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118 Days To Seduce My Omega Mate

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BLURB "You drive me insane, Carla!" He growled, hoisting me on the desk. His lips brushed my jaw and my breath quickened when he slipped his fingers underneath my red dress. "F*ck, you are not wearing panties," He groaned, gripping my thighs possessively. I was filled with an unnerving amount of neediness and I had my fingers working on his belt in no time. "God, just f*ck me already." I moaned, peering at him beneath my lashes. He muttered profanities under his breath, lifted me a little, and plunged into me swiftly. "F*ck!" I moaned, wrapping my legs around him to get more of what he was offering as he pounded into me, burying his head into my neck. "Mine!" He growled into my neck. ༆ Carla Jason and Dawson Walcott were the definitions of opposite attracts. Where Carla was naive—prim, innocent, and not ladylike, Dawson was the typical ruthless f*ck-boy, who chased after anything in a skirt, especially the s*xy ones. All his life, he had always hoped to meet his mate at his coronation ceremony of being the next Alpha of the Red Moon Pack, which was coming up in a few days but fate had other plans in store. Carla had walked in on him f*ck*ng another omega and she wasn't just a random omega to him. She was the omega he had always been in love with. Worse, she turned out to be his mate. Dawson knew how difficult it would be to make her his, given his history and what she had found out about him on the day he realized she was his mate. The complications weren't about to stop Dawson from claiming what was his before her twentieth birthday but was Carla going to allow herself to be vulnerable with a playboy?

Meeting my mate


"Oh, sh*t!" Joyce yelled through clenched teeth as I took her through another squirting orgasm.

Her legs were locked around my neck and her hips were suspended in the air. Her back was on my bed, and I was standing and shoving into her p*ssy.

She looked drained. She had all the right to be. Two hours of hardcore f*ck, with endless squirts, would drain any she-wolf.

Too bad we were far from being done.

"Take me!" I ordered, running a hand through my sleek, dark locks.

She got on her knees and took my hard c*ck into her slutty mouth. Her hands trembled around my shaft, but somehow, she was still doing a perfect job.

"F*ck, that feels good," I shut my eyes to the pleasure, relishing every bit of it. But it didn't ease my frustration. Nothing could.

Tonight was supposed to be the best night of my life. I turned twenty today, and as the laws demanded, I got crowned as the Alpha of my pack. Father had decided he was ready to let go of the reins, and I had to step into his big shoes, even though I wasn't f*ck*ng ready for that.

Our Pack, —Red Moon Pack— was the strongest and wealthiest pack in the region. Not trying to be cocky, but the stats speak for themselves. My Father was a great leader, and that makes me anxious. I'm f*ck*ng scared of not meeting up the expectations.

But no matter how strong and indomitable I might grow, I will never be complete. Not without my wolf, my Beta, and most importantly, a Luna.

My parents, my buddies, the elders, the people – everyone told me I was gonna meet them today. And boy, was I ecstatic! But the ceremony ended a while ago and I didn't meet her. I did meet my Beta though, and my wolf.

It was the first time I morphed into my wolf form, and he was the most gigantic grey beast ever. His eyes were blazing red and his furs were magnificent. I got the greatest ovation ever, but my bones still hurt from it.

Rick Taylor was my Beta; the finest blond in the pack and a bit of an introvert. He was the same age as I was, but we never really hung out. I never thought he'd be the chosen one. My bet has always been on one of my buddies. But Rick is a nice guy, and I'm positive we'll get along pretty nicely.

But the sad reality that I didn't get to meet my mate knocked the excitement out of me. I felt broody, too broody for someone who was getting his coronation ceremony.

I had to excuse myself from the jamboree and take out a bit of my frustration on something, or do I say, 'someone.'

"You like it?" Joyce asked in between slurps. She had a slutty grin as she s*ck*d me harder.

"F*ck, yes," I moved my hips slowly, f*ck*ng her mouth. She took in my shaft with bold sucks. It was the sweetest sh*t. For a second, my frustration slipped away.

Joyce has been my f*ck-buddy for over a year now. She was an Omega, but the skankiest there will ever be. And she had a striking resemblance to my nemesis. That's why she took my fancy from the first time I saw her. And I've never regretted f*ck*ng her sweet p*ssy. Except, this would be the last time.

I'm an Alpha now. There are standards I had to meet and lifestyles I had to let go of. Being a Casanova was one of those lifestyles. It wasn't a good look on me anymore, and I was becoming more sensitive about my reputation.

