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You Are the Cinnabar in My Heart

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: MTYshow
  • Chapters: 29
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 63
  • 5.0
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The novel "You Are the Cinnabar in My Heart" is a riveting drama about James Carter, Emma Wilson, Lily, and Mark Johnson. James, misled by Emma, believes Lily is unfaithful to Mark. The story unravels a web of jealousy, betrayal, and manipulation, with Emma orchestrating events to win James and sabotage Lily. The plot thickens as Lily's amnesia, caused by a traumatic event linked to Emma, starts to fade, revealing the truth behind the misconceptions. Emma's schemes are exposed in a climactic confrontation, leading to a violent clash where Lily is hurt. Ultimately, James and Lily reconcile, learning the importance of trust and communication, while Emma faces the consequences of her actions, offering a poignant lesson in love, trust, and redemption.

Catch an adulterer

"James Carter, come to the Golden Bay Hotel. I saw Lily and Mark Johnson enter, and they hadn't come out for half an hour now. I don't know if something might have happened."

Sitting in a high-level meeting, James Carter stands up abruptly upon receiving a text from Emma Wilson, looking ferocious as if possessed by a bloodthirsty demon.

Without uttering a word, he storms out, phone in hand, disregarding the dissatisfaction of his colleagues.

Even his assistant, Chris Cloud, is caught off-guard, and by the time he reacts and chases after him, James Carter has already disappeared.

On the way to the hotel, Carter pushes the accelerator to the limit, his mind consumed with the message from Emma Wilson.

Lily, Mark Johnson!!!

Carter's hands grip the steering wheel, veins bulging, his face dark and terrifying, consumed with the thought of murdering Lily if she has indeed betrayed him.

He runs several red lights to reach the Golden Bay Hotel.

Upon arriving, Emma Wilson, who had been waiting at the hotel entrance, runs up to him anxiously, "James, you finally made it."

"Where are they?"

"In..." Emma hesitates.

"I asked where they are!" Carter grabs her throat, his eyes bloodshot like a savage beast, ready to tear her apart.

Wilson struggles to breathe, her face turning red, eyes wide with fear.

Carter's grip loosens slightly, "Speak!"

"In... room 1808," Wilson stutters, handing him a master key card.

Carter snatches the card from her hand and storms into the hotel, radiating intense anger.

Wilson, pushed aside, stumbles before regaining her balance.

Finally able to breathe, she recovers from her near-death fear, her face twisted with a malicious and insane smile, "Lily, let's see how you die this time." She quickly follows him.

When Carter finds the room, he hesitates briefly before using the key card to unlock the door.

The door opens with a beep, and he hears a woman's moans and a man's...


Something explodes in Carter's mind.

Furious, veins on his forehead bulge, his anger erupts like a volcano, his eyes burning with rage.

He strides into the room and sees two people entwined on the bed. He immediately throws punches at the man, dragging him off the bed.

"Ah!" Mark Johnson screams as Carter knocks out one of his teeth and continues to pummel him mercilessly, leaving Johnson no chance to fight back.

After beating him thoroughly, Carter kicks Johnson out of the room.

"Ah!" Johnson screams in pain.

"My God!" Wilson, following behind, gasps at the sight of Johnson lying on the floor, her eyes filled with schadenfreude and triumph.

Johnson, beaten and bloodied, lies in a mess.

Carter, having dealt with Johnson, turns to the barely enduring Lily.

Her once pristine skin now bears ambiguous marks, and she continues to moan unsatisfied.

Carter, nearing his breaking point, growls, "Get out!"

Wilson, taken aback, secretly delights in seeing Lily's exposed skin but pretends to be concerned, "James, don't be rash. There might be a misunderstanding here, perhaps Lily didn't do it willingly."

All-out attack on Johnson Corporation

Emma Wilson's words kept reminding him that Lily had betrayed him. "Get out!" James Carter growled. Emma backed away while continuing, "James, Lily is already in this state, please don’t make it harder for her."

In response, James hurled an ashtray at her. It crashed to the ground in front of her, cracking into pieces and leaving several marks on the floor. Watching the ashtray at her feet, Emma’s heart skipped a beat. If it had landed a bit further back, it would have hit her squarely on the forehead.

Realizing the fear and danger, she dared not stay any longer, dragging a bedraggled Mark Johnson into the adjacent room.

After Emma dragged Mark out and closed the door, James furiously yanked Lily up and dragged her into the bathroom. On the way, Lily was scratched by shards of glass on the floor, leaving a trail of blood leading to the bathroom, her cries of pain going unnoticed by James, consumed by rage.

In the bathroom, James press


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