her but she kept turning them down. Precious was not that much of a friendly person, she only had a few people among her friend cabal with Lionheart and Love as her best friends it was always Precious, Lionheart and Love together in the school, in the street and even at the Barbecue joint. Lionheart was her male best friend, "Bestie" so she prefers to call him, but the feelings that Lionheart had for her were far from a conventional best friend, he had always yearned that their relationship will advance farther out of the friend zone where she had tightly confined him, but even though he wishes of this, he still could not muster the stamina to confess it to her. "Common Lion, try and shoot your shot", so will Love always declare to him whenever she gets at him lustfully looking at Precious.

Lionheart was a very strong and handsome young man, he was the true description of a macho man, the entire school knew him to be an exceptionally strong young man. "Simba," as they will often call him, though he was incredibly polite, he was still extremely temperamental. No one dares to offend or stand on his wrong foot. Though Obiagu enjoys the reputation of the strong courageous man in the school, he still could not find the courage to approach Precious and express to her his true feelings. Lionheart had remained sole and available all his stay in school not because he couldn't get any other girl aside from Precious but because he believed that one day he will win her over, and he just didn't want her to have a reason to why she can't date him when he will ultimately conjure the courage to address her. There were a handful of girls on the campus who will do anything to have him as their man, not excluding Solace the Que, who had not failed to seize any chance to make himself spotted in the sight of Lionheart. Aside from the fact that Lionheart was a very handsome young man, he was also one of the most brilliant in school, he was known as a Distinction student. Sometimes Precious will intentionally tease him to accept one of the girls who flocked around him, but he will always say to her that he got no time for girls.

Chapter 2: The League of Friends

"Presh, you already know me by now, I got no time for girls." So he will often assert.

Lionheart was known among his friends to have this odd tradition of disappearing every night of the full moon and returning looking all dirty, always very dirty with mud all over him and in his nails, sometimes he gets some cuts on his body.

He wasn't like that from conception, that disappearing personality was a new one which he added to his kart of freakiness. Obiagu was in fact a real freak, but even though he was oddly unique, his friends still loved him nonetheless, they had constantly defended him regardless, both in his presence and in his absence, especially Precious who knew firsthand, that he will do the same for her without thinking it over.

"Let him be, he is my freak." So Precious will often say whenever anyone says anything that she finds unacceptable against Lionheart who had proven to be her hero in many ways. Lion had always taken the co


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