It was fun while we lasted, but this is as far as we can come. So this is 'one last time' and I better make it memorable.

"Come here," I pulled her up and she had that coy smile on her face. The kind of smile that makes me wanna f*ck her hard and fast.

I bent her over the edge of my bed, grabbed her hips, and pushed my c*ck into her p*ssy.

"Ride me," I ordered. And she did. She moved her bouncy *ss over my c*ck, riding me closer to ecstasy.

I was lost in the moment that I didn't hear the thud from the door. Not until the crashing sound came and I was forced to open my eyes.

No bloody way!

"So – sorry, I should have knocked," She said with a tremble. She stared horribly at the broken plates that had my dinner in them.

"Ca - Carla?" I stuttered miserably. No way. No f*ck*ng way. She can't be here. Not now. Not like this!

"Master," She bowed but didn't leave.

She needed my permission to be able to leave but I couldn't give it. I was too frozen to utter any coherent words right now. No f*ck*ng way this was happening to me.

"Get the f*ck out, Carla!" Joyca barked at her.

Carla. Carla Jason. The girl that haunted my dreams for three years now. The only girl who lived rent-free in my head. The only Omega who could get me on my knees without moving a muscle. She was my nemesis and my undoing. And the fact she hated me so much and blamed me for what happened between us three years ago had me in knots.

Her auburn hair was just the same as Joyce's. That's what got me attracted to Joyce – her resemblance with Carla.

But right now, Joyce didn't seem so appealing anymore. Not when Carla was standing right there, staring at me with loathful eyes.

I felt the sudden movement from my wolf and I checked in on him.

'What's wrong, Axel?' I mind-linked him, but my gaze never faltered from Carla.

'Mate!' He screamed in the back of my mind.

'What?!' And then I felt it, the force pulling me to her. A greater pull than my insane obsession with her. And at that moment, I knew I was a goner.

"Leave," I said, but it was the weakest order in history. My voice broke at its edges. I felt my strength leaving me, and a little something dying inside of me when she turned around and fled out of my room.

There goes my chance of ever being in the good books of Carla Jason! Could this night get any worse? I doubt it.

"Stupid c*nt," Joyce hissed.

She's always been a mean b*tch, and I've never really had a problem with that. But something about calling my mate a 'stupid c*nt' snapped my patience.

I pulled away from her and reached for my brief that was tossed in a corner.

I threw her nightgown at her before she could even ask the questions in her eyes.

"Get out!"

"What?!" She gasped and got to her feet. "Dawson, you can't –"

"It's MASTER to you!" I retorted with a force that made her flinch. "What? Haven't you gotten enough orgasm for the night?"

"But – but you're yet to have yours…"

"That's not your problem. Just get the f*ck out of my room. And stay gone for good,"

Her eyes shone in confusion and she dared come closer to me. "You can't be serious about that. Dawson, you and I…"

"MASTER, goddammit!"

"Master," She mumbled with a bow. Her sobs echoed in the room. But I couldn't care less. I just needed her gone.

"Listen carefully because I'm not gonna repeat myself," I stood closer to her and my voice dropped to a whisper. "We're done. Don't ever show your face in front of me. Do you understand? Now get out!"

She scurried out of my room and I banged the door at her exit.

I plumped on my bed, running my hands over my face. F*ck!

Carla Jason was my mate. What are the odds? Why did it have to be her?

She hated my existence and everything I held dear. How do I win her over? How do I convince her that I'm not half the *ssh*l* she pictures me as? After walking in on Joyce and me, I'm sure she thinks even worse of me right now.

How do I change that? How do I get my mate to love me? How the f*ck do I do that?!

A million thoughts ran through my mind but they started and ended with CARLA JASON.

Wet and confused



"I don't think I can take it anymore, Smith. How the hell am I supposed to keep dealing with this? It's getting tiring," I sighed, pushing back my auburn hair behind my ears as the wind blew through it.

"What's this about?" Smith asked, glancing at me with his keen eyes. "That jerk?"

I knew he was referring to Alpha Dawson, so I nodded, letting out another deep sigh.

"C'mon, it can't be that bad," Smith chuckled, nudging me playfully. But I couldn't even smile. I was too sad to put up a smile right now.

"It's getting worse. I feel like he's haunting me now, making sure I never get away from his haughty gaze. I see him everywhere — at home, at the packhouse, even in school. He enrolled in all the courses I offer, just to suck the life out of me. I can't do a thing without seeing


